Eclipse 92.8 Million Domestic in 48 Hours

Our friend Larry has the analysis to go with the numbers. He points out clearly what a lot of news sources are missing in his apples and oranges comparison!

“Early estimates as of Friday 12:00 noon show The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finished #1 again on Thursday, taking in another $24.2M from 4,416 locations. Adding in Wednesday’s numbers gives the film a cumulative total of $92.8M domestic…How does this compare with New Moon? That film took in $72.7M its opening day and dropped 41.8% to earn $42.3M the next. That gave it $115M after its first two days. But, again, that was a Friday-Saturday as opposed to a Wednesday-Thursday. Apples to oranges, as the saying goes… Once Friday numbers are released early Saturday morning, when the film will be in competition with the rest of the movie marketplace, we’ll be able to begin to judge the success of the film’s early days.”

See Larry’s full coverage here.


  1. Jean Brown says:

    This movie will not beat New Moon. The handwriting is on the wall. They were perdicting 180 million in box office receipts by Mon but ther is no way this movie is going to make 90 million in the next two to three days. Why you ask? Because people who have not read the books came out of the movies wondering why Bella chose Edward over Jacob. That is due to the horrible screenwriter. She made Edward a weak pansy. She change Bella so much that she comes off as being angry and totally uncaring towards Edward. Fans are upset and angry and it will be reflected in the box office receipts

    • Meemomoo says:

      I don’t completely know if that’s the case. It might just be me but I feel like the Twilight Fever is starting to wind down. It could be my imagination but everyone I have talked to feels the same (could be in the air in my part of the country too for all I know). Maybe twi-everything is oversaturating our senses because I feel a lot more numb when it comes to my Twilight universe (and yes, it makes me sad).

      • Twilight Fever winding down? I don’t think so, if that were the case the movie wouldn’t be making the money it is. People are seeing Eclipse multiple times. That’s not Twilight fever winding down. It’s stronger than ever!

        • Meemomoo says:

          I dunno… the movie is making a load of money because it’s Twilight but the electricity that is in the air for Eclipse is noticeably less vibrant this go around. In my experience, the midnight showing was awesome. Everyone laughed out loud, cheered at the end, same as for New Moon. The next day I saw it again and the crowd was significantly more mellow. Just saw it again yesterday and the crowd hardly laughed out loud AND the theater was only half full. Eclipse had WAY more funny parts than New Moon. For New Moon it took three weeks for the vibe to be mellow enough for me to feel like it was time to stop going to the theater already (not going to say how many time I saw it in those three weeks, just know that I kept going back for the experience of being in a room of people that were just as excited as I was. That feeling has already died out here).

    • Meemomoo says:

      Off subject… was anyone else peeved about Bells’a “I might choose to hyphenate” comment? My Bella loves Edward too much to ever disrespect him by not just taking his name…

      • purlgurl says:

        I hyphenated when I married my husband (been together for 10 years, married for almost 4). I’m offended that you would suggest that a person who chooses to hyphenate doesn’t love their spouse as much as someone who doesn’t.

        • Meemomoo says:

          I’m specifically referring to Bella and Edward. He’s old fashioned and she loves him more than anything, I just don’t see the idea of hyphenating ever crossing her mind (and in Breaking Dawn she takes his name, confirming my thought process). I’m not trying to disrespect you, if you ask me, as long as you and your husband are on the same page then all is well. I’m just saying that in my moderately conservative mind, the Bella I viewed when I read the books would never consider anything other than marrying Edward and taking his name. I feel like MR tried to alter my Bella to make her more liberal than I would have (and again, I understand that everyone’s Bella is not the same Bella).

  2. It won’t be the same though cause comparing a wensday release to a Friday release some people just don’t go twice to see a movie… it’ll have already 3 days on the market….. but I hope everybody who supposedly is a twihard go c it again this weekend so we keep twilight up and the haters down!!!!!!
    I’m watching it again 2nite!!!!!!!

