Win 2 Gold Passes to Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour San Fransisco 2011

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve pretty much had it with the cold and the snow. I(Laura)bet you some of you are even wondering what exactly made you think having kids was fun after spending a week’s worth of snow days home with them! I can’t wait to go to the Official Twilight Convention in San Fransisco in February and the in Los Angeles in March and Lori is dying to go to the one in Nashville in March. In fact, just checked on Expedia and the rental car rates are fantastic so I may even go early and explore!

Well if you are dying for a Twilight getaway like me, well, now is your chance. We are giving away 2 Gold Passes to Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour that is in San Fransisco next weekend. Here is what you get if your name is the lucky one chosen:

EDITED 1/28/11 to reflect guest change due to shooting schedule change HERE’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GO GOLD at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention…

1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events, all three days. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance: TINSEL KOREY, BRONSON PELLETIER, TYSON HOUSEMAN, KIOWA GORDON, BOOBOO STEWART,GIL BIRMINGHAM and JODELLE FERLAND. You get ONE autograph per celebrity, and have the option to purchase more if offered for individual sale. Note: GOLD PACKAGES do not include PHOTO OPS, those must be purchased separately.

3) FREE ADMISSION to The VAMPIRE BALL Saturday Night… Celebrities, music, costumes, dancing, a DJ, surprises, centerpieces, a cash bar and non-stop partying! Prizes for the best dressed and best dancer as well as to the person who brings the very best Twilight Themed Centerpiece. Always a super-cool highlight of the weekend: come dressed to kill!

4) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for all our signings that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM. We go row by row, you are in the first rows: you get the idea!

5) FREE ADMISSION to the FRIDAY EVENING KARAOKE NIGHT starring Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon… where the house is traditionally rocked! Come to sing, come to enjoy, come to hang out and party! Always a lot of fun for all!

6) GOLD PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

7) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your GOLD coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

So if you would like a shot at these tickets (note it’s just the tickets as described above, you’re responsible for your transit, lodging, etc.) just tell us in the comments who you most want to meet in the cast and we’ll pick a random winner on on January 31 at 11:59 pm.

If you don’t win, keep in mind that you can come down on Saturday and for $25 hear the Q&A’s of 6 of the actors, see the Hillywood and Lexicon panels, and check out the vendor area! For not that much more than the price of a movie ticket that’s a really good deal!


  1. Teddi-Kay Gregg says:

    My daughter and I would most like to meet Jackson Rathbone..we are both HUGE 100 Monkey Fans : )

    • Kelice A. says:

      I wouldn’t know who to choose because all of them are apart of twilight saga and even if they are a minor character, there still apart of the cast.But, if I had to choose one, it would be Kristen Stewart because her character is the Main character and this is all about her life and her telling her story about meeting edward and how she finds out he’s a vampire and he leave’s, jacob comforts her and she finds out he’s a werewolf and then victoria comes for her revenge but she dies, and the bella and edward finally get married, bella gets pregnant and the volturi steps in and also the pack too.It would a great honor to meet Kristen Stewart in person. If I had only one question, it would probably be “What does it feel like playing Bella”. I think that she is very good as Bella.I’ve never won any contest of twilight, and I hope I win this one. By the way I LOVE your website!!!Keep up the good work

    • Kristine L. says:

      I couldn’t choose any of one of them because it would be SUCH an honor to meet ANY of the Twilight cast! πŸ™‚

  2. I wanna go…please please please pick me!

    • Kelice A. says:

      I would also say Robert Pattinson because one: he’s a vampire and I love them. Also,he has to be a different species but he still knows how to play a sexy vampire.I basically know everything about him. He is my idol and hero. I would love to win these tickets.I would probably faint then get back up if I met him.I am Team Edward all the way!!!!!!I hope you guys pick me.

  3. I love everyone in the cast, would love to meet them all…but since I sell Avon i’ll name Ashley Greene

    • Kelice A. says:

