Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Cover April 2011

In the issue of Vanity Fair that hits news stands this week, Robert Pattinson talks candidly about his career and the price of fame.

“Robert Pattinson doesn’t like to fly anymore, because flying means airports, and airports mean encountering people who might go bananas when they see him, screaming and crying and trying to touch him and asking him to bite their necks. Shy, for an actor, Pattinson, who turns 25 next month, says he finds the hysteria that has surrounded him ever since he first appeared as the gallant teenage vampire Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie, in 2008, “quite strange.”

“This thing with everyone knowing you,” he says one day in Baton Rouge, where he’s filming the fourth and fifth installments in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part I and Part II, “it’s weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know.” And, Pattinson adds, “I don’t really know myself that well.”

What will be interesting to see is media reaction from people like Chelsea Handler and others. Kristen Stewart gave a similar interview talking about loss of privacy, and was widely greeted with “you’re a star, now get over it” commentary. It will be interesting to see if Robert gets the same reaction.

See the full article called Escape from the Twilight Zone here.


  1. I feel bad for Robert. I can’t imagine not being able to go anywhere because people will mob you the entire time. Not sure I could be myself either. I agree that once these movies are done people will probably chill out. I sure hope so, Robert seems like a good guy and it would be a shame to loose another great person because of fame.

    • I agree. I think it’s good that they are coming out and talking about the not to glamorous parts of being famous. So many young people dream of that life so maybe hearing that it’s not all wild parties and such will help them be better prepared and more grounded.

  2. I feel sorry for him too, but….this is the buisness he walked into. He can also walk out of it as many actors before him have. I say buck up Robert, it may all go away tomorrow. 🙂

    • Actually you can’t blame him for being whiny. I mean these fans are bordering on insanity. Asking him to bite their necks?! Any normal person will be thoroughly repelled by stuff like that. So i don’t think it’s him who has to buck up, but the so called ‘fans’who have to behave more decently and stop scaring the guy!

      • Danielle says:

        Boo hoo. I have no sympathy at all. He must be catching some of what Kristen and Ashley have been complaining about. If he is so “Bothered” by all of this then dont do magazine covers that catapult you directly into that spotlight you are tired from. He might not be able to do “normal” things anymore but he has enough money not to be homeless or starving for the reat of his life. You dont hear anyone complaining about that. Its part of the business. Hes not breaking his back, hes running from women. Please get a grip because the rides gonna be over soon!

        • your making it sound like he’s pitying himself and moping. He’s not. It probably is annoying that he cant really go out in public anymore and you would probably feel the same way. I don’t think hes looking for sympathy. He’s just being honest like always.

          • Danielle says:

            Its a choice you make when you put yourself on the big screen. Hes not working at a local music store hes in Hollywood films. So yes, it is a bit silly when all these actors complain about not having a normal life anymore. There is nothing normal about making tons of money having agents and living they way they do. It is a different kind of life and if it were me I would know that it is what comes with the territory. Being honest is one thing, but honestly its really hard for me to feel bad for him on the cover of Vanity Fair saying he wants privacy. Its all a bit ironic. Like I said hes not complaining about the money hes making. You have to take the good with the bad. If Rob wants it to be over he should stop after Breaking Dawn. Just my opinion.

      • I agree with you. Just because someone is famous and earning lots of money from a project, does not give fans the right to think they can make crazy demands or that they are owed something. I love the books, movies, and the stars of this franchise as much as anyone, but I don’t think these actors owe us their “souls” just because they have been made famous by it. They are still people who deserve to have some kind of private life. The fans hurt themselves and the credibility of the franchise and how truly wonderful it is when they act so outlandish….being an excited and dedicated fan does not mean that you have to act so nuts all the time.

  3. Omg I love Rob so much. He is so humble, frank, funny and very real. Except I’m doing exactly what he says is so weird… acting like I know him when I’ve never even met him. But Rob, you’re not doing yourself any favors by having such a great personality… it’s only going to make people love you more!!!

    I appreciate his honesty, and I am so glad that he continues to give us Edward Cullen, even though he has to carry a heavy load on his shoulder to do so. I understand that he doesns’t want to be typecast, but the age group that is Twilight’s target market is just so hard core. I know people of all ages love Twilight (I’m 26), but the young adults stand out the most because they are so loud and screamy, and he’s got them on lock down.

    I wish you well, Rob, but please, PLEASE don’t disappear on us!

