The Girlfriend Needs a Boost: Auctions Include an Autographed Poster of the Trio

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has a great story up in how it is that the movie The Girlfriend, co-starring Jackson Rathbone, is looking for further funding. Indie films go to festivals like Sundance, Toronto, Tribecca etc. in the hopes of two things: critical acclaim and distribution funding.

Sometimes films are wildly lucky. For example, Charlie Bewley’s indie film “Like Crazy” won the top prize at Sundance and had three studios in a bidding war wanting to distribute it. There is even some OSCAR talk surrounding the film starting. Most films are not near as fortunate.  Peter Facinelli even recently made a YouTube video to bring awareness to a friend’s project.

Director Justin Lerner and the production team Jerad Anderson, Kristina Lauren Anderson and Shaun O’Banion explained to MTV’s Hollywood Crush what the situation with The Girlfriend is:

“As many people know, the costs of finishing a film, making prints, submitting to festivals, as well as publicity and marketing (the big one) are, as Kevin Smith pointed out at Sundance this year, sometimes more costly than an indie film’s entire budget. Therein lies the dilemma for a complex, artistic, intelligent film like ours,” they wrote.

“So far, there has been a strong outpouring of support, and donations have been varied—as large as $100 and as small as $5 or $10… every little bit helps and allows us the chance of getting the film out to a wider audience, and to ensure that those who have supported the film may have an opportunity to see it in a theater near them. We also hope to donate a portion of the final amount to the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society).”

See more on Hollywood Crush

The production team has set up a Indie Gogo site to try to raise funds for your contribution there are a variety of perks ranging from having your name listed to meals with the cast.

There’s also a new item, on EBAY. It’s an 100% authentic,  8 X 10 glossy New Moon photo autographed by Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson. Also the signatures look pretty good because it wasn’t signed in a rush, great collector’s item! You can bid on it on EBAY here.

If you can donate please do The film has a positive message about people with Down’s Syndrome, and actor Evan Schneider does a wonderful job!


  1. WOW Girlfriend looks like a really great flick.

  2. Omg this movie looks awesome!

  3. I love this , the chemistry, between the two, the inocence,,,,,,,,,

  4. I cant wait to see this looks great

  5. Love it!!!!!!!

  6. this looks really awesome.kinda mest up a bit but looks really good and hope they get the funding they need 😀

  7. I think I have to see this!

  8. awsome this is a great movie id like too see the whole thing,very moving,glenda

  9. these movie looks really good cant wait to see it, i dont think that i have ever seen a movie like this one….

  10. this is awsome id like too see the whole movie,very moving,an real life meanings awesome awesome awesome!!

  11. want to see thisan own it lifes real feelings

  12. wow this movie looks great I wanna see it!

  13. I wanna see it !!

  14. This film looks amazing, a real emotional rollercoaster….I really hope you get the funding this deserves, I would most definitely pay to see it. Have you advertised through the Cerebal Palsy foundations at all? May help get “Girlfriend” out there. Jackson being in this shoul be enough to get help from any Twilight fans…..fantastic. 5 star from what I can see….

  15. what will b da story in eclipse…………….

  16. This movie looks like a tear jerker.

  17. Michele Wechsler says:

    Evan is our cousin and we are more than proud. Please support this movie in every way possible.
    Love, The Wechsler Family

  18. PixieWings36 says:

    I really wish i had the money to donate. I want to see this movie so bad! I have a 21-year-old brother who has Downs and I know this is going to be a tear jerker for me.

    • Spreading the word is just as important and appreciated as a donation. So don’t feel bad at all if you can’t donate. And I do hope that the movie gets a wider distribution as well.

  19. I love this movie it’s the best

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