      I am overly obsessed and addicted with twilight. It would be an honor if I win. I would say taylor launtner one:cause he’s hot and has nice abs.Two because: when Edward leaves, he is there for Bella in her time of need. And, that’s really sweet.He’s gonna fight for her until her heart stops beating. Taylor Launtner seems like a nice guy.I would loooooooooooove to meet the cast all of them.They are all my idols and hero’s. I am like the twilight freek, I made a website and I’m creating a new one, I decorated my locker twilight and some people said “I need help”, or “it’s scary in there”. Even my teachers are like you don’t need any more twilight things.My friends and my brother tell me to be quiet and stop talking about twilight.When there were eclipse commercials on about it coming to dvd or its out on dvd, I would stop what I was doing and fell to my knees and bow up and down saying:”I am not worthy, I am not worthy,I’ve read the books already, and I’m re-reading them,then I’m gonna re-read them againg and over and over.I’ve watched twilight 14 times,new moon 6 times,eclipse 4 times. Me and a whole bunch of my freinds are planning to go to the theaters to watch breaking dawn.I listen to the soundtracks on the bus and at home.When I was about to go buy eclipse at walmart I was dancing even before we got to the store and I immediatly started watching it when I got home.I dreamt about twilight before. My friend and I talk about twilight and twilight vamps on the bus.I’m trying to create and twilight scrapbook.I decorated my binder of twilight.I made little cardboard cut-outs of twilight characters. And, I am just Coo Coo for TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!! I’ve never won any twilight contest.I hope I win this one!!!

  4. I would love to meet Jackson!! I am one of his biggest fans for sure!!

    • Kelice A. says:

      I would choose Kellen Lutz because he is a funny guy as Emmett and also in real life too. I like/love/obsess/addicted to twilight saga, In school, I even try to make it everything twilight. Like in Language Arts, all of my book reports or projects I try to do twilight saga.Like where we had to write a story about talking animals, I did the lion(edward),the lamb(bella), and the dog (jacob). Or, we had to write about what’s your favorite movie,book,television show or subject and I did mine on eclipse movie.I read my books in school as much as I can, even in the cafeteria. Please pick me

  5. OMG! i am A HUGE twilight fan!!me and my mom are die hard fans ( lol me more then my mom )PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE! PICK US!! i would DIE to meet the cast!!

    • I would like to meet Rachelle Lefeve or ift’s Bryce Dallas Howard becausr they play a different character…a nomad.Also,there character drinks human blood.I would probably ask them what does it feels like being a Nomad vampire who drinks human blood and get revenge trying to kill Bella. I’ve never been to a twilight convention, so I need to go to the last twilight convention of twilight

  6. any actor (s) wolf pack are cool, my husband is native american and it’s nice to see native american actors in positive roles, or Jackson Rathbone, he is a good musician

    • Vanessa Flo says:

      OMG! I am a major twilight fan… I would love to meet Jackson and Tyson… I went to the convention last year but can’t afford it this year.. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PICK ME :0)

      You guys are great and I read the blog everyday for any and all info…

    • It’s me again sorry I’ve been answering a lot, but I have to answer over and over. I would pick Nikki Reed because she is a good vampire but she particullary doesn’t like Bella because she is human and Edward loves Bella and isn’t intrested in Rosalie. Rosalie had a good life until one night when what happen between her,Royce and his druken friends.Nikki is an awesome actress and I would love to tell her that. Any role she plays is really good like the movie Chain Letter, I don’t think it wont release until later on or it already came out. Anyways, she does a great job at being Rosalie Lillian Hale.

    • who won? I don’t know how we find out

  7. Jennifer M. says:

    I REALLY want to meet Bronson!! He is my favorite member of the wolfpack!! Also, i’m a huge 100monkeys fan!! I hope I win and thanks for the awsome give away ladies!!!

    • I would say Ashely Greene because I like her character, her character Alice is really nice,funny, and knows how to dress herself and others. Ashely can really act like Alice.Alice is like the best friend you always dream to have.I hope I win.By the way I love your website πŸ™‚

  8. I would like to meet ANYONE!!

  9. I would very much love to meet Jackson Rathbone. I am such a huge fan I even named my son after him!! I wanna go!!

  10. I would love to meet Tinsel and Jackson πŸ™‚

    • It would be a dream come true if I met any of them. They are all apart of the twilight saga no matter how big or small there role is.I would say Gil Birmingham because he has a funny character and he is with the Quiletue tribe and he’s different.Jacob doesn’t have to hide his secrets from his own dad, Billy know about the werewolves and vampires.He knows everything unlike Charlie and Bella has to keep it a secret.Also,Billy Burke because his character Charlie is trying to protect Bella and the Forks people.He might be over protective but thats only because he is loves his daughter and the citizens of Forks,W.A

  11. Mmmm…. Robert pattinson of course…. I’m a massive UK gan and so are my aunties… We went and saw all 3 of the films so far at the misnight viewing the days they came iut… The books are amazing and have real passion… X wot a dream come true to get these tickets..xx thank you x

    • I would choose Tinsel because her character Emily, is a werewolf girl and she knows about the secret because she is marrying a werewolf.I think she is a good actress also,I mean she is a character and Emily is hurt she has scars all over half of her face down to her right arm.And, she is still in love with Sam after he attacked her. She is a very brave young girl.

  12. I would LOVE to meet Jackson, Kiowa, and hell, the rest of the cast members at the convention. Big fan of all of them!