  4. I hope he continues to act, because I think he’s really talented, even outside of Twilight, and am looking forward to Water for Elephants. Hopefully, after the publicity for Twilight is over, things will calm down and he will be able to live more normally, albeit, the life of a well-known actor. Really, it’s the media and fan-frenzy that needs to take a step back…the stalking is ridiculous and unfair! I love the books and movies too, and it would be fun to meet him and other cast members, but the screaming and obsessiveness is over the top. Settle down girls! You can get excited and enjoy the Saga without acting like crazed fans!

  5. Kristen doesn’t inspire very much sympathy simply because of her attitude about it all. She seems unappreciative at times with her snippy remarks to the press and in interviews. I understand her not liking the loss of her privacy, but there’s a way to express that without turning a lot of people off. Robert comes across as humble and a little overwhelmed, and he’s ALWAYS polite. I’ve never seen the man lose his temper with the paps. Having some class goes a long way in garnering understanding from your fans. (Just my opinion, of course.)

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Remember that Kristen is 4 years younger than Rob, thus began dealing with all this hype at what, 18? A tricky age anyway, even without all this. I also sense an edge in the way she is criticized that seems kind of catty, as if some of the female fans are being more critical of her because of her gender, something that got hinted at in the post with this article.
      It sounds like Rob was complaining throughout the interview (and I totally agree that he sounds cute doing it!), but I doubt that the article really covered the whole interview. I wonder what they cut?

  6. Anonymous says:

    He looks like an Amish Crocodile Dundee in the pic. But adorable just the same 🙂

  7. Wow. I have so many thoughts on this article, and it was very interesting. It’s difficult to read an article in print involving Rob and discern his real meaning and intent. Print doesn’t allow you to see emotion and Rob tends to joke around alot and as Kristen has said he enjoys shocking people to get a reaction. 🙂

    But I wasn’t fond of some of the narration on the article, which focused on the negative( “the phenomenon could go on for as long as there are teenage girls with a taste for the macabre and nothing better to do”)and tried to make us fans sound like lunatics. I hate the way some fans act, because they make the normal lot of us seem to be the exception. I also found myself wanting to assure Rob that we don’t want anything from him…we just enjoy his performance as Edward. Which is really what he wants, right? Not sure. I wish he knew that there were those of us who wouldn’t bother him in a restaurant or ask him to bite us…

    But whatever kind of day he was having, and it didn’t sound like a good one, in every other situation he seems like a very kind, decent and intelligent individual who doesn’t know how to deal with what’s happened to him. I can’t imagine having to live the lifestyle he has had to become accustomed to, and it’s kind of sad that he feels so boxed in. I was suprised to hear him seem to be unsure about acting because he always seemed to take it so seriously.

    Also, I can’t get on board the “Charlie Sheen is interesting” train. I think he’s a lunatic. 🙂

    • I didn’t like the Charlie Sheen comment either; however, having seen RB in interviews before, he probably meant that he admires the “freedom” Charlie Sheen seems to have in expressing whatever he wants to say and the freedom Charlie has to act as nutty as he wants, and RB doesn’t feel that he has certain freedoms. And we have to remember that RB is still a very young guy, and the way we feel at 24 is not always the way you are going to feel after you get some of life’s knocks down the road. Of course, it is easier to be critical of the written word than it is when you hear someone actually saying something in person. Reading what he said instead of hearing it can sometimes be like taking it out of context.

  8. I think it’s a bit dumb when actors or actresses complain about being famous, since that’s exactly what they wanted and what they wished for, or they wouldn’t be where they are. Nobody said “Rob, you have to do twilight or we’ll kill your mom”. What I think is, that world is so idealized that when you actually becom part of it, you see that is not as glamorous as you thought it would. I give him the thumbs up for trying to keep it real and to stay himself, because i imagine it would be just so easy to lose yourself in all that, as so many actors do.
    There was a time when they announced Robert Pattinson as Edward and every fan in the planet was furious. Even Stephane Meyer had in her My Space page “every time someone tells me they don’t want Robert pattinson as Edward Cullen, a kitten dies”. He has to realize that it is not Robert Pattinson that the little crazy fans want, it’s Edward cullen. If it was him, every single one of his movies would do as well as twilight, but we’ve all seen that they don’t. I think it is very unfortunate that there are so many crazy fans out there and that’s why so many people think badly of Twilight and it’s followers. I think Robert should calm down and remember that this too shall pass” and ejoy it (as much as onecan enjoy being chased and mobed) while it lasts because when the movie hype dies down so will his, and the crazy fans out there should realize that they are not doing anybody any favors by behaving the way they do. it’s actually pretty embarrassing.

