TwiIdiot Runs Down the Best of Twilight on CafePress

You remember Gretchen from TwiIdiot? She’s the person who was picked by Collider out of over 700 applicants to write the Eclipse DVD review.

Often times trying to find a design at CafePress can be overwhelming because the search feature isn’t the greatest. Well there are a ton of sales going on over at CafePress (some that are over tonight at midnight)and Gretchen’s compiled her favorite stores and merchandise. She calls it Tasteful Twilight Gifts. It’s a way to celebrate Twilight love without an over abundance of sparkle dust…not that there’s anything wrong with sparkle dust. 🙂

We made the list at number 4:

4.  Twilight Lexicon on Cafe Press

The Twilight Lexicon fan site has a lovely Cafe Press storefront with several designs.  Here is my favorite on a throw pillow:

The design also comes on T-shirts, note cards, dog T-shirts, thongs and boxer shorts.  I think the pillow would make a nice wedding gift or go nicely in a black, white and red-themed bedroom.

And your reward for reading this far — here are the three Cafe Press discounts that are running right now.  I will update here periodically as the promotions change.

Spend $40 or more and get free shipping.  Use code: CUPID at check out.

Get 20% off Twilight-related merchandise.  Use code: BELLA at check out.

Get 20% off your order.  Use code: LOVEBUG at check out.

Get the full buying guide here, and she’s also asked people to chime in with comments of their favorite stores and merch!


  1. I’m not a fan of the pillow. Shouldn’t it look something like Edward and Bella (Kristen & Rob)?


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