    • I would say Elizabeth Reasar because she is Esme a loving,caring mother. She cares for all of her children and husband.She will back them up because thats her family.Esme as a human, was gouing to kill herself because her baby died, that shows how much she cares for her child.I think she is a role modle not just as Esme but also in real life.She is like a mother that you would probably dream of.I think that she is a good women as Esme and as herself Elizabeth.

  13. I just want to meet other twihard who are as passionate as I am about the Twilight Saga. But meeting any of the cast would be a bonus. YAY.
    PS- pick me! pick me!

  14. I would love to meet robert pattinson and taylor lautner!!

  15. I’d like to meet Jackson and whoever else is there. I am a huge fan.

    • I would say Peter Fecinelli because as Carlisle he is a leader,smart,and a wonderful father and husband.He thinks of his family including Bella.He tries to protect them when harm is trying to get in their way. He tries to make an agreement with others and try to calm people down.He was the first one to be in the Cullen family and also the Olympic Coven.He save people’s lifes by changing them.He doesn’t just let them die and say whatever he actually does something about them.

  16. Jessie Mellenthin says:

    I would love a chance to meet any of the wonderfull cast of twilight!!!!!! Im a die hard twi-hard

  17. Of course – I’d LOVE to meet Rob Pattinson (who wouldn’t?), but I really love the entire cast!! So, anyone I got to meet would be more than exciting. I’ve also made a scrapbook (Lexicon was my inspiration) and that’s what I would bring to have autographed. OMG – that would be so COOL!!!

    • I would say Cam Gigandet because he is also a nomad and James is a very cruel,evil,red-eyed,hunter vampire.I would like to meet him and just ask him what did it feel like being an evil vampire who is a hunter, tracking Bella trying to kill her while fighting Edward.

  18. Not sure if I could pick just one, but I would totally love to meet Jackson or Kiowa…so cute!

    • I would say I would like to meet everyone because they are all apart of it, even if they are a person walking in the backround no matter how BIG or small the role is.I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEAM TWILIGHT SAGA CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I would love to meet everyone…they all have such a special part.

  20. Maegan Letras says:

    Holy cow can I meet them all!?!?!

  21. I would love to meet Elizabeth Reaser

  22. Just meeting any of the cast members would be awesome, especially Jackson Rathbone. Winning the tickets would be great for I’m a broke college student and can’t afford it otherwise.

  23. I would love to meet Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper. Iam an aspiring photographer and it would be a dream to take photos.. Ive never won anything and prob wont win this but since your in my city(San Francisco)I have to give it a shot
    Khristine (707) 280 9173

    • I would say BooBoo Stewart because he is a nice guy as Seth and also in real life.In Breaking Dawn, he is sticking with Jacob along his side.Also, in eclipse he actully puts himself in danger by fighting Riley and helping Edward.

    • I would choose Michael Sheen because, his character Aro, is the leader of the Volturi and he wants Edwrd and Alice to join him and the Volturi.It would be really cool to meet Michael Sheen because he is an evil vampire, apart of the Volturi and wanting two of the Cullens to join him.Love them or Hate them…

  24. Tara Russo says:

    Would love to attend the convention in San Francisco! Would love to meet Jackson, Tinsel and Tyson! Thanks so much for the opportunity…many thanks!!!

  25. My sister & I would love to meet Jackson!

  26. Timica Aguilar says:

    I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO MEET Tinsel or Jackson!!!! My husband’s going to the SF Giants FanFest, but I would much rather ditch that and go to the Twilight Convention which is the same weekend!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would say Kristen and Rob and Taylor because there characters are the 3 main characters that have a lot of problems to fix.Including, relationships,evil vamps, and staying alive, and more. They go through so much to get where they are now when Bella first meets Edward,Edward laves and Jacob hangs out with her,Victoria tries to get her revenge so much that Bella goes through but she still loves Edward even though she almost gets killed 3 times.They are very strong,brave and bol people.I think that they are very wonderful.

  27. I know a lot of people will probably say this but I would love to meet Kristen. She’s a year younger than me & I’ve always admired her skills as an actress. I love what she brings to each role she plays & I think it would be amazing to meet her and tell her that πŸ™‚

  28. April Poole says:

    I would love to meet the whole cast of Twilight because they each have their own special roles that they play.

    • I would love to see all of them. I would be so honored if I won. I think it would be the best thing in the world If I went to the convention.I am the addict of twilight, I”m the super ultra mega-fan of twilight.I read,watch,write things about bella,edward,jacob and the rest of them,and research twilight saga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEAM TWILIGHT 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sarah Crawford says:

    I would absolutely love to meet Jackson Rathbone! I have been a fan of him, Nikki Reed, and Cam ever since they were the in the third season of the OC together. He was very convincing in his role as Jasper in Eclipse and I would absolutely LOVE to meet him!

