LA Times: Eclipse Destined to Make 180 Million By Monday

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“Last November’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” grossed $179 million in the U.S. and Canada by its sixth day and “Eclipse” will likely do at least that much by Monday and possibly as much as $200 million, said people who have seen prerelease surveys. The new film has an advantage over its predecessor given the holiday weekend, the fact that many students are off from school and can go to weekday matinees, and that it is the first “Twilight” movie to play on premium priced Imax screens.

As a result, total receipts for the new film will almost certainly be very front-loaded, with most of its revenue coming in the first week.

“It’s a compressed period during which we expect to do a whole bunch of business,” said Summit domestic distribution president Richard Fay.

It remains to be seen, however, whether “Eclipse” will significantly outperform the $297-million total gross of “New Moon,” or if it will simply be the same “Twilight” fans turning out once again.”

To us, what they are not taking into consideration here is that the rewatch factor on Eclipse is going to be far higher because we are no longer dealing with depressed Bella,and a movie where Edward is largely absent. We are now moving on to the book that is (in our opinion) most fans’ favorite, and the romance is there. People are going to want to see it again and again. As for the twiguys, not sure how it’s factoring in, but in the showings we’ve gone to there are far more testosterone laden guys who were not dragged there by their girlfriends. To quote a pair that Alphie met, “Team Bella! Kristen Stewart is HOT!”

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  1. rhiannon says:

    i’ve seen it twice in 24 hours and i am gonna see it again this weekend maybe more than once!

  2. Rewatch factor is extremely high…watched it twice yesterday, planning on going Friday, Sunday and Monday. I’d go today, but I have to work all day, and Saturday I have plans. And I’m all ready thinking ahead to further in next week when I can go more. I seriously hear the soundtrack and think, I need to see this again!

    • What a lucky thing you are!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting (with the rest of you) to see this movie and now that it’s here I totally can’t afford to go. I am so jealous!! I probably wont be able to see it until two more paydays — a whole 3 weeks from now!!! Its driving me crazy!!!

  3. yeah I re-watched Twilight about 9 times total in theatres…New Moon about 3 (it was too depressing for me, I cried everytime I saw it) I will definately be taking in Eclipse more because it is my favorite book, i think they did an extremely good job keeping the essence of the book intact and lets face it, there is a lot more Cullen time, which I’ve been waiting on. And I definately did see a lot of guys at the midnight show not being towed by girlfriends even if they were there with a girlfriend or wife, they wanted to be and had their own Twiligh themed shirts on.

  4. I think the rewatch factor will be high. The first time through, we Twilight fans are seeing the story unfold and comparing it to the book. I personally will enjoy it more the 2nd time because I can relax and just watch the movie. I don’t think I even heard the music yesterday when I first saw it. My husband went with me and he liked this movie the best so far. He did read all the books and said Bree Tanner gave Eclipse more depth.

  5. On June 30th, I’ve watched it 3 times (at 00:05, 5am and 10pm) and I’ve seen a lot of guys at the last one. Not just guys with their girlfriends, but groups of guys.
    I have tickets for tonight and I am trying to get them for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. I wonder what am I going to do until the DVD is released.

  6. I agree that the rewatch factor is much bigger with this one! Though I saw New Moon 5 times in theaters, I could see this one twice a day every day and never get tired of it!

  7. anonimous2 says:

    Dear Eclipse fans,
    Eclipse is getting an unfairly low score in IMDB (3.2/10) and I suspect Twilight heaters for giving bad marks regardless to the movie’s quality (that why it hit in the box office). Let’s for those who sow the movie and liked it go to imdb website and fix this .
    Come on guys, Eclipse must get a better score ! it is the best in the saga this far!

    • Chrissy says:

      Yeah, Eclipse had that low score on imdb days before the movie even came out. If you look at the breakdown, the largest group of people (over 2,000) gave it a score of 1 out of 10, clearly out of spite. It’s annoying that people who haven’t seen the movie and have no interest in seeing it can sway the rating so much, especially when I see articles out there that reference the imdb score as if it reflects the quality of the movie.

  8. When I went to my midnight screening, there were quite a few guys there that didn’t appear to be with girlfriends (though many were there with girls). I think the action will play well to guys while the romance hooks the girls.

    I have seen it twice already and will see it today as well as Friday night in IMAX. I definitely think many fans will see it more than once or twice.

  9. I wish I could watch it that much. I would love to see it at least ten times in theatres but not all my friends think like that…so I have no one to see it with! Why can’t I have friends that are crazy like me? This movie was the best of the three! Ever scene was amazing! I never got bored! I just want to go to the theatre and watch it on repeat 🙂

    • Watch the movie ALONE and ENJOY the experience, girl!
      I always schedule one viewing on my own as I can then truly savour every bit without getting distracted by my companion(s).
      Trust me…it’s great when it’s a movie you genuinely love, especially a Twi flick!

      Have fun!! 😀

  10. Teemeah says:

    I’ve seen it at the midnight premiere and then slept three hours, went to work, and end of workday saw it again. I’ve two friends who haven’t seen it yet and will go with them both – separate times, which means I alone will see it 4 times!