    Ps. There having good #s though

  3. already seen it twice! Even did the Trilogy…would LOVE to go tonight, tomorrow and sunday, too! Just can’t get enough…now that I have fully separated it from the book…and gotten over my missing favorite parts and lines…can’t wait to own it!!

    • I was so glad to read this comment! I saw it at the midnight showing, and I swear all day Wednesday I had “post-eclipse depression!” I’m planning on seeing it again over the weekend, and then next week, but I was just glad to hear that you are able to enjoy it more and that it might be possible for me to separate it from the book 🙂 I LOVED the movie, but felt a little displaced, if that’s the right word, trying to reconcile my book experiences (knowing it practically by heart) and my movie experience (feeling shell-shocked because it was over so fast!). Don’t know if that made sense or not, but your comment got me pumped about seeing it tomorrow!!! Thanks.

      • Finally saw it today! And I LOVED it and so did DH (he didn’t care for Twilight or NM as much) I went in with a completely open mind. Its no use comparing the movie to the book. Yes, things WILL be different, but that is expected. And I guess it just ticks me off that everyone expects Book Twilight Saga to be word for word, scene for scene in the movies. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen.

        I remember all the hoopla after the trailers were posted and all I could do was roll my eyes at the time. Everyone was making a big deal, and now that I’ve seen the movie, you can see lines were cut (one that stands out is the scene in the school parking lot with Edward, Bella & Jacob, when Bella takes off with Jake)

        Anyway, I give it 2 thumbs up, screw the haters. But one thing I will not do again, is see any movie in IMAX. It was so freakin loud, I though I was at a concert. Yes, Edward looked absolutely divine, but my eyes hurt from the humongoid screen!

      • i felt the same way it was so fast hoping when i go again i will enjoy it more now that i want be so excited

  4. I loved it and if it was opening Friday we’d already beat a couple of records.

  5. I saw it Wed and I’m going again tonite…and if my husband lets me, I’ll go again Monday LOL

  6. Only in this day and age would a movie raking in 92.8 MILLION dollars be considered even a slight disappointment in comparison with another movie.
    These are fantastic numbers, and I’m sure Eclipse’s lasting power will be shown.

    Going for my third time of seeing it tonight.

  7. Dear Summit, my friends and I are doing our best to help out with the numbers. We loved it so much, when the movie was over, we went out and bought tickets to go back in! Can you return the favor? Release it as a dvd/blu ray combo pack!!!!

  8. Brittany says:

    i saw it at the midnight showing and i went again last night. i’m hoping to see it again soon!

    nearly 100 million dollars in TWO DAYS?! That’s FANTASTIC!

  9. Can’t wait to see it again!! But I’m trying to not go a lot opening weekend so that I can help it after it’s been out a while. (If Ihad more $$$ I would gladly go a lot but can’t so saving $$.)

  10. going tomorrow, and GOd help me, Sunday or Monday as well. We’re doing our part. I’m tired of people bashing Twilight.

  11. Just got back from seeing it the second time! I agree with Kim it is better the second time after you separate it from the book. Planning on seeing it again next weekend.

    • i completely agree with you. I saw it for my second time yesterday, and I definitely think the first time around I over analyzed it and didn’t enjoy it as much then. When i saw it the second time, I definitely liked it more and didn’t think too much about it like the first time.

      Seeing it again next week!

  12. I’ve seen it three times! It gets better every time.

  13. I 100% agree with Jean Brown

  14. Let me frank here… I love the twilight. Love it LOVE it….big Twi~Mom…

    BUT….. Because not everyone had read the books. It was really hard to follow Eclipse. Too confusing for the non~readers. Right?

    My Husband and My son (non readers) went with me and both said that New moon was way better. But i think this is common for sequeals (mispelled)Right?

