Stephenie talks ‘Bree Tanner’ at the Fansite Interview

Twilight Series Theories has posted audio from the fansite interview with Stephenie Meyer.

This week we are very excited to bring you another chunk from our interview with Stephenie Meyer! We are bringing you some juicy details about The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, and how it ties to The Twilight Saga. So enjoy!

You can listen to the interview at TST’s Friday Fan Junket Clip


  1. I wish there was a transcript. I read these things on my iPhone when I’m on break at work, and the iPhone won’t play the audio clips. Grrrrr! Plus, everytime I have listened to the audio it’s been difficult to understand.

  2. Ya, I know what you mean. My iPod touch won’t play it either.

  3. I prefer reading as well. Plus it would really be nice to have all these bits and pieces collected in in order and in one place – like Stephenie’s web site since it is an interview with her. It is getting all chopped up and hard to follow. I understand it takes time to transcribe four (4) hours of conversation between so many people. Thanks to Twilightlexicon for at least posting links to all the different pieces, but still having to wade through a weeks worth of postings and then links to this site and that site….getting to point of just waiting until all done and read the whole thing. How much longer is this weekly portion going to last?

    • I agree with you. It makes me not even really interested in it anymore. What is the point of releasing this information in parts? Is it the suspense or.. I don’t know I’m confused.

    • Agreed…

      • I suppose the idea was to keep people coming back to the fan sites but it’s been a long time. I thought they might carry it on for a week or two, but that the idea for the interview itself was to help create insight and excitement on the new film. Eclipse has already left the theaters in my area. I’m disappointed in the questions and that they aren’t very deep, I guess. They sound all really excited in the audio I’ve heard, and everyone is talking over everyone else in their excitement, so I am glad they had a good time — something we didn’t get to share in really. It just seems a little anti-climactic now, which is surprising, and a little disappointing. 🙁

        • Yes it can be bummer to have to keep waiting like this. The movie has been out for a month now and all the hype and excitement of the movie has died down so i don’t get why they are making us wait so long. The questions are not that interesting either. I hope SM do something different for BD because this was not such a good idea if you ask me. Gosh Eclipse is gone from the theater in your area already. That is not good.

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  5. Does anyone know when Eclipse DVD is out??

    • There’s nothing official yet, but the first two movies were both released on DVD exactly 4 months after the theatrical release. If this trend keeps, then it should be released October 30th.


    Team Jacob Or Team Edward? vote there 🙂

  7. I agree. These questions could have been deeper and the release shouldn’t take this long. The one question I’d love to hear Stephenie answer is what happened on Edwards hunting trip with the boys when Bella escapes Alice to be with Jacob. I always envision Carlisle giving Edward advice on jealousy and relationships.

  8. I’m disappointed with the fan junket too. I had LOADS of questions for her and very few of them got covered! I wish it would have all been posted on SM’s website- that would be much better than waiting like this.It doesn’t excite me much now.

  9. You know what else I find odd? Elysa and Matt from Twilight Source were at this interview. They are my other favorite Twilight fansite and usually ask good questions. Why have we heard next to nothing about this interview from them? Where are their reports?