James Franco Reading Twilight: The Question is Why!

In an interview with Esquire James Franco revealed that he is reading Twilight.

“He sits by a side door near a pail of mop water. There’s a paperback, palm-pinched, cover down, in his right hand, and a big plastic shopping bag full up with something he doesn’t want to show just yet. When asked what he’s reading, Franco smiles his ungrudgingly adolescent smile, a grin as terminally satisfying as the last healthy squeeze on a tube of toothpaste. He is engaging, for just a second, in the mutual diction of actor and artist — “It’s for a project,” he says. But the word — project — thumps out of him unprecious and without bluster, as if he were naming a day of the week. He’s always got something going. He flips the book over. Twilight.

Keep in mind: The position of things is such that he doesn’t have to show the book. Had he said Jude the Obscure, no one would have been the wiser. He’s a graduate student, after all, enrolled in two universities at pretty much any given moment. “It’s crazy how much sexual tension there is,” he says. “It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It’s sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they’ll blow up with it. And of course, they don’t.” He shrugs then, a good shrug, because he is selling nothing with it. “Which is the point too, I guess.”

Now, in as much as we’d perfectly like to believe that James Franco is a closet TwiGuy who just wants to read vampire romance, it doesn’t seem likely. So, given that James Franco said that he’s doing this for a project, and he’s not involved in a spoof that we know about, it would seem to us that maybe this is Breaking Dawn related. So we’re thinking(sheer speculation we have no inside info) that maybe he is auditioning for a part in Breaking Dawn.  Who do you think he could play in Breaking Dawn?

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  1. elizar or how ever you spell it from the denali coven??

  2. Visiting vampire? Maybe from Denali? It would be awesome if he was in Breaking Dawn!

  3. I think he would make a great Benjamin from the Egyptian Coven.

  4. I can EASILY see him as Garrett.

    • YES!! he IS garrett. that would be sweet. no benjamin, to that comment above. ben is supposed to be younger.

  5. Garrett…totally Garrett with that smile! *thud*

  6. One of the visiting vampires…probably from the Denali coven (or soon to be part of it). I could see definitely see him as Eleazer or Garrett. If not involved with Denali coven, he could possibly be Benjamin from the Egyptian coven.

  7. That would be awesome if he was going for a part in Breaking Dawn.. He is a wonderful actor on General Hospital when he comes on there to play his role and I’d love to see him in BD also. He is also hot. ;]

  8. I very easily see him as Garrett.

  9. Garret

  10. Garrett all the way!! He fits the description perfectly!! I always imagined Eleazar older, more like 40-50ish.

  11. Couldn’t it be a possibility that he’s reading the book for a school project? Then again never underestimate Franco, he does it all (movies, soaps, grad schools, art exhibits).

  12. Garrett!! woooooo

  13. That was my first thought: Garrett!! He’d totally fit the part!! I can’t wait to know!

  14. Garrett….all day…he would be perfect!

  15. Garrett, hands down! He would, in my opinion, bring to the screen all the mystery, wit, attitude and sensuality Garrett exudes in the book…so checkmate!

  16. Garrett, I think. OOh, he would be so good in that part. I hope it’s true!!

  17. Agreeing totally with Garrett! Love me some James France (and loooove that smile)!!!

  18. I’m going with Garrett…looks like I’m not the only person that thinks that either, lol!!

  19. Hello, Garrett! ;333

  20. garrett, and isn’t james franco 40 yet??? haha.
    love his smile, he will be a good chillingly horrible vampire. bring on the white makeup!

  21. My vote is for Garrett!!! He would work soooooo well!!!

  22. Kare Bear says:

    Couldn’t be Banjamin…he’s an Egyptian vampire…darker skin and black hair…wouldn’t work. I agree that Garrett is a better bet.

  23. Garrett for sure. Please NO Lee Pace or whatever his name is. People please stop with the “he is hot” that is not a requirement to get a role in BD. Summit is looking for good actors who will be believabe in these roles not whether or not the GUY IS HOT! No wonder people laugh at Twilight and their fans

    • Lee Pace is a great actor. You need to watch his work to know if he can pull Garret and he can. I think James could be doing Eleazar or Peter. Both are great characters that he can do wonders with.

    • NO.. they laugh at people like you who take it waayy too seriously.

    • you should see Pace’s work in the movie called THE FALL (very charming movie).
      He IS a great wide-range actor. He got a deep manly voice, well proportioned body and super-tall (6’3″), have strong sex appeal and likeable charming personality.
      He’s every inch Garrett.
      Don’t simply bash things you don’t even know.

      but i also hope Mr.Franco will get a role in BD too.
      i wish him good luck.