  30. Malina Hansen says:

    I would love to meet Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and/or Jackson Rathbone the most. However I love Twilight so any cast members would be phenomenal! I live close to San Francisco so transportation and lodging would be easy for me. Please pick me! It would be a dream come true. Xoxo

  31. Jenna Vest says:

    I am a huge fan an would love to go please pick me.

    • I would pick all of them!!!I wouldn’t know who to choose.I am crazy for twilight.I mean I even decorated myl locker twilight. I try to write everything in class about twilight.My life would be just normal without twilight.I mean it changed my life.I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad Stephanie Meyer wrote twilight in 2005.She is a very talented,smart,caring,twilight loving women and she is very great and talented at writing her books. So much passion in them, and killings,and blood,and vampires vs. werewolves, and revenge, and love/romance.

  32. I want to meet Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart so bad!!!!!!!! But if i had to choose one…its so difficult.. I would say Robert Thomas Pattinson. He is my life and i know everything about him lol. I deserve to win this trip because Twilight literally changed my life. Im in 8th grade and i got the books in 7th. I used to not care about my grades and stuff. After i read the books, i couldnt put them down and my grades when sky hight because i wanted to be more like Bella and a better person, even my parents saw a change in me. This would be the best day in my life. I would never ever forget it. I love twilight and Rob so much! i read all the Twilight books 11 times!!!! each πŸ™‚

    • I would say Dakota Fanning because she is a character who is apart of the Volturi and who loves giving pain.I mean she and her brother were living in a village and they got burnt to the steak by the villagers because they thought they were witches, that’s when Aro found them and killed the villagers and turned them into vamps. I do my twilight research

  33. Jill Lecher says:

    meeting ANYONE would be amazing!!!!!

  34. twilight meredith says:

    I would love to meet anyone in the cast they really bring the books to life and I love that! My mom is a wonderful photographer (she went to college for it when she was younger and couldn’t afford to stay in). She would love the opportunity to take pictures! But I would have to say I would love to meet jackson! I loved how he did that little southern drawl in eclipse and kissed ahsley it was so sweet!


  35. Cassandra Morgan says:

    Tinsel would be great to meet! I would love to tell her how much I like her new song! Bit anyone on the cast would be great!

  36. I would love to meet jackson in Person πŸ™‚

    • I would say, Xaiver Samuel because he plays Riley Biers and he is the first person that starts eclipse, also he is being used by Victoria and he is making all the decisions for her.He was just another Victim and Pawn for Victoria. He thought that their relationship was real but she was pulling the strings and he was the puppet. I really feel bad for Riley because he didn’t deserve to be used and die because it wasn’t his fault that he became a vampire.

  37. I’d like to meet Kiowa. That guy just cracks me up!

  38. I would love to get tickets since I am out of money and also my friend is out of money. We wanted to go really bad but the timing wasn’t right with the money issue. Plus, I hope I can see you guys….you are going right?

  39. Chelsea Ricketts says:

    It would be awesome just to go and meet anyone! My favorite though is BooBoo Stewart…i love Seth Clearwater!!!

  40. Gina Theobald says:

    My daughter and I would love to meet Ashley Greene, or any of the cast would be great. We would also love to meet Stephenie Meyer. After all there would not be any movies without her!

  41. Definitely Jackson! Already have my Team Jasper shirt!

  42. Lindsey Welch says:

    I would love to meet Jackson!!!! I named my son Jasper, not only because I love the name, but….well you know!!! I love Jasper!!! It would be so exciting to see him!!!
    Love twilight!!!!!!!

  43. I would love love love to meet Jackson and Bronson. They both seem like really funny and interesting guys! Would love to get to go and have a break from my five kids. lol πŸ™‚

  44. Lee Ann Chretien says:

    My daughters and I would love to meet any of the cast members but most of all Robert Pattinson. Love his character. Since its only 2 tickets I’d give it to my 2 daughters to enjoy. πŸ™‚

  45. I would love to meet all the vampire men of Twilight! That would be like the greatest picture ever to be surrounded by Peter, Kellan, Jackson and Rob.

  46. crystal Moore says:

    We would love to meet Taylor!

  47. Jennifer N. says:

    I would love to meet the cast of twilight series especially Taylor Laughter. he so handsome….

  48. crystal Moore says:

    Hey! We would love to meet Taylor!

  49. I’d love to meet Jackson since I’ve heard he is super sweet and I’m from Texas.

  50. Jackson! Sigh…..

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