    • youngatheart57 says:

      I’m sorry Annie but I can’t agree that his movies have not done well. His only post-Twilight movie was ‘Remember Me’ which really did quite well at the box office compared to the budget and the fact that it was considered an independent movie. I think a lot of critics just did not “get” the movie. They had their Twilight blinders on. Also this movie didn’t fit any particular type of genre for promotion. I thought it was a very well done story about relationships. The whole uproar about it based on 911 was crap. What about all the re-enactment movies that came out after this tragedy. You didn’t hear any uproar about them then and this small movie handled it very respectfully at the end and critics are in an uproar about it. I hope WFE shuts up Rob’s critics but alas our man is still in for microscopic analysis of this one since the Twilight frenzy is still holding fast.

      • Personally, I didn’t watch remember me, so I’m not going to critizise it, but I haven’t heard anything good about it. However, you are wrong about that one being his only post-twilight movie. there is also Little ashes and that one didn’t do very good either, despite the fact that shows more of Robert’s skin than any of his other movies including Twilight. And what I’m saying about those movies not doing too well, is not just how much money they made despite the budget, in wich case Twilight still wins the prize, but, you didn’t see anybody camping out for 3 days to see the premiere of Remember me or little ashes, and nobody is going to camp out for his elephant movie. Also, nobody is going to make a line for 5 hours to buy any of those movies at midnight. The fans do that for Twilight, not for Robert Pattinson. That’s what Iam talking about, that he should realize that is not him as a person, or even as an actor that the fans are after, is his character Edward Cullen. He’s lucky enough that he will be forever rich and live in luxury thanks to being part of what is bothering him so much. And as I said before, I’m NOT excusing, agreeing or even understanding the attitude of those crazy fans. I think it’s stupid and pathetic and make the rest of us look bad and stupid as well. I feel bad for him that he has to go thru all of that, but he should know that since it is not HIM, Robert Pattinson that they want, that it will all go away once the hype about the movies dies out a bit.

        • Maelina says:

          Annie, Rob knows it will go away eventually. That doesn’t mean the fame doesn’t affect his life at the moment and make it much more difficult than it was before. Rob didn’t know what he was going into when he signed on to do Twilight, no-one did, Twilight wasn’t that big of a deal back then. I think Rob has the right to tell the truth about how the franchise has affected his life and I can’t say that he’s complaining, he’s just being honest. Besides, that’s what the interviewers ask him about.

          When it comes to Remember Me and Little Ashes, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Little Ashes was a limited release, so there’s no way you can compare it to Twilight. Remember Me was a low budget indie drama that wouldn’t have made more than two million at the box-office had Rob not starred in it. Remember Me did 60 million dollars plus the dvd sales 12 million dollars, and was among the 30 most profitable movies of 2010, so it clearly was a success. If you choose to ignore that fact and just blindly believe what the mainstream media says about the film, that’s your problem, and I wish you didn’t waste others’ time by giving your opinions when you actually know nothing about the subject. RM is a really good movie and without the ending it had, it would’ve been recognised as a good movie. Rob did an incredible performance in it, as well as the other cast, and Rob really doesn’t deserve the cr*p he’s got because he’s the Twilight guy. What I learned from RM, is that American critics are awfully biased, and I won’t care about their opinions anymore, because they can’t push their prejudices aside. It’s sad that you choose to believe them instead of making your own mind by watching the movie by yourself.

          • I agree with Annie. I really don’t think she is trying to make a point about how unsuccessful Rob’s other movies are… the main point is that there is a difference between Edward and Rob and the crazed Twi fans are fans of EDWARD. And I’m sure Robert has mixed emotions and nerves/anxiety about when his Edward personna dies down.

          • I think you need to think before you write. The other girl TV got the point I was making, you didn’t. I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain to you again what I meant, just read it again, think it thru, and then you can talk.

          • Maelina says:

            Annie, I completely understand your point: that the hype is all because of Twilight and not Rob. I agree with that statement to some degree, because the books really are the reason most fans are interested in Rob. Rob wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular if he wasn’t Edward Cullen. That being said, you are wrong when you try to draw a parallel between Twilight and Rob’s other films, because Twilight is a major blockbuster and the others aren’t. They aren’t based on the most popular young adult books since Harry Potter so it’s a no-brainer they’re not going to get as big of a following as Twilight has. RM and Little Ashes are dramas and not some teen phenomenon romance flicks.

            You’re saying that Rob doesn’t understand that the hype is about Edward and not him, but you’re wrong. Rob has said all these years that the attention he gets is all about Edward. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s about Edward or Rob because Rob’s the one who has to live with the craziness the fame brings him. It’s his life and I can’t believe you’re saying that Rob shouldn’t talk about the bad aspects of being a part of Twilight.

