Peter Facinelli Goes to Bat for Bo

Unlike mega blockbusters done by studios, most directors have to struggle for everything they get. They then take a film on the festival circuit in the hopes that someone picks it up for distribution. So do you think Peter made a good pitch?


  1. Peter is such an amazingly talented actor, there is nothing he can’t do. He has starred in many types of shows as many different types of characters. Anyone who can be a Suicidal 18 year old named Jimmy (After Jimmy), a sadistic son who will do anything for power including killing his own father like Takmet in the Scorpian King, to a 300 year old compassionate vampire adapted from a favorite novel (Dr. Carlisle – Twilight) and who can be in movies, movies for TV, Tv shows, Tv drama series … there isn’t anythign he can’t be or do — and when someone like this — so talented and loved by filmmakers, critics and fans everywhere – go to bat for you –then you gotta be something special as Only someone like Peter truely knows he he is talking about.


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