June 30-July 3 Eclipse Box Office Tally Is 161 Million

According to Gossip Cop:

“The latest numbers are in, and Eclipse will rake in an estimated $89 million for the holiday weekend.

So far the film has made $161 million in North America and is expected to earn $181 million by the end of the holiday weekend.

Internationally, since opening in June 30, Eclipse has grossed an estimated $100.2 million from 42 territories.”

You can see the full evolution of the numbers here.

How does Eclipse rank overall this year? Box Office Mojo has the chart. It hasn’t been updated since Friday, but assuming the estimates are correct, than Eclipse should easily move ahead of Clash of the Titans and be in fifth place when solid numbers are release Monday afternoon.

New Moon capped out it’s nearly 6-month box office run at approximately 296 million the question is, “Can Eclipse pull off the same or exceed that total?” Many franchise movies put out stunning numbers, but they don’t always top themselves film to film. For example the Harry Potter films have always done well but the two most highest grossing film remains the first one.


  1. Twilight9009 says:

    Eclipse may not be doing the numbers people wanted, but considering how this summer has been going, Summit should be very happy with those numbers. Movies are not doing so well this summer. Look at Knight and Day and Sex and the City 2. Those movies are not performing well at the b.o. I think Eclipse would be doing much better if it was released on Friday instead of Wednesday.

  2. I have to admit, I didn’t see it this weekend (and it is killing me, but I hate the crowds and decided to wait until next weekend and then….I intend to see it several times before it leaves. I believe it will surpass New Moon. Everyone I know has seen it several times already, and they didn’t New Moon. I literally am so ready to see it, but last time people were ‘fighting’ over seats and I really like to choose where I will sit, not settle for where I can squeeze in, and maybe not even be able to sit with who I came with….

    • shavei7 says:

      LOL @ fighting over seats. I didn’t watch Eclipse during midnight screening (I did on NM)..not sure why I didn’t. I was disappointed with NM although I saw it 3x (saw Twilight 8x). I LOVE Eclipse but have only seen it once so far. I’ve been thinking of watching it this weekend but decided to wait next week. I will most likely be watching it at least 3x. I hope it will surpass NM. That should shut up some haters 🙂

      • Arcadia says:

        I finally saw it yesterday at an IMAX (Lowes) theater. Including myself, there were only 10 people in this giant venue meant for hundreds. ECLIPSE was playing every hour on the hour. When I left the theater there were about 20 people waiting for the next screening. Just the facts — the sad depressing facts 🙁

        • No way..how sad, I called all over looking for an Imax and none around here or Tn. were playing it, the closest was Birmingham, Al. and its 3 1/2 hrs away…I recall some folks during NM going out to get their drinks and popcorn and leaving their seats with their stuff in them and some folks just chucking the stuff out and sitting down, they had to get the mgr, who did kick the squatters out, but was horrible.

        • As much as IMAX costs, I can see this. Most people who are seeing this more than once will probably not see it in IMAX more than once.

    • I wouldn’t hesitate to go now. I think because it opened on a Wednesday, this weekends numbers are better. We went to the second showing on Saturday. There were only about 20 people in the theater. Compared to a full theater for the first showing. Not sure how you can wait that long. I had a hard time waiting from Wednesday until Saturday.

  3. I agree. I think it will pass New Moon and being released over the fourth of July holiday helped. I’ve already seen it four times and will hopefully get to see it a few more times before it goes to my local dollar theater.

  4. purlgurl says:

    It’ll be funny if it pulls a Harry Potter – “Prisoner of Azkaban” is widely considered to be the best of the first three movies in the HP series, but it had the lowest box office – “Eclipse” seems to be viewed by many/most critics as the best film of the first three Twilight movies…

  5. Jean Brown says:

    It is dropping everyday. It only earn 16 million on Sat. That number will keep dropping so by next weekend it may not even be in the top ten. Theaters are not even full and i even hear that some people are walking out after 20 mins. I know Summit was not expecting this.I bet they were expecting at least a 30 million dollar take by Sat. I really dont know what the problem is anymore. Is it the screenplay, the acting, the director or what. I think they should not have open this movie in the summer time or at least waited to open on a Friday. But i will tell you this. A shirtless teenage boy with great ABS will not make the movie a success. Catering to the teenybooper may have been a mistake on MR and Summit part

    • I think your experience is not the norm. My typically empty theater has been to capacity for nearly every showing. I have seen it three times already and was even forced to sit in the front row yesterday (which I hate). I think the final numbers will surpass New Moon by a great deal. It is a holiday weekend, and I have read from many sites that people are waiting to miss the crowds. I find it funny that no other movie that is #1 for two weeks in a row (after being out for 5 days) is being dragged through coals like this. I mean, it has already made $161mil, and only cost $68 in production. We should all wish to fail so thoroughly.

    • I’m not sure they were expecting this; I’m not even sure they care. I love the story, but I’ve always thought that only the first movie captured the spirit and feelings in the books. While I have gone to see these last two and supported them, I really feel both could have been much much better. In fact, I really got into the story and everything else because of Hardwicke’s first movie. IMO – and I know no one really cares what I thinkbut here goes – I feel the last two movies have been rushed and “kiddified” for maximum profitability. Because of this drive to profit from those of us who really care about the story and the characters, Summit and any other powers that be believe they can throw any old “stuff” at the wall and it will stick. I am here to tell them that it won’t “stick.” The final two movies in this series need to be much, much better or they will be very disappointed with the results come opening weekend. Summit, please make an effort to clarify plot points, strengthen and lengthen scenes that need better build up and tension, etc, even if this lengthens the movie, and make it darker, even it means a different rating. Give the story the chance it deserves. If the movie is good, folks of all ages will come. How about you try this for a change/

    • It wasn’t MR or Summit putting Taylor in there without a shirt. It goes with the book. I think the movie will do fine, it is a holiday weekend. Even if it doesn’t beat out New Moon… it is still going to be a success. It won’t change Summit’s decision about making BD 2 movies. They are still making oodles of money folks.

