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Twilight Series theories

Twilight Series Theories
has posted their latest from the Stephenie Meyer Fansite Interview.

This week they have:

Twilght Series Theories:“We talked in this segment about how the series was going to only be three books! It would have ended with Eclipse, and Stephenie even has an alternate ending! There was also some talk about ‘Book-Characters’ vs. ‘Movie-Characters’, and all the spoilers that come with movie previews! We hope you enjoy this weeks audio, and if you prefer you can read the transcript below… THANKS TO STEFANIE!”

The audio can be heard here as well as at TST:

Read the transcript at TST: breaking-dawn, motorcycles, alternate-endings and spoilers


  1. I love this interview with with Stephanie Meyer. Talking of Edward “The one thing Edward wanted most in the world – he destroyed her.” (love that quote talking about him in New Moon) And how she loves that Edward can change. How it is hard for people to see the hot boy become the responsible dad. Unless you have dated the hot boy and watch him become the father of your children. That is not a YA emotion. (LOVE this)

    Only issue was there were so many speaking at once, it was hard to hear or understand the interview. That was a turn-off.

    • Denise…I’m with you on this! I didn’t really understand why there was so much backlash with BD, and after hearing SM’s comments I can see it now. BD was my favorite, because it was so satisfying to have the experience with them of marriage, becoming a family, growing and developing into true “partners.” Now I see that this might be hard for younger readers to appreciate! For me, mother of two small children, married to my high-school sweetheart, the story was absolutely beautiful, because there is nothing sexier or more desirable to me than seeing your husband become a doting father to your children! As a teenager, not so sure I would have had the same reaction 🙂 anyways, I was glad to understand, and I am SO glad that she went down that path regardless and didn’t stay within the confines of YA. I wish she would continue the saga…in the same mature fashion!
      I love getting to hear her thoughts…I wish I could just pick her brain for weeks to know all the hidden aspects of our beloved twi-world. There is so much more in there! Hoping, hoping HOPING for more one day…preferably all 4 from Edward’s POV. 🙂

      • I agree with both of you!! Yeah books 4m Edward’s POV would be GREAT!!!

      • Nice to hear things from Stephani!! I love BD and love the way it ended!! Not only cuz Edward and Bella got to where they meant to be but also for having things explained of what really had been going on with Bella and Jacob! Cuz just as much as it drove Bella insane it made me insane too!! It was a great book though sometimes i felt it was a little rushed at some points! but overall it was the story I wanted to happen! Thankx Stephani for creating such a beautiful story!! I will always remember this beautiful love story for the rest of my life!!

  2. MeyerVampire says

    Denise, the transcript is posted at “twilight series”. you can print and read. its really good.

  3. It felt so good to hear from Stephenie after such a long time. Yeah I’m part of the younger generation, and it was pretty hard for me to accept it all. The first part had been quite a shock to me because I had never ever dreamed that Bella would get pregnant! Book two made me feel so much better. I’m so glad Stephenie put Jacob’s POV in it. I was able to relax. But I was getting SO mad at Bella because she was hurting Edward and Jake and everyone else by carrying the child. I was really pissed and I was afraid it might turn out bad. I was absolutely relieved after beginning the third book because if Bella had died, Edward wouldn’t have stayed alive either. And I really love my little Nessie. 🙂 It was so convenient that Jacob imprint on her! That had been another huge shock, but I was really happy. 😀

  4. MeyerVampire says

    Denise, check out “twilight series” for a transcript of the audio. It’s very helpful.

  5. I was way too distracted with the side talking.

  6. Whoa.This latest interview was delicious.I love to hear her thoughts. I am fervently hoping, praying even, that some day she decides to write all four books from Edward’s pov as well share with us the alternate endin- Forever Dawn. I would be delighted to read anything about my Twilight characters.

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