MTV: Kristen Stewart on the Bella’s Wedding Dress Process

See our slideshow below on what Stephenie Meyer said Bella’s dress looked like when fans first asked her about it almost three years ago. The photos went along with this quote on the old Lexicon forums, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”

One of our Lexicon members (Love2Dream) had a Bella’s Wedding Dress website and she graciously allowed us to use the above information when the website folded.

So do you favor a book version wedding dress or a totally new take?


  1. Charlotte says:

    As much as I like the idea of sticking to the book version I actually think the most important factor will be Kristen because if the dress doesn’t look perfecct on her then no-one is going to believe it so they will prob have to style it around her body taste,coulouring etc.

  2. They better stick with the dress from the book otherwise fans will rip the movie screens down…LOL Kristen will look amazing in anything, but I think she has a really good look for something from the early 1900’s anyway.

  3. I’m sure they’ll work something out that takes into account both Kristen’s body type, coloring, etc, and the early 1900s look that is so important. I’m sure she’ll look beautiful


  5. vampbball says:

    Totally new, although I know that’s terrible. I just don’t care for that style at all.

  6. I say make it a compromise. I like the idea of the old fashioned style, but maybe shorten the sleeves a bit and add a few modern touches. You can have it old fashioned style and still accomplish the look with a modern dress.

  7. well in the book alice says it’s from some up and coming designer so i always imagined it as a modern take on the early 1900s style, which i think is what will work best for the movie anyway

  8. Honestly, the fact that it’s up to Stephenie scares me because i’m just not a fan of the book version – looking at those pictures. I don’t mind old fashion, but with a modern twist.

  9. Twilibrarian says:

    I agree with Claire. Modern take on an old-fashioned gown. Elegant, but with a little of Alice’s whimsy to satisfy both Bella and Edward. The last time I remember this much press on a wedding gown was in 1981, when Diana Spencer married Prince Charles.

  10. Book version. A clean lined art nouveau style like she described would be great.

    • But Kristen is much more edgier than the Bella described in the book, or at least I think so. They have to go with what style looks good on her.

  11. i dont think kristen would look good in this dress while i was reading the book i imagined it a little more modern and more elegant i especially hate the sleeves

  12. Twilight dreamers says:

    i like the one on the dummy thats facing the photo, its gorgeous! 🙂

  13. Oh god. I’m sorry but the ones shown above remind me of Sandra Bullock trying on wedding dresses in the Proposal.

    I would really like them to pretty much forget the book version and go with what looks great on kristen. But still make it classical to satisfy the fans.

    Anyone else’s cinema audience groan when edward proposed and reveals the engagement ring? Sure it stuck to the book but I would prefer not to have a repeat of that.

  14. I hope to God that they wont stick to the book. I mean Stephenie is not known for her fashion sense, at all. I mean common, that dress would look horrible on Kristen. But I am scared that they will pull a similar error as with the engagement ring (another Stephenie horror).

  15. Check out 1956 Grace Kelly’s Wedding gown:

    This website is very useful when this topic came up here. I cringe at the pics; this is the one I really approve of!

  16. Those pics are NOTHING like I pictured when reading the description in the book. I pictured something classic with a modern twist since it’s an up and coming designer…and Alice wouldn’t let Bella dress in a boring frock like that, it had a more sexy description, and I swear lace was mentioned?

  17. I definitely think that it should be a combination of the book description with a little bit of a modern twist. I think that the long sleeve aspect can be adhered to by making the sleeves lace. You can take a really elegant strapless dress and add lace sleeves and I think it accomplishes both looks. Here’s an example:

  18. I like the vintage idea, but it has to be a style that translates well to modern day. Some, but not all, of the dresses from that era are still quite lovely. My top pics are:

  19. Definitely stick to the book! I think it should match the book to every setail. If it doesn’t it will ruin the whole feeling and theme of the wedding. The dress is supposed to be designed to match the time Edward grew up.


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