    • People are leaving after 20 mins? How many people? I don’t by it!! Your experiences are definitely in the minority. The numbers keep rising, it will pass NM. Collider just said that it “earned $262 million in 5 days.” And I’ve seen you commenting and complaining about this on other threads. If you didn’t like the movie, fine, but why bash it to the whole world?

  6. mek mek says:

    i saw the movie the day it came out and like many other i will c it again (monday) where i live the theaters have been packed for every showing so we doing our part as fans down in HOUSTON! however i didnt go back this wknd for the simple fact, i didnt want to be in a crowded theater again so i understand people waitin till the frenzy is over.

  7. I am going to see it again hopefully next Saturday. It was one of the best Twilight movies so far.

  8. I went to see it 3 times and all 3 times the theater was filled up!

  9. Arcadia says:

    Friday Report: ‘Eclipse’ Doesn’t Jump But Easily Leads

    “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse handily topped the box office again on Friday, pulling in an estimated $28.6 million, which was more than The Last Airbender and Toy Story 3 combined.

    In three days, Eclipse’s total climbed to a stellar $121.3 million. By comparison, The Twilight Saga: New Moon had grossed $142.8 million at its three-day point, while the first Twilight had $69.6 million, though both pictures opened on a Friday.

    Up only 18 percent from Thursday, Eclipse is unlikely to top Spider-Man 2’s Independence Day opening weekend record of $88.2 million. Spider-Man 2, which also had a Wednesday, June 30, launch back in 2004, made $32.5 million on its first Friday, up 36 percent from Thursday. Though its $96.7 million Wednesday-to-Friday gross was less than Eclipse’s, its attendance was higher.”


  10. Arcadia says:

    EARTH TO Summit Entertainment — it’s time to clean house. We need a fresh perspective, better screen writing skills, new make-up and wardrobe designers (Eclipse had a major wardrobe malfunction). Finally invest those millions of dollars and make a beautiful viewer friendly HD picture. The blue tones don’t work. Why did you do that??

  11. alwaysedward says:

    what are you talking about!!!!! some of the comments are unbelievable! the numbers on this movie are amazing, box office mojo said that it cannot ever be compared day by day to new moon but only by the end result because of the way the movie was released, but even yet, it is only three million off from new moon at this date. I have seen it three times, loved it all three times, and will probably see it again. Each time the theatre was full and each time people clapped during the proposal scene. NEVER will the movies match the books, they just can’t, but Eclipse is good. All the movies have been good, cuz each have captured the essence of the books. I really don’t understand the comments above-again the numbers are amazing!

    • Yes, yes, yes!! Well said!!!!! I’ve seen it three times as well and will be seeing it more.

    • Thanks alwaysedward! Great comments. I am so suprised by the amount of negativity towards Eclipse. In fact, I’m dumbstruck! I thought it was the best movie by far, and I applaud Summitt and DS for a great movie. No, it didn’t go directly by the book-it never will because the same person has written every single line of the screenplay. Even SM has always said she understands it is an interpretation and it won’t be exactly like the book.
      They managed in 2 hrs to get most of the major elements of the book into the movie. Yes, there were some things changed that I wasn’t real happy about, but looking at the overall product it was really good.
      As far as the numbers, let me say I’ve seen it 4 times already, and there was only once when the theatre wasn’t full. There was a line for every one, and the other three were 3/4 full to completely full. I don’t think they will have any trouble at all with this movie doing well.

  12. I think this is the best out of the three movies. It’s got everything, romance, humour and action – oh man oh man – tallking about clashing between the cold ones and the dogs – SMASHING

  13. I went to the midnight showing with my long time TwiHard friends and then 3 more times and will go as many more times as I can scrape up the price of a ticket. There is no movie that’s been released so far this summer or that is scheduled to be released that has that kind of appeal. I’m not worried about this movie making money at all. I have some serious problems with some things in the movie, I do not like the way Melissa Rosenburg changes scenes and dialogue that didn’t need to be changed. I understand that the movies will never be the books, but somethings are just unforgiveable. Having said that, I found Eclipse mesmerizing, especially Edward – I think they finally got the makeup and hair just right, IMO. I wish MR would stop trying to emasculate Edward though and stop trying to make this a statement for feminism. IMO

  14. As some of you may know, Water For Elephants is being made into a movie from the book and RPattz is starring in it. I found the script online and read it and it is amazing. I don’t think the fans of the book are going to be disappointed at the adaptation – RPattz is going to blow us away with his performance. Mark my words. LOL Does anyone know who the screenwriter for WFE is. That’s who we need for Breaking Dawn (I know it’s too late, MR is already working on it.)

  15. I’ve been 3 times now. It is my favorite so far. I LOVED it!! Theatres have been packed each time I went too.

  16. Twilight9009 says:

    The movie was great and numbers usually go down the longer a movie is released. I’ve heard only positive things about it, except for in these comments which is ironic since it’s a fansite. And of course from critics but they don’t matter. I think Eclipse will do fine at the box office. Maybe not New Moon numbers but it is already a success and will no doubt be one of the top films of 2010.

  17. No wonder with the digits.I watched Twilight eclipse last Tuesday.every seat on the theatre was filled.One week showing,i’m sure the digits has increase.


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