Zac Posen Gives Non-Answer Regarding the Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

Earlier this week, Entertainment Tonight posted information suggesting that Zac Posen would be designing the wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn.  In August 2009, Zac was among a group of designers InStyle selected at random to draw up a version of Bella’s wedding dress(we don’t think any of the designers consulted the books when coming up with their sketches).

Well Hollywood Life caught up with Zac and asked him about the dress, and this is what he said:

“I can’t. I don’t speak about any of my projects and the reality of her(sic) non reality.” Well, he may not have said he’s definitely designing the dress, but he did say he doesn’t speak about any of his projects. Before walking away, he added in, “You know I do love a wedding.”

via TwiMoms

Stephenie Meyer described the dress to a Lexicon fan back when Eclipse had just come out. That fan was making a website based on Bella’s wedding dress. Her pictures from the site indicating the style are seen below.

When she closed the site, she graciously agreed to let us host the material that she had been given. This is how Stephenie described it, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”


  1. I love that it is a style paying homage to the era Edward is from… but I cannot picture Kristen or Bella in such a thing. Ugh. I hope since Melissa has said that splitting the book into two films gives time for extra things that the wedding and reception scenes are longer.

  2. I looked up Zac Posen’s submission for the inStyle piece on the Wedding dress.

    I was not happy.

  3. Nothing is definite yet on the wedding gown and that’s one of the major things being kept under lock and key at the moment. We probably won’t get a glimpse of the wedding gown until towards the end of production,because they know that’s the most anticipated costume Bella wears in BD. I’m sure whatever gown they have picked out for Kristen it will match her tiny frame and be just as beautiful.

  4. I have posted this link in a previous wedding gowns before; look at the left side column, and then you can see the history per decade. Have fun!

  5. I know Stephanie has her own vision on the wedding gown but…ugh. I like that Bella would want something that pays homage to Edward’s era, but she’s young and every bit a modern woman. She really should have a wedding dress that suits that as well. Covering her up in long sleeves and lace? Yuck!

    Why can’t Bella have a dress that honours Edward’s origins but is adapted to her modern spirit as well? Either short sleeves or thinner sleeves, a dramatic drape in the back…and no or very little lace, please!

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