E!: The Finalish Word on Eclipse

E! takes a look at the money Eclipse is earning in a summer where most intended blockbusters have positively fizzled.

A lot has been made that Eclipse isn’t living up to expectations. Unfortunately the numbers disagree. Initially, statistically New Moon made more; however New Moon experienced significant box office drop offs that Eclipse hasn’t. For example the first week that Eclipse made less than 1 million dollars on a given day was this past week. New Moon on the other hand, 30 days into its release, had multiple days with less than a million dollar take.

According to E!:

“With a $290.2 million domestic take, as of Wednesday, Eclipse is the third-biggest grosser of the summer, and the fourth biggest of the year. Worldwide, it’s at about $650 million, which makes it the year’s biggest 2-D movie so far, and third biggest overall, behind the 3-D-assisted Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3.

In short, Eclipse was, as expected, big.

“When you consider that the film cost under $70 million, it will probably, along with Toy Story 3, end up as one of the most profitable films of the year,” Exhibitor Relations’ box office analyst Jeff Bock said in an email.”

The only place where Eclipse is not coming in as big as New Moon is in the foreign box office. That seems to be accounted for by fluctuating exchange rates. If you’ve traveled overseas lately you know what that is like.

“Summit exec Richie Fay said Friday he expects Eclipse to keep the edge domestically. Worldwide, he was less sure, saying foreign-exchange rates may cut into Eclipse‘s bottom line, although the film’s overseas attendance has been virtually even with that of New Moon‘s.

“We’re not really looking at franchise fatigue,” Fay said. “I think our audience has remained relatively loyal. It might have [even] expanded a little bit.”

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Eclipse reached the 290 million mark domestically this week.  New Moon ended its box office run with 296 million.  We’re going to predict that by next weekend Eclipse will reach the same box office draw as as did New Moon.  Additionally, we are going to go out on a limb and state that we think Eclipse will reach the elusive 300 million mark, something that few films reach. If it does so, it will mark the first time since Titanic that a primarily women’s draw feature will have reached this mark.


  1. I compared the box office of New Moon by daily intake a couple of weeks ago and Eclipse has been ahead of New Moon for a while. I also compared it to the Half Blood Prince’s take, although they had their movie shown in more theaters at this time, Eclipse is definitely on the $300 million clip.

    If Eclipse stays at the theaters to at least late Oct./November, it will definitely be over $300 mill. All signs are showing a steady box office and it just may do it by the end of August.

    This would be absolutely huge for a female driven franchise with a 2-D movie which has broken all kinds of box office records not to mention even IMAX records.

    We should be proud and stand tall against all critics and fanboy haters. Twilight is making history.

    • In truth folks, the only thing that it is “proving” is that when it comes to the “Twilight Saga” that Summit could put a jar of mayo with Edward’s face on it, and they would still make money. I enjoyed the books, and I’ve enjoyed the actors (as people) in the franchise, but the movies have been a real hit or miss for me. There is just so much bad dialogue, plodding pacing, inevitable glares, one any normal human being can take in one setting. I’m not saying that the movies were terrible, as there are a lot worse films out there *cough* Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen *cough*… It doesn’t speak well to me and especially to those who hate the franchise simply because they can, when a Twi-hard will state that Twilight, New Moon, and even Eclipse, were horrible but still went to see it five times just to prove a point.

      Here’s the rub folks, long before Twilight… there was a film called Titanic. In many ways, other than the budget, the film was very simplistic, cliched, with card board cutter characters. I hated it. HOWEVER, billions of tween girls fell in love with the magic and the movie made over a billion dollars.

      Hollywood has known about the power of tween girls for years. Twilight hasn’t shown them anything new. The problem though, comes in the form of guessing what will actuall sell to them vs. what fails epically.

      Michael Bay’s epic fail, “Pearl Harbor” is proof of this. He tried to capture the same audiance, but failed miserably… It also didn’t help that the movie, itself was really bad. It was an R-rated movie by birth, but curtailed to excite the tweens, and as I already stated, its lack of box office presence proves my point.

