Nylon Magazine Giving Away Kristen Stewart Autograph

Nylon Magazine just informed us that:

“Today, we’re giving away a DVD of Welcome to the Rileys, an independent drama where Stewart plays a teen prostitute living in post-Katrina New Orleans.

The film drew rave reviews at Sundance, and prompted Roger Ebert to comment, “I’m watching the beginnings of an important new actress,” in his review.”

Click here for details on how you can get this item.


  1. I really love Kristen Stewart’s work, I believe that she is the greatest actress ….

  2. please i have never won nything in my life it would make myday especially sinceim a special needschild plz

  3. I am happy her movie received rave reviews and Roger Ebert gave her a positive review. I admire Kristen for staying true to herself and not resorting to revealing magazine layouts. Even when she was in GQ she was clothed – yes some sultry poses but nothing like Ashley Greene with her legs spread. Or Miley Cyrus in a sheet. Kristen is relying on her talent. That is a smart postive choice for a promising young actress.

  4. I beleive Kristen has a great,bright future ahead of her-she’s very talented.

    • That is too sad! This terrible ecomnoy of ours is so depressing 🙁 On a much lighter note…I am thinking of purchasing/making some window coverings for our living room. However, we have icky venitian blinds that cover our sliding glass doors take up our entire living room wall. Any suggestions on how to cover them (and the horizontal thingy at the top that holds them together) up inexpensively and easily? Thanks! 🙂


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