The Twilight Trio Makes Moviefone’s Hottest Under 25 List

Moviefone’s annual hottest under 25 list just came out and Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson all made the cut.

“They’re young, they’re talented, they’re incredibly wealthy … and they aren’t old enough to rent a car at the regular rate.

Welcome to Moviefone’s annual 25 Under 25 list, naming the hottest, most successful, most promising young stars in Hollywood today.

From the ‘Harry Potter’ trio to the ‘Twilight’ kids, from the youngest (11) to the oldest (24), this list is full of established and upcoming talent. Some of our picks, despite their youth, are veterans with several movies under their belts (Shia LaBeouf, Kristen Stewart), while others are just starting out (Jaden Smith, Hailee Steinfeld). We even have three Emmas — take note, prospective parents.”

Check out the full write up on Moviefone.


  1. Wow they sure have changed!

  2. perlasgirl says:

    Except that’s not Kristen Stewart.

  3. How does Vanessa Hudgins make the list but not Dakota Fanning…did I miss something?

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