Jackson Rathbone on KTLA and Coming Up Today on MTV

video via TwiBritneyFan

TY to Jamie who wrote in to remind us:

“100 Monkeys will be on MTV on Thursday on The Seven at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central(see preview video below). They came and interviewed the band while filming the music video for, “The Fair.” They will also be premiering “The Fair” on their show when the music video is ready so (yes the rumors are true!)

Be sure to catch Jackson on The 10 on Top on Saturday Dec 4th at 11:30am Eastern/10:30am Central, also on MTV for an exclusive interview where he also talks about the band and some of his other up and coming projects!
ALSO keep a look out on MTV.com for some behind the scenes in Baton Rouge footage, and MTV.com will be premiering the music video “Kolpix” later on this week!”

Check out the band here


  1. UM, they were actually already on MTV The Seven…yesterday (Wednesday)Ir is however, re-airing this morning.

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