100 Monkeys Does GoDaddy Commercial

Lexicon reader, Jamie, wrote in to tell us about this one:

“Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, starred in a promotion for “Go Daddy”. They’re dressed in silly costumes, and talking with fake Russian accents and pretending to be a band called “The Mustaches”. It’s so hilarious! Plus people can vote for their favorite video so by sending this out to Twi-fans you can help out the band 🙂

Here’s the link:


there are several videos and only the top one plays first so be sure to tell folks to watch “The Mustaches” (you can click on it on the right).


  1. This is totally the laugh I needed this morning! Thanks for posting!

    “Now, we have dog!”

  2. This is just hilarious! Thanks for posting!!

  3. AH!!!! I love him!!!! Fave Twilight Actor!!! Plays my FAVE Twilight character!!! (I’m on Team Jasper!)

  4. But, but they are The Mustaches. 🙂 The Mustaches actually did perform on stage right before Jake from The Kissing Club at a venue in LA (can’t recall which show though). And for some reason they did covers of 100 Monkeys songs. lol
    I do hope that the submission of the GoDaddy commercial helps the career of The Mustaches. Please go watch, you will want to vote for them.

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