    I loves it~ just a lil rushed though.. Still don’t understand the WHOLE VAMPIRE shattered into pieces. Don’t recall that into pieces..

    Ok Ok too much chatter

    • the idea behind the shattering vampires is that they are similar to stone and David Slade saw their sparkling to be closer to crystal or geodes, so they made them break apart as though they were similar to those substances. I’m pretty sure its not actually written anywhere how exactly the breaking looks.

  15. Going to see it again today for the fourth time. I’ll happily sit there with my popcorn and drink,relishing in the $98 million and counting the film’s already made.

  16. I went to the midnight showing (of course) and I went again on Thursday with my daughter and her boyfriend who have not read the books or seen Twilight or New Moon. They wanted to see what all the hype was about and the trailers made them want to see it. Here’s the problem: there was so much they didn’t get – they couldn’t understand what was going on. You absolutely had to have at least seen the previous 2 movies or read the books to be able to follow it. So, even though Slade made a decent movie with some pretty good action, it’s not enough to bring the non-TwiHards on board. After the movie was over, I had to explain the mythology, the reason for the newborns, who Victoria was and why she was trying to kill Bella and the Cullens, who the Volturi were, what was the deal with Jane, etc., etc. So, even though I liked it (I can’t say I loved it for the same reasons – too much left out) and I will go to see it several more times, I am experiencing some post-Eclipse depression, too. The scene when Bella goes to spend the night with Edward was just stupid and totally wrong. Number 1, this is the night before the big showdown with the newborns, right? And, apparently, Alice did not drive her – she drove her truck to Edward’s alone!?!?? And, she goes up to the door alone, in the pitch black night!!? And Edward says “What are you doing outside?” WTF

    • I agree. And this is what I said before. Why can’t they add a few minutes to better explain things? It’s ridiculous.

    • purlgurl says:

      @KittyC – I’m sorry that your daughter and your boyfriend didn’t enjoy “Eclipse”. But, would they have gotten much out of “Return of the King” without watching the two prior LOTR movies or reading the books? Or *only* going to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, without seeing the movies/reading the books?

  17. Also, the dobule-meaning of the line in the tent scene “You know I’m hotter than you” was completely lost on my daughter and her boyfriend. They did not know, of course, that the werewolves’ body temperature is 108 and they didn’t understand that Edward is “ice cold” and that’s why Jacob got into the sleeping bag with Bella. So many things were confusing unless you had seen the movies or read the books. They left the theater disappointed and completely unimpressed.

    • Arcadia says:

      I agree. Jacob came off as arrogant and condescending. During the tent scene, Edward was so loving and sensitive to Bella — even offering an olive branch to Jacob. But the “I’m hotter than you” comment came across as rude and unnecessary. I mean they were all together in that small little tent with a common objective — Bella’s safety. At least Edward tried to make the best of the situation, while Jacob used it to come across as very unattractive.

  18. So, now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, my feeling is that the movie didn’t really satisfy the fans cuz it was too short, felt rushed, and left out or completely changed our favorite scenes and also could not really appeal to non-TwiHards cuz it was too confusing, again, with these movies Melissa Rosenberg cannot just chop them up and change scenes and the directors have to be more aware of the content. Now, I’m going to see it again this afternoon and maybe I’ll feel differently. I’m seeing it again and again and again, bcuz of course I love RPattz, Kristen, Taylor and all the rest of the cast.

