Terra Interviews Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson


Terra is a Spanish language (mostly) production company. It’s always interesting to see the non-USA-based questions.


  1. i just couldn’t watch these! she is too dramatic…and poor Robert! I feel bad for him and Taylor both!

  2. OMG lol.
    Se was trying too hard haha

  3. Holy crap! I couldn’t watch either. I am so embarrassed for them. She is way over the top!

  4. I love Maria Sallas. She was so fun.
    She looks so real compared to most interviewers.
    They all look redundantly the same.

  5. Kim and Katie: guys the interviewer was so much fun! Isn’t it a nice change to see someone who knows and gets the energy we as fans have and share!! I thought she was a hoot! I loved how Rob and Taylor reacted to her because she threw them off. Finally someone who gets the passion we have for the Saga! 🙂

    • Agree. But maybe is because is a latin country. We latins are very passionated about everything and have no qualms to show it to the world!

  6. I actually loved the interviewer. Was she over the top with enthusiasim? YES! But her questions were fantastic. They weren’t the same bland questions rewritten. They required some depth with the response. Very nicely done.

  7. Belle Tanner says:

    That was sooo cute seeing Taylor Lautner trying to speak spainish. He is sooo cute!

  8. Is there any way Twilight Lexicon can get the video so we can watch it or is it on YouTube??

  9. *Cringe*

  10. I speak spanish and i think Robert did great! but the lady is so annoying she is very loud!kinda felt sorry for him and it annoys me when they translate what they just said i would have prefered subtitles lol


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