            Also, you did say not too flattering things about Remember Me and Little Ashes, even though you haven’t even seen RM. You’re the one who brought them up and talked about their box-office performance and how they were received, so I was just stating that you shouldn’t talk about them without doing your research first. I too think you need to think before you write.

  9. Things are kind of crazy now in terms of conflation of Stewart and Pattison with their Twilight characters – both from Twi-haters who bash everything they do and (some) fanatical Twi-hards. And that is testament to what terrific jobs both have done embodying those roles. But after Twilight fervor fades (hopefully not for long!), when it’s revived sometime down the road it may be rebooted with different actors or be animated, so the characters will be associated with different people and the original actors’ careers will no longer be defined by Twilight.

  10. Robert looks really good in the picture! 😉
    I also agree that its sad that Rob’s and Kristen’s privacy is gone and that it is mostly twilight’s fault with the fame and fans…. i bet it can be a lot to handle. But i hate how people bash on Kristen for the attitude she uses toward the pops and her privacy.
    Ok yes she could be a little more wise with her words but isn’t this why we all love K stew in the first place?!?! she is different. she isn’t like some boring celeb who goes around with some big fake smile on there face and pretends everything is perfect. she has her own style and ways to say things, so does Rob. And just because both rob and Kristen are so different from each other doesn’t mean they’re not good for each other or that one is better the the other. We don’t know them personally so we shouldn’t say stuff like that about there relationship. 🙂

  11. So what bugs me is how people say they go around complaining all the time. Reporters ask them, “what is the hardest part of all of is?” They are answering questions and being honest. They don’t bring it up. I don’t think I have ever seen the actor just bring it up him/herself. I appreciate that they are willing to answer questions honestly. It’s refreshing from the staged answers of, “oh there is nothing bad, I love every second about it.” Just because he states (or Kristen or anyone else) that there is something difficult about his situation does not mean that he is ungrateful or wishes he could go back to his no name days, it just means he was answering a question that a reporter asked. Reporters want to make money and headlines so if they think they can get him to say something that will generate a reaction (like things that are hard with being famous) they will. If someone asked you what was difficult about your job you’d tell them. Does that mean you hate it or that you are ungrateful? No, it just means that you acknowledge that there are good and bad things about it and if you stay with it then that means the good out weighs the bad. Anyway, that is how I view it.

    • Thank you. Kristen said herself last year on Oprah that your words have weight and whatever you say,will be taken out of context. Neither she nor Rob are ungrateful for what the saga has brought them,but they don’t have to put up with twenty to thirty cameras constantly in their faces. Rob is just longing for some peace and quiet after filming on the Twilight series is done. He and Kristen know they have fans that respect them and their privacy,but I can understand why they sometimes come across as irritated by the attention on them. The media and the tabloid press want to make them out to be like the other celebrities in HW and they’re about as far from them as you can get. They have a close-knit group of family and friends around them that keep them grounded. So anyone thinking they are pre-madonnas about being famous,doesn’t really understand them at all. I will be glad to see when they get some peace and quiet after filming ends. They do things on their terms and that’s what I like about them the best.

      • I liked your post, Marion. I agree, and I think one of the reasons that HW and the trash mags have such a field day with them is that they don’t know what to do with the fact that neither of them, and Taylor as well, don’t party that much or do the “Hollywood thing”. Makes it difficult to make up a headline.

  12. I’m always amazed by people who say “oh you’re famous, get over it” to an actor who suffers a loss of privacy as a result of successful. To me, that sounds a lot like “we’re going to make it your problem, that we don’t have manners.” In my mind it’s very clear. Robert wanted to be an actor. He didn’t want to be screamed at or be unable to travel because of the intrusive nature of people’s interaction with him. Whenever I see him struggling to get out of a restaurant or going into an awards ceremony or an opening night, I’m intensely unimpressed by people’s behaviour. Screaming? Shut UP. Yes, he’s lovely. He is NOT Edward, he is Robert. Maybe if you all shut UP, he would come by to shake hands and sign something. Autograph hunters? Just take one thing. When you stand around with arms full of photos and DVDs to be signed – it’s rude. Stop using stars as a cash cow. Get one thing signed by someone you adore and go home and treasure that one thing. Believe me, it’s much more exciting and maybe someone else would get a chance. Pushing and shoving? Don’t. Going up to famous people and demanding autographs and photos when they’re trying to have dinner. Don’t. You’d hate it, appreciate that they are out for dinner, not out for your benefit. Photographers? Get some integrity.

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