  24. Freaking love James Franco. If he were to play Garrett… Oh my!

  25. Apparently he’s reading Twilight as research for the children’s book he plans to write “someday” — according to Esquire magazine. What a shame, he’d make a fine addition to the BD cast.

  26. I believe he’d be great where ever he was placed, but maybe its for a college class, really, there are several colleges that have studied the books, could be he thought it would be a easy A! LOL

  27. Eleazer or Garrett DEFINENTLY!!!

    I loved him in Spiderman.

  28. Twihard Edward Lover says:

    Garrett or Ben for sure that smile…in the book it always mentioned Garretts smile…he would be perfect for either part

  29. Shaunta28 says:

    Definitely Garrett!

  30. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    I LOVE JAMES FRANCO!!!!! I really hope he is in BD!! That would just be icing on the cake for me! I hope he plays one of the good vamps !

  31. i agree with all of you that think he could play Garrett !!! can i please play the role of Kate lol!!!!

  32. no way!!! not garrett!! garrett has to be A BIG BRAWNY GUY, people!

    i don’t care who he plays as long as it’s not garrett… or edward or jacob. lol

  33. GARRETT!!! because if you havent noticed James Franco isn’t any kind of origin…meaning he can’t play Eleazar because he’s not Hispanic or doesn’t look like one, and he’s not Egyptian! But James is so SEXY, just the way they describe his smile i can see him play garrett and talking and flirting with kate. Especially when he takes a HUGE stand against the Volturi, i hope he does get the part, but who knows maybe he just wants to read Twilight

    • What? Hispanics are many ethnicities…they can look like Christina Aguilera, Alexis Bledel, JoAnna Garcia, Dania Ramirez, Catalina Sandino, Zoe Saldana, America Ferrera, J.Lo, Djimon Honsou (from Amistad), Edward James Olmos, Cristiano Ronaldo, ETC, ETC, ETC.

      Some of us Hispanics are White, some Black, some Native American, Asian or a mix of all these. People immigrate to Latin American countries just like they do to the US and we didn’t have any laws against interracial marriage (like in the US) and so we have very mixed people for the most part…we’re the real melting pot really. And every Latin country varies but that’s the gist of it.

      I think people confuse nationality with ethnicity.
      So tell me again, “what does Hispanic look like?” Just google my examples and you’ll see.

      • oh gag me with a spoon. when you can tell the difference between loatian and vietnamese, then you can go on lecturing others. in any case, james does not fit the physical description of elezar, which was the point. again.. gag!

  34. now that i think about it.. GARRETT! all the way!

  35. GARRETT! so happy. The only other option i’d be happier with is Shia Labeouf.

  36. Garrett is described as Revolutionary with blonde hair. I alway pictured him looking more like Cam and British or something. Eleazar and Carmen are of Spanish origin with olive skin and dark hair. This guy James would fit that look better.

  37. hes too big to play garret, although thats the ONLY character description he might fit…so I don know

  38. and by big i mean too big of a star…hes not unknown…

  39. oooo….this is exciting! i love james franco, garrett would be peeeeeerfect!

  40. I think he’ll either be Garrett or the British Vamp.. Alistair.
    Hmm…. interesting….

  41. the new and improved “Edward Cullen”.

  42. Ditto on Garrett

  43. Oh, I hope it’s true and I hope it would be Garrett! He would make a great Garrett!

  44. Garrett. He would be perfect. And because of his perfection as Garrett, his part would be bigger.
    …sorry, I’m tired, and I flippin’ love James Franco.

  45. vampbball says:

    Did anyone else look at his picture and think, “Now THAT is what Edward should have looked like.” Rob is handsome and I like him, but he’s not what I had imagined.

  46. Garrett or Peter

  47. I think he would be awesome as one of the Romanians…

  48. While I’d totally like to think he’s joining the Twilight cast, I have hesitations thinking he’s auditioning. He doesn’t strike me as the type to go out for a role in this series, looking at his past work. Yet, he’s quite a modern day renaissance man so who knows…. Maybe he’s just reading it for some other crazy project he’s working on? If he’s focusing on the sexual tension in the book, maybe the “project” he’s working on is similar (be it writing, art, etc.)? And, if he were auditioning for BD, wouldn’t he be focusing on reading BD?

    Just thoughts. BUT, IF he were to audition, I could totally see him as Alistair, or Garrett, too.

  49. it would be so awesome if he was cast as Garett I could so see him in the part!

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