Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and The Last Two Standing For E! Celebrity of the Year

It’s down to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to be crowned E!’s annual Celebrity of the Year. They actually held off Justin Bieber to get to the final two. We didn’t think anything would stop Bieber fans, but apparently Rob and Kristen did.

So head over to E! and vote for your favorite.


  1. This sucks. I would pick Kristen but that’s just me.

  2. Does it count that I asked the question what if this happened a couple rounds ago?

  3. How rude! I was afraid of this when they both kept making it to the next rounds. I love them both, but I think I’m gonna vote for Rob. (Sorry Kristen!)

    • I would vote for Robert Pattinson, but I’m not voting in protest. As much as I love Robert’s improvement over the course of the series I do NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, think that he is the celebrity of 2010. If he isn’t, then Kristen certainly isn’t. Other actors and musicians who are more talented lost only because Robert and Kristen are part of the Twilight franchise. It had nothing to do with talent or noteworthiness.

      • alwaysedward says:

        the contest was for CELEBRITY of the year.

        • Exactly. And Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the best we could do? Over Betty freakin’ White? She hosted SNL, has made a serious comeback in Hollywood, plus all of her charity work as an animal rights activist. All Rob and Kristen have done is Eclipse plus a couple of indie films. How does that make them celebrity of the year over Betty White, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway? It just proves the sick obsession of some Twilight fans, that they’re blinded to actual talent.

          • Celebrity: (n) a famous or well-known person.

            This isn’t a philanthropy contest, or a talent contest. It’s a contest of who is the most famous and well known and has created the most “buzz” over the year, which the Twilight Saga has certainly done. A celebrity is a celebrity because of the fans, and if Robert/Kristen have extremely loyal passsionate devoted fans.

          • @TV: Actually, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary “celebrity” refers to a person who is celebrated or the state of being celebrated. Despite your objections, philanthropy and talent are (or should be) relevant. As I said before, what have Rob and Kristen done to deserve this honor? All they have done this year is Eclipse and a couple of indie films. Whoop-ti-dee. Compared to some of the other people on this list that is downright pathetic. This has nothing to do with being a celebrity in the true sense of the word. It’s a sick popularity contest in which the contestants’ actual accomplishments have little or nothing to do with who wins.

          • I completely Agree with what (TV) says. It is a contest on who brought the most BUZZ from their fans. Both Robert and Kristen both did that and beyond. They continue to bring it with NEW and UPCOMING movies as well. It’s not just a TWILIGHT thing so people need to stop saying that.,They def. have loyal fans from Twilight but it not just Twilight that makes these two popular. It the fact that they are who they are and what they stand for in society. They are GENUINE!!!!! THE REAL ARTICLES, they just don’t make them like Robert and Kristen anymore…..
            Robert and Kristen are BOTH very TALENTED ACTOR/ACTRESS. They deserve this more than other listed. The others have had their Spotlight time now lets, let Robert and Kristen have theirs. They worked very hard to get where they are and they never forgot their LOYAL FANS along the way. Robert and Kristen are not your TYPICAL HOLLYWOOD BULLSHIT!!! THEY ARE REAL, HONEST and DOWN to EARTH. OTHER stars are just looking for the BRING ME THE MONEY, So to speak…..Robert and Kristen act from the hearts and not the pockets. Sure all the money is a plus for both of them., but they only do jobs that mean something to them, not just movies that will be a hit on screen., they ACT…’s something that others should follow in their footsteps and stop all the Who was in what Bar, Who’s on Drugs….bullshit that is out their…I’m so glad that Robert and Kristen are not like that…..That is why they both deserve this award.
            THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY VOTE!!!!! NOT BECAUSE OF TWILIGHT either..and believe you me I’m addicted to Twilight just as much as the next person….It’s
            LOVE BOTH OF YOU!!!!! XOXO

            My Daughter Absol. Loves Kristen and wants to be just like her. I don’t have a problem with that. I think Kristen Stewart is a GREAT ROLE MODEL. She is who she is whether you like it or not and same with Robert. That is why WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!

      • Joshua L. Roberts says:

        I agree with Kat. Then again, this isn’t anything new. The “passion” of Twi-fans have always tilted the odds against anyone who’d dare run against a Twilight related object or actor. This is no more evident than when you got to see the number of votes for “Best Movie” of the summer, where Toy Story 3 had around 6,000 votes vs. Eclipse’s 23,000. As I’ve said before, many Twi-hards have given up on quality vs… it just being Twilight. I’m sure they’d vote Breaking Dawn to win a Rasberry Award, just to make sure BD wins. 😛

        The problem with this inherent “passion” is that many contests and such will start limiting what catagories Twilight can be entered in. My proof, starts with the Spike TV awards in which Eclipse was purposefully left out of a few catagories in order to give everybody else a FAIR chance. Another issue is a lot of this “obsessive” behavior is turning away a lot of fans or would be fans. There is nothing wrong with being passionate and supporting the cast, don’t get me wrong, but when better stars and films are losing for no better reason than they aren’t Twilight, it becomes a tragedy not only for Twilighters around the world, but for Twilight in general.

  4. Fiona Cullen says:

    YAY! I am so happy that Rob and Kristen are the final two. 🙂
    Twi-hards prevailed again!

    • Haha I love how passionate people get over these people’s choice votes. For the record, I’m going for Kristen because the Runaways rocked my world. My favourite movie of 2010. (Loved Remember Me too, but not in a watch-it-a-thousand-times-in-a-row-and-want-it-to-be-my-life type way)

      • (that was supposed to be a new comment, sorry :p)

      • I agree and I loved both movies,but Remember Me isn’t one of those movies you want to watch over and over. Two great films that were outside the Twilight umbrella and they were seriously overlooked. I had to wait for the Runaways to come out on dvd,but I did manage to see Remember Me while it was in the theaters. Let’s hope we get to see On the Road as well as Rob’s film Water for Elephants next spring. I’m looking forward to both of those films.

  5. Does it count that I asked the question what if this happened a couple rounds ago?

  6. i am sorry but i did not vote just one person. i votes for both at different times. if you ask me putting them both next to each other is really unfair

  7. switzy4ever14 says:

    do not underestimate the power of the twihards. we know our stuff. now, who to vote for… i guess i’ll just vote for both!

  8. twilight meredith says:

    Both! 😀

  9. I wish we could make some sort of truce and make fans vote for them both only once to try and make it a tie. That would be the perfect ending for this poll.

  10. I think Rob would be gallant, and prefer that Kristen would win. Voting Kristen.


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