Yes, It Is Actually Kristen Stewart’s Arm

Tama0026 on Twitter did some research, blew up some photos, and has come to the conclusion that it is Kristen Stewart’s arm in the photo that we posted earlier today. Check out her side-by-side comparison below.

EDITED: Confirmed direct from Summit entertainment that it is Kristen’s arm!

As for the bruises, we’re thinking they are probably higher up on her arms. With Stephenie as producer there is no way they are not going to be there.

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  1. SavyTwilighter says

    haha love that someone did “research” into finding out if it was Kristen’s arm

  2. anutwilighter says

    OH man, this is most funny but at the same time, really exciting.

  3. Happy thanksgiving to Bill Condon thanks for the pic excited Yay!! #BreakingDawn

  4. Feathers! Great Thanksgiving news……

  5. Stephenie is the producer??? OMG this is going to be super great!!! 🙂
    Kudos for whoever did the investigation!

  6. this is so amazing ! 😀 herrrrooo the mole is a giveaway ! 😀

  7. The obsessiveness of our Fandom amazes me… Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Very very happy with this !!!!

  9. HAHAHA…that was the first thing which came to mind when I saw the photo!
    Twi-Hards have outdone themselves yet again! 😉

  10. It could be that the bruises will be CG-ed on later. That would also explain why no one saw her with bruise makeup while they were filming in Rio.

  11. …that’s nice….now if only we could pan the camera back and leave it there for….oooh a few days to catch everything….gosh I can’t wait until November for the movie!!

  12. la la la la….. hehe..

  13. I said this on twitter yesterday, but I love this fandom! I knew someone would do some investigating to see if that was really her arm. So exciting and thanks to Bill Condon for giving us this pic yesterday.

  14. twilight dreamers says

    Yes! :D. Come on next november! We’re waiting 4 u!!! Also thxs 4 the pic and investagation! U guys rock 😀

  15. Maby the bruises are going to be added in CGI?! x

    • Or the bruises are on her other arm at first. After all the bruises come like a surprise after a wonderful first time. I think they probably will introduce us to the sexy part before “killing our buzz” with the bruises like they SM did on the books.

      • If they did that, though, it would kind of blow the whole, “I won’t have sex with you again” shocker. And they can’t lose that because it would interfere with the Renesmee story since she was conceived from that first time. I seriously doubt that things will change that drastically with Stephenie as a producer.

  16. giordana lopes says

    BRASIL ! OMG amei a imagem *-*

  17. milena thays says

    hooooooooooo may good

  18. Amooo Crepusculo! BRASIL eh nois! SHAUSHAUHA

  19. olha esse do amanheser divia ser mudado para marco do dia 6 de 2011 em vez de 18 de novembro de 2011 esse bill condor num site que eu vir do crepusculo robertt patinson botou 5 de marco de 2011 mas o idiota do bill condor botou em novembro eu duvido se ele muda a data pra marco ou abril

  20. BD!BD!BD!!! 🙂

  21. haaaaaa, eu quero assistir logo a primeira parte, vai ser incrivel *–*

  22. oi eu sou do Brasil , e estou super ansiosa para ver o tão esperado filme do Amanhecer . aqui no Brasil e eu creio que no mundo não se fala em outra coisa a não ser esse filme ! dia 18 de novembro de 2011 com certeza vai ser o dia mais esperado pelas fãs .

  23. I found it wonderful!
    I really love the movies and seeing these pictures makes me more anxious to see the movie!

  24. gostei

  25. A meu Deus não vejo a hora de assistir Amanhecer é tudo que eu quero. Eu amo o Rob não pra de pensar nele e na saga.
    Só o que eu temho a dizer é obrigada Stephenie Meyer.
    18 de novembro me espere ou melhor eu vou esperar…
    bjs amooo vcs…

  26. Carolina says

    Amanhecer :tristesa fim da saga!isso é horivel !Contra o Fim da Saga!
    AmO o Taylor!Perfect.

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