Singapore Idol Serenades Kristen Stewart

Twilight Singapore told us about this a few weeks ago, now the videos have hit YouTube. The winner of Singapore’s version of American Idol, Sezairi, interviewed the Eclipse cast at the LA Press junket for Singapore TV. Part of his plan was to sing for them. Keep in mind they literally see hundreds of outlets on press junket day, each one of five minutes and they get pretty slap happy and mentally fried. This is how it went:

You want the .29 mark on this video


  1. That was really cute. I loved Kristen’s reaction. That took a lot of guts for that guy to sing like that. Nice job!


    Love Kristen’s response…she’s such a sport! 😀

  3. So funny! i love kristen’s reaction. its so cute

  4. switzy4ever14 says:

    That was so funny and cute! You could tell she was like, embarassed, but that she liked it as well.

    “Ever since I saw you in the first Twilight I knew I had to take an eighteen hour flight just to see you for five minutes…”

  5. awww! tht was so sweet! love the song he sang to kristen! and i laughed so hard when he was like “hope he (Edward) doesn’t see this” lol

  6. well good, wot a lucky young lad, he,s sooooo sweet x

  7. That was so odd. Kristen is way to good of a sport!

  8. PamelaC says:

    That was super ass cool! That guys has a great voice & that ukulele sounded sweet! The words to the songs were awesome too. I think that if anything, it gave Kristen a pick-me-up to continue on with the other 50 interviews she had to give that day & will be something she won’t soon forget:)

  9. Hahahaha! I love Edward’s “reaction”… “You should leave.” 😛

  10. WOW…Sezairi has a great voice! Does he have any alubms out? I wasn’t aware of him as the ‘Singapore’ idol before this. And his personality is great, very funny and personable. I think these were some of my favorite interviews with the cast! The editing job was very well done too, lots of humor interjected throughout! 🙂 Thanks for posting these! We watched them a few times, and laughed every time!

  11. Ha ha. Those were awesome. I loved the songs for Edward/Rob & Bella/Kristen. Kudos to him for having the guts to sing it to Kristens face!!


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