  19. Saw it last night. I was stunned by how bad Esme, Emmett and Alice looked. The hair and make-up were horrible on those 3. Rosalie looks 20 lbs thinner and why does Jasper suddenly get his southern accent back? Also disappointed that they cut out “penguins, lovely”. Having said that, the 3 Leads looked gorgeous and I LOVED the banter between Jacob and Edward. nice to see some humor. The fight scenes were fun. I think they should have made the film 20-30 minutes longer and done the story justice. They need to do a much better job with the next two. Lastly, Jacob needs A bigger motorcycle! That little bike is kind of wimpy! 🙂

    • I thought the same thing about Esme – the color of her hair is not black, it’s supposed to be a “warm, caramel” color. And I totally agree about Jacob’s bike. When Jacob shows up at school on his bike, he strikes terror into the hearts of the other kids! If you’ll notice, no one is paying any attention to him or the confrontation! I read somewhere that the reason for keeping the movies to 2 hours is so they can show the movie that many more times each day. They should not have let that influence them cuz we more than make up for any lost revenues having a 2 1/2 hour movie would create. How many of these movies that are being released this summer are going to have ppl going back 2, 4, 5 times? That’s called penny wise and pound foolish.

    • Arcadia says:

      They need to terminate the services of the makeup coordinator/artist. I thought all Cullen family member looked like a white paste was on their face. They were all standing in line (I’m assuming DS said “actuación”) and they all looked stunned! The hair color was horrible as well except for Nikki Reed. She looked exquisite (and much thinner).

  20. Boy, some of you are so picky and whinny! I wonder if the Harry Potter fandom is this nitpicky? Why can’t you just take it for what it is and enjoy it?

    I’ve seen it three times and will see it more. I absolutely loved it!!! Yeah, its not exactly like the book, but it CAN’T be and I understand that going into it.

    • purlgurl says:

      @Julie M – Yes, the HP fandom is that picky, and, to be fair, I’ve been much harder on the HP movies than I *ever* have been on the “Twilight” movies. I do think that the Twi-stories are much easier to adapt, since, in many ways, the HP stories are intricately plotted whodunnits – and the cast of characters completely dwarfs that of “Twilight”.

  21. No, some of us just know sloppy work when we see it.

  22. i agree with u guys, yes there were some tacky parts, but in the end they got the important parts done with flying colors!!! it was an amazing movie, in my opinion the best one yet!! loved it!!cant wait to see it again!!

  23. Cathryn says:

    Total dorky moment: while watching edward propose to bella (with that sweetest, most seductive voice of his), i said yes aloud even before bella did…i thought edward was proposing to me (yeah pathetic)–i was so moved by robert’s take on that scene.

  24. It was ok, a bit rushed here and there as I saw it, not quite taking the time to tell the story really. One can hope for a extended cut that has a little more meat on the bones.
    But then we have the atrocious ending. In the book Bella is very clear that the only reason she wants to be a vampire is to be with Edward otherwise there is no point to it. Bedroom scene, reread it if you like, and at the very last minute in the movies Bella says the complete opposite making a love story into a ‘I just want to be a vampire’-bit.

    All those of you that just loved this movie apparently thoroughly hated the books on this part. I know that he used a passage from the first chapter in twilight and a comment Bella has in book 4, subbook 3 when she has been turned, how she now feels right where she should be but that was never the reason and yet, in the movies, that is her reason to be turned…
    So sure, to short, to many discontinuities, and horrible clothing choices but with that ending David Slade turned Eclipse into Batman Forever… I won’t see Breaking Dawn, this movie ruined Eclipse for me. I won’t have Breaking similarly destroyed.

    • What the heck are you even talking about?

      “All those of you that just loved this movie apparently thoroughly hated the books on this part.” Wow, this is quite a general statement. I LOVED the movie and the books. So, don’t go making generalizations where they don’t apply.