      The reason Hollywood has traditionally stuck with 18 to 35-year old male driven films, is because traditionally speaking they are a safer bet. Most guys will go see an action film, regardless of how horrid it is… aka Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen of which grossed over $700 million dollars. While there are a LOT of women who went to see this, just like there was with “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (of which I thought was terrible as well), these shows are still considered male driven.

      So in reality, the Twilight Saga isn’t proving anything that hasn’t already been known, and once the Twilight Saga has run its course, Hollywood will once again try and find that magic story that will lure tweens out of their hiding and expand their pocket books.

      • Stop saying “tweens” dude. You should see how many older ladies are in theaters now watching these movies. Saw it again just a few hours ago and there was a great variety of people in there.

  2. They don’t even run Eclipse in our local theater anymore. I only got out to see it three times, but I would’ve went more if I had more time and money! 🙂 My favorite movie of the three so far…BY FAR!!! So I listen to the awesome soundtrack and picture the scenes in my head instead! (until the DVD releases at least) 🙂

    • I’m pissed out about this too!!! I wanted to watch Eclipse again, but when I went to the theater, it wasn’t there anymore…. I’m really annoyed at this. They had done the same thing with New Moon. 🙁

  3. I went to see Eclipse yesterday with my sister and it was in a smaller theater but we were surprised to see how packed it was, especially at the first showing of the day. They are starting to phase it out of our local theaters though. Hopefully the DVD/Blu-Ray will be out soon!

  4. This may be an odd question, but How does the money translate to number of tickets sold? That to me would make the most sense for comparision. The number of tickets sold is a basic number and the same no matter how much the ticket costs. Ticket prices can change from year to year and in different places. Do they estimate/average the ticket price and figure out the number of tickets sold? or do they count the number sold at all? I’ll be out this week supporting Eclipse at least one more time.

  5. It’s still playing in two of the multiplex theaters in my town. I think part of the draw here,is that it’s a brand new theater. The people in the immediate area don’t have to travel far to another theater to see the movies. This one did reach out beyond the fan base and I was glad to see more guys at Eclipse,who weren’t dragged their by force from their girlfriend or wife. For a film that the critics have beens saying didn’t do as well as New Moon,it’s lasted longer at the box office than the second film. We as Twilight fans should be very proud indeed.

  6. It is only showing in one time slot now in my town,later at night. I at least got to see it 5 times. But still that sucks that it is already being fazed out. New Moon ran much longer!

  7. speaking as an australian, where it is winter, i think the reason that international sales have been down is because it wasn’t released at christmas, where almost everyone has time off, and so can go see the movie again and again, just on a whim, but in our winter, everyone is at school and work, so the causual audience won’t watch it, and the fans won’t watch it as much as they would orginally, plus its colder, and the days are shorter, and so you are rarely in the mood to see movies, my guess for the northern hemisphere is that a lot of people go away in the summer so it takes more to get them to watch a movie, if they see it at all

  8. I think the boycott has really affected it the most I mean 24k-plus people times the avg. ticket cost of 10 dollar is what 2.4 million multiple that by the reported average of a Twilight fan seeing it 3.5 time and that’s 8.4 million on average a huge chance it would have been more like 16.8 or more. But Summit did it to themselves. Nepotism needs to stop. 52K PLUS WERE ON THE LIST FOR THE FIRST TEN DAYS BOYCOTT MYSELF INCLUDED. I have only seen Eclipse once in theatres, NM I saw 4/5 times and Twilight 10 times in theatres. Most are fans…all had seen the films before whether in theatres or DVD. 14 to 18K people out of that 24k plus plan ONLY to rent the DVD not buy myself again included. Summit should have kept Rachelle and not gotten the itch. Sad HUGE LOSS $$$$$. Hit it where it hurts the most. $$$.

  9. I wanted to go see it at least one more time, but sadly it’s no longer playing in my local theatre.

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