More Photos From Brazil: Waterfall Area and Swimming in Front of Isle Esme Location

Again under the cut for those of you looking to avoid spoilers.


A couple of days ago Rob and Kristen shot at a location with a waterfall. Today there are shots of that as well as a second day in front of the Isle Esme location.

Kristen is clearly wearing two different swim suits and Robert looks like he’s wearing swim trunks in one and…well…his Calvins in another. Maybe they are meshing the two scenes together and you don’t see much of the suits in the Isle Esme section because they are in the water?

More photos at TwiBlog Brasil


  1. Brittany Clark says

    These photos and this info makes the long wait SO much easier.

  2. I notice that this is he second time that they filmed in two different outfits (playing chess on the beach as well). I wonder if they are doing this to keep lurkers on their toes, or if they will mix them up in a montage of “Edward keeping Bella busy clips” or if Bill is just keeping his options open…

  3. In both shoots, if you look closely, it looks like their doubles in the second set of clothes/bathing suits, not them wearing two sets of clothing.

  4. This is just so exciting, seeing these photos and hearing this information about Breaking Dawn makes me go back to the first book. Little did Bella know this would happen….. its just too exciting.

  5. You can see tan lines from Rob’s shirts at his arms and neck. LOL! MAKEUP!

  6. i dont see any bruises on bella, she must heal fast

    • I’m guessing they will CGI them in. It’d be hard to keep them looking exactly the same through days of filming, and swimming/bathing.

      • Really? I was thinking she looks bruised in the pics w/ the white bikini.

        • It’s hard to tell if is shadows or bruises. There is definetly a spot on her rib cage that looks to be a bruise. I wonder when we will start seeing photos of when they leave Isle Esme and how pregnant she will look?

  7. damn kristen, could you be any skinnier?? if i dind’t like you so much, i would hate you!

  8. Wow. They both look amazing. Rob looks HOT in those underwear looking swim trunks. My mouth dropped open.

  9. On 1 pic robs totally staring at kristens breasts and on another it looks like his hand is on her ass!! bedward or robsten?

  10. Nicccce!!!

  11. If you look at the photos that Rob is using his Calvins he’s not wearing makeup so probably they are only having fun!!!

  12. Oh LA LA!! Looks like they aren’t leaving any details out so far!

  13. misscullen101 says

    i think they look super cute togeather i cant wait for breaking dawn to come out !! and robert looks very hott <3

  14. These pics were taken when they were done filming, Rob has a cig in one hand & they are both having fun. Pics taken by english paper news of the world, great pics of them relaxing, not filming!

  15. Take a look people: Bella is wearing her WEDDING RING, not the engagement ring! FINALLY! Now if only we could see Edward’s!

  16. Kristen is hot…

  17. I am guessing here, but I think it’s pretty plain that the pictures with Kristin in the bikini with the pretty bow on the bodice, is filming. And, the other is just the kids having fun between shooting. Nice smiles =)

    • I agree, I was thinking the same thing. Funny thing is, the one with the bow looks better on her! I think it is more flattering…not that she needs it!

  18. Twilight Nymph says

    Oh my, what can I say? That pic of Rob just made me forget about the fact that my leg is throbbing in pain. LOL Can’t wait to see more. LOL

  19. Twilight dreamer says

    Wow, Rob. I also love that how Kristin looks so pretty! I cannot wait! Looks like the honeymoon scenes will be worth our wait! ;D

  20. If you look closely it looks like Kristen has bruises all over her torso and on her left arm? Am I seeing things – or does anyone else see this?

    • Oh my gosh yes, it does look like there are bruises on her body.

      I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to be released! I’m so glad we have Lexicon getting all the news to makes the wait a little easier to handle!

  21. TwilightRocks!!!! says

    Ok I gotta say I have always thought white bathing suits were tacky once wet. Sure Kristen looks great while she is dry but white + water = tacky in my opinion. Im happy that we are getting to see so much coverage of the set locations and such since it is supposed to be so secret… Im super impressed!

  22. Nicole Wood says

    I don’t think Rob in his underwear and Kristen in the wet white bathing suit (the one without the bow) are part of the movie at all. Kristen is much too disheveled, but sexy nonetheless 😀
    Such pretty, pretty people!

  23. ok..i just have to comment that it’s not that white is exactly tacky for this just doesnt leave much to the imagination. in the pics of kristen wet it appears that her bottom part of her bikini is see through. what do you all think?

    otherwise.. all these pics from the filming of bd makes it feel like an early christmas for all us twilight fans. btw, icrodriguez commented a couple of days ago that they havent seen a pic with rob wearing a ring..well i’ve got one.


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