  25. Arcadia says:

    I saw ECLIPSE yesterday, on a weekend, during the holiday. Including myself, there were only 10 people in the entire theatre, a mega venue that would normally hold 500 plus. After seeing the movie I understand why. I am just as much a TWILIGHT enthusiast as everyone here. I worship the books, the actors, and the movies. However, ECLIPSE, is a failure as much as it hurts for me to admit it. David Slade has destroyed this movie and I am sensing that SUMMIT knows this and they are just as unhappy. I now believe the rumors that Chris Weitz and/or Catherine Hardwicke were called in to consult on what was dumped on SUMMIT. Mr. Slade was given way too much (of a) margin of freedom on his “interpretation”. The camera was too tightly focused on each actor and the tones of blue … well, I don’t know what thats about. I did enjoy the flash backs, the tribal meeting and the fight scene. But they could have been improved upon. I did not like the soundtrack or understand it’s connection to each scene. If I were SUMMIT I would BEG Chris Weitz (or Catherine Hardwicke) to act as co-directors with Mr. Condon (another mistake IMO — DREAM GIRLS was good, but not that good). This movie will not hurt the careers of the principals. They are all set for life. But ECLIPSE was a major disappointment, IMO and please take it as that, an opinion.

    Will I buy the DVD? Yes. WIll I return to see the movie again? NO!

    • Jean Brown says:

      Wow. Only ten people in a theater that holds 500. That is not good. Despite that the movie has made 161 million and will probably top out at 180 million during the holiday weekend. I do believe that if people were going to see it just once it would be a Epic failure. They are making money from repeat viewing. The teenybooper crowd have move on to something else. They have the attention span of a Turnip. Summit thought putting the shirtless T/L would bring in the female crowd over and over. I am sorry but i am a adult and i did not go screamiing crazy over a boy because he has ABS. I was so sick of hearing about “the hot kiss”. That kiss was like any other kiss i have seen in other movies. It going to take more than ABS and a Kiss to make a movie great. that is all this movie has come down to. A boy running around shirtless. Melissa Rosenberg and Summit have made a huge mistake making that darn Love Triangle the focus point of the movie and Jacob the focus of the movie. Despite that i will go see Breaking Dawn. I think that Summit may see the error of their ways and finally get make to the books and giving fans what they want to see and that is the Epic love story between Bella and Edward.

      • Arcadia says:

        LOL, Jean — “A boy running around shirtless.” I so totally agree with you! (major fist bump to you Jean)!

  26. Well, yesterday afternoon I went again to see Eclipse twice, back to back. There are things that I did love about the movie, but they mostly had to do with RPattz absolutely dead-on perfert portrayal of Edward. I also loved Taylor’s portrayal of Jacob. Kristen was very good with the dialogue she was given. I will go see it several more times just to see the scenes with Edward, Rpattz takes my breath away everytime he’s on screen and like I said, for me RPattz nailed it. I think they finally got the makeup and hair right, he was perfect. But there were glaringly stupid things, too. Can’t tell if it was Slade’s doing or Melissa Rosenberg’s. I get the feeling that MR is just plain jealous of Stephenie Meyer’s writing. In the proposal scene, Edward saying “will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me” seemed clumsy. In the book he says “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever–every single day of forever. Will you marry me?” Absolutely perfect. Why change it to the clumsy proposal I can only assume was written by MR? And, yes, I still hate Bella’s speech at the end and the way it makes Edward look sort of stupid to think it was all about him. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ALL ABOUT HIM!!!! I am not interested in these movies being a guide to feminism.

  27. Am I the only one who has a big, big problem with the opening sequence? Victoria would never have changed Riley by taking a running, flying pass at him and scraping her teeth across his palm. WTH? I envisioned it as her seducing him and then biting his neck. Duh! So, here’s my bottom line – I love all these actors, yes, even Bryce Dallas Howard, who seems to engender some very strong negative comments, but I think she was actually great, perhaps even better than Rachelle LeFevre (would like to have seen her with a better wig) and I will definitely buy the DVD. But, I am having real doubts about Breaking Dawn and my enthusiasm will be watered down by the disappointment with Eclipse. I had hoped that with Stephenie Meyer being one of the producers for Breaking Dawn, that we’d finally get the movie we could really love, but she didn’t seem to be able to rescue Eclipse. I didn’t hate it, and I do understand that the movies are not the books, but it could have been so much better. Acting – A+, Screenplay and Directing – C-.

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