Kristen Stewart Interviewed by Terra TV

Terra is a mostly Spanish language station. Awhile back they aired their interviews with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Especially if you watched Kristen on the Lopez Tonight show on Wednesday, you’ll appreciate this one.


  1. kristen did awesome. and she was so cool about everything

  2. Mariana says:

    This lady is so animated and hilarious!

    • Spanish speakers just seem way more animated than english speakers. I wish I had a Spanish friend to practice my spanish with. I would love to learn it fluently.

  3. OMG! how the hell did kristen keep a straight face in this interview this woman is hilarious she reminds me of the woman in the film Total Recall LOL!

  4. Oh Lord! That was funny! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    I thought she did awesome!!! Loved the part about ‘bite the pillow!’ I cant wait!!

  6. Yo hablo español y me encantó la entrevista! LOL! Poor Kristen-I hope she doesn’t think we’re all that way. I don’t get why that woman is sooooooooooo exaggerated (sp?) those curls were killing me!

    Seriously, she’s like the aunt I’d hate to have around! Imagine that-with a can of beer. Woo hoo!! Borracha! It takes a nanosecond to get Kristen embarrassed-so I bet she will NEVER forget this one.

    The thing is, Latinos love “caliente”-so of course, if Taylor lands on that chair with her-poor guy! Taylor looks Latino too. He can blend in where I come from on the spot, which would be nice for him. Robert, OTOH I hope he doesn’t make it to Terra with her. My TwiMom instincts are kickin’ in right now so I dread the boys being interviewed on Terra with the “Total Recall” facsimile. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    The MTV guy that interviews them often is growing on me instead. Ask me anything Spanish related and I can translate/help. But no, I am not like that, I would not do that to her nor I would act as an extravagant cabaret owner.

  7. Dr4TeamCarlisle says:

    My favorite Eclipse interview by far! Hilarious!

  8. Hilarious!

  9. Haha! Thanks for sharing this one. The interviewer is crazy! Cudos to the person who shouted out “bite that pillow”, funny as!

  10. Very good interview!
    For a moment in the beginning I was like, Wow, Kristen knows Spanish! She had me going for a minute 🙂

  11. Jomarie says:

    lol love this interview, Kristen is amazing!!!

  12. This is totally my favorite Kristen interview to date!!! That was absolutely hilarious!!! Major props to whoever yelled “Bite that pillow!” at the convention.

  13. yahabah says:

    She finally found her niche, foreign television.

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