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Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made it through to round 4 in E!’s 2010 Celeb of the Year on-line voting contest.  They beast out Anne Hathaway and Ryan Reynolds in the last round and are now up against Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio.  With only eight celebs left, voting is vital!  Visit the E! site and vote for your favorites!  Voting ends Friday Dec. 17.


  1. Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson!

  2. Definitely going to vote for them! Too bad Ashley & Taylor didn’t make it to this round. Love them too.




    • WRONG… Voting for Twilight just to prove some illbegotten point, is not only rediculous, it will just prove their point even further. The reason so many people already hate Twilight is because of (some fans) fans forcing Twilight down everybody else’s throat…ergo the MTV Awards where New Moon and Twilight related actors beat out everybody regardless of how much better the other projects were.
      If you want Twilight and Twilight related actors to be judged fairly by everybody else, you have to treat it fairly.

  4. Emma..


  6. Really, people think that Kristen Stewart is better than Sandra Bullock? They must have either extremely limited movie experience or a bad taste in actors.

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      The simple answer to your question, is that she is in Twilight.

      • That’s sad and kind of pathetic, that artists are judged on their popularity and not the quality of their work. That’s why I’m glad professionals choose who gets an Oscar/Emmy/Tony.

        • uhm alright? then why are yuh on TWILIGHTlexicon ? this site is basically for people who love twilight and want to know more about twilight news. and if yuh think kristen isnt a good actor why are yuh on here? if yuh think shes a bad actor then yuh must think twilight sucks. so gett outta here.

          • I’m on here because, as you said, this is a Twilight fan site not a Kristen Stewart fan site. I said nothing about not liking the series, just that compared to Sandra Bullock… Well, let’s just say that Kristen has a loooooong way to go to reach that level, and it’s shameful to think that the public would be so shallow as to award people based on a popularity contest instead of the quality of their work.

            How would you like it if your job did that, or your teacher if you’re still in school (which I assume based on your lack of ability to spell the word “you”)? “Hmmmm, this person wrote the correct answer on the test, but this person is more fun to be around so I’ll give them the better grade.” Maybe you would be okay with that, but I would immediately file a complaint.

        • Yes it is sad, but it is also true. Twilight related materials and stars have one many awards, only for the sad fact that they were Twilight related. Just so you’d know… I voted on who I think best deserves it, not because it was Twilight. I still say… BETTY WHITE!

          • if you’re trashing kristen then your pretty much trashing twilight. she does play bella swan after all…
            and people trash twilight everywhere. there’s blogs and comments all around about how much it sucks and how no one can act. I’m not saying your doing that but this is the one place that we can go where we know that only positive things will be said about twilight and anything related. and you’re pretty much ruining that.

          • Joshua L. Roberts says:

            In response to Nicole’s comments… Nobody here has as of yet stated that Twilight sucks in anyway shape or form. This BBS was not created for people who only believe that Twilight is the greatest thing ever written and anyone who disagrees is a fool and doesn’t know what their talking about, but for fans… all fans. A great consensus of Twi-fans and others do agree that the movies, themselves, aren’t as good as they could have been. The films have been plagued with numerous issues and have been the bane of movie critics everywhere. While I don’t always agree with film critics, to state anybody who doesn’t state the films are the greatest thing ever, is trashing Twilight simply because they have an opinion that isn’t yours, is absurd.

            My big complaint about these contests is that nobody would care about Rob or Kristen if they weren’t in Twilight. The only reason they’re getting any votes is because they are in Twilight. Look at their other movies they’ve done. Kristen did a fantastic job on Rileys… Rob was great in Remember me, but both movies while doing “okay” at the box office, didn’t draw fans, because as was pointed out by a media outlet… people love Kris and Rob…but only in Twilight.

            I’m glad for them to win awards and such, but I want them to win because of their work, not because they are associated with “Twilight”.

          • Kathryn Steele says:

            @Nicole: I’m sure Stephenie Meyer would be thrilled to learn that Kristen Stewart has become the be-all-end-all representative for the Twilight series…. That’s sarcasm in case you didn’t recognize it. I hate to light up your darkness with reason, but Kristen is not Bella, not by any stretch of the imagination. The Bella I see on the page in the real Twilight series is passionate, compassionate and endearing. Kristen Stewart’s Bella is lethargic, bored and looks like she will fall over asleep at any second.

            Another bubble of yours that I must bust: this idea that in order to like the books you must like the movies and the actors. This is absolutely ridiculous. As a matter of fact, almost all of my personal friends are great fans of the book series and almost all of them hate the books because of Kristen Stewart and Melissa Rosenberg. The movies are a poor representation of the books, and Stephenie actually agrees sometimes. If you watch the Eclipse DVD with her commentary there are quite a few times where she says this or that isn’t correct according to the books.

            In short, Twilight existed before Summit got ahold of it. Kristen Stewart has undoubtedly become part of the franchise, but she does not define it. A smart fan will actually be reasonable enough to separate the actor from the franchise.

          • Kathryn Steele says:

            Typo correction for previous post: My friends hate the movies not the books. D’oh!!!

    • Besides the hubby drama, what has Sandra Bullock done lately?

      And also, Katy Perry… dislike in every way…

      • Joshua L. Roberts says:

        I vote Sandra, but if it comes down between Betty White and Sandra Bullock… or anybody else, I’m voting Betty White… she is a legend.

      • Ever heard of “The Blind Side” or have you been living in a cave for the past year? She won an Oscar for that movie. Plus, she currently has 4 movies in pre-production. Plus, her resume is a mile long and is FULL of amazing movies. You should be asking what has Kristen Stewart done recently that isn’t either pop culture for teeny boppers who wouldn’t know good acting if it bit them on the butt or an indie film that only her stalkers have heard of.

        • Helen Pauline says:

          Not that I’m dissing Sandra, because I love her and she is one of my favorite actresses, I think what Sylvia meant was, that since this is the celebrity of the YEAR 2010, that she hasn’t put out anything movie wise. The Blind Side came out in 2009.

    • Yea I agree :D.

  7. Robert Pattinson of course, duh!

  8. It will be between Robert Pattinson and Betty White.
    I bet a lot of people will only vote for Sandra Bullock out of pitty. If anyone deserves to win, it is Betty White. She has been around for a long time and she is a legeond.

  9. I want Emma for female and Rob for male 🙂


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