James Franco Hosting the Oscars: The Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon Connection

James Franco explained it last night on Jimmy Kimmel. Look for it at around the 2:55 mark.

It’s not the first time James Franco has mentioned Twilight. His first nod was back in August when he mentioned it to Esquire. Then he mentioned it again to MTV’s Josh Horowitz at the Toronto International Film Festival.


  1. He’s a hawty! And a great actor. But the not gonna lie, the mustache makes him look kinda…

  2. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    Oh goodness! I LOVE watching him! He is so fun to watch… its hilarious even if he isnt talking. Bill Condon you SERIOUSLY turned him down for BD? Are you CRAZY? Man that would have been awesome! Oh and agreed on the stash.. its gotta go!

  3. Claire Richard says:

    just because an actor says, hey i want to be in this movie, doesn’t mean he should be given a role, he has to fit the vision the director has for that specific part and entire movie more than any other person who auditions.

  4. That guy has taste!!!

  5. I really wish he would of gotten a role ! He’s awesome.

  6. Oh please please let Rob Pattinson hear about this and agree to sing with him on the Oscars. I mean, why would they think he takes himself too seriously for that? Did these people not see him with a mustache and a flamethrower on MTV? Or in a tree with Jimmy Fallon? I would love to see Rob doing a number with James Franco!

  7. Hi, so this is a bit irrelevant to this specific post but I was wondering if the Lexicon (or anyone really) might be able to help me on this matter:
    I’ve bought the Twilight and New Moon DVD that was exclusive to Borders on their releases over the past year or two. However I understand they are not releasing a version like that for Eclipse but that Target is. I live outside the US (I’m in Ireland)and I know Target do not do Intl. Shipping. Is there any possible way to get the Target Edition of Eclipse available for worldwide shipping? I’d feel it would disrupt the consistency of my DVDs so far were I to purchase a normal version 🙂 Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. That’s kinda heartbreaking to me, he obviously really likes the saga..it’s soo cute! I really like him, I think he’s a talented person and he seems very intelligent. It would have been nice if he would have gotten a part, and I think he would have been ecstatic. Poor guy 🙁

  9. Yep, Twilight’s awesome, James. You’re not alone, dude!

  10. omg please please please please PLEASE Rob sing with James Franco at the oscars!!! that would be the BEST!!! I may pass out from happiness!! Plus, Robert Pattison probably takes himself the least seriously out of ANY hollywood actor out there!! He doesn’t even understand why everone loves him!!!

  11. Take them selves too seriously? Thats crazy! I think that Rob is so goofy! He is also really funny, did James not see “How to Be”?? Or in the tree with Jimmy Fallon? I can’t wait to see Rob do an American comedy!!

  12. he should have been garrett. we were all rooting for him in past comments.


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