    So definitely agree this will have more rewatch than New Moon! A lot of Edward, hot Edward, fighting Edward in it :DDDD

    I can say that here in Hungary I also saw a lot of men in the audience, bunches of guys who came with friends and not girlfriends to see the movie (there was a bodybuilder type of guy with muslces as big as the Terminator’s eagerly chewing on popcorn – it was frightening to think whether he came as Team Bella, or maybe Edward/Jacob…. ?! And there was one guy in a TEAM JACOB T-shirt, LOL that was hilarious!!)

  11. Shirley M says:

    I agree – high rewatch factor and pretty good adaptation of the book. It’s the first midnight showing of a movie I’ve seen and I couldn’t wait. I was pleasantly surprised at how many guys were at the theater. Then eleven hours later I was at another theater with my husband to watch it. He wanted to see it as well. At that show, there was at least one group of ALL guys that I noticed walk in to watch it.
    Having already seen it twice in less than 24 hours, I can’t wait to see it again. I watched Twilight once in the theaters (of course, numerous times on DVD), New Moon seven times (my best friend and I tried to get our fill knowing we’d have to wait for the DVD at the time) and who knows how many times for Eclipse. I teach high school and I’ve had many male students express interest in it…
    More guys watching it, less moping Bella, much more Edward and the Cullens, good balance between the relationship stuff and the action building… I (and my husband) think it’s the best yet of the three movies. I hope it exceeds all box office expectations!

  12. seventeenforever says:

    I loved the movie! i was not very happy with the first 2, but i was genuinely entertained by this one! It was my favourite of the books and i was so afraid they were going to ruin it. I thought it was funny, and exciting, and suspenseful(which is hard to achieve when i already know how things are going to turn out)i will definitely be seeing it again, even though i never see movies twice in theaters.

  13. Jamie Z says:

    Got to see it yesterday & loved it. I’m hoping to be able to go again next week. I agree the 1st time I watch them I’m always looking for certain things & comparing them to the books. The 2nd time around is more enjoyable & relaxing. They threw in some really good lines. I’m all about Team Edward but Bella & Jacob’s kissing scene made me cry 🙂 Went Imbd and gave a 10 vote! Really disappointed people are voting so low!

  14. LOVED IT!!! I wanna see it again. Luckily couple of my friends haven’t seen it yet =DDDD I even spazzed and bought 2 edward shirts and a coffee mug /= but i like.. you can see ’em,456870066 and,456845220
    and the mug(for my sister),457234486
    can’t wait.

  15. I saw it at midnight and then went and saw it yesterday again. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the movie theatre where someone DID drag their husbands and they decided to let everyone in on how they didn’t want to be there. Jokes in the middle of all the big romantic scenes. Whistling and silly childish remarks during the leg hitch and proposal scene. I was so pissed. I’m angry just recalling it.

    So, there will for sure be another rewatch in my future and I know I’ll go see it many times after that.

  16. Im ready to see the movie again I loved i think is a great movie , more action and more romantic too . I can wait to see know breaking down

  17. In one word Eclipse was EPIC. Went wed. Going sun mon tues n thurs w diff ppl. It surpassed all i expected.

    • haha I’m guessing you’re the resident twi partner. I did the same thing with New Moon. You wanna go but not by yourself I went weather I liked you or not. haha

  18. Jessica says:

    Definitely agree. Twilight I saw once in Theaters, and New Moon twice (although I would have seen it more times had I the chance…), but Eclipse I think I will see in theaters a few more times. I’m not an obsessive fan, but it was just such a good movie! I also saw a higher amount of guys in the theater. I’m pretty sure about 98% of the fans approve, and the low ratings on IMDB are haters who have no lives, because that’s all they do. They have every right to not be into the twilight thing, but some haters go too far.

  19. While I didn’t particularly love this movie (I thought it was good, but not great) I think something else that isn’t being taken into account on the re-watch factor is the lack of really good movies this summer. Airbender is getting abysmal reviews, Despicable Me looks cute but isn’t the same target audience, Sorcerer’s Apprentice might have some possibility with Nick Cage in it, but until Inception comes out on July 16 there isn’t anything I’d be really interested in seeing. I’ll be re-watching Eclipse when I go with family and maybe a friend or two, so the re-watch factor is definitely there even if I won’t watch it as much as New Moon.

  20. I thought this movie was so good. The translation of book to movie rendition was well done. This was my favorite book & so far in the series my favorite movie! I cant wait to take some girlfriends so I can go again.. I took my kids last night.. oh wait.. hmm I MADE them go with me is more like it (boys, who loved all the action by the way!)


  21. I took my niece to see it yesterday afternoon, and when we got out, there was a huge line for the next showing. The usher told us they had 2500 people for the midnight showing alone! (And this is a small city.)
    It was so, so good! It is my favorite so far, and I would even say it is my favorite all-time movie. It was just right–kudos to David Slade! My niece loved it too, and is going back to see it again with her boyfriend.
    My husband doesn’t want to see it, but he’ll take me back just to make me happy!

    I’ll be counting the days until the dvd release.

  22. I would sit in the theater with the replay button on if I could. It was soooooo amazing! I went to the 245am one and the majority was guys. I even saw a Team Alice shirt in the crowd at the midnight showing which was PACKED!!!!

  23. I am so jealous of all the people who are able to see Eclipse multiple times. I cannot, however, go this weekend. I have a wedding to go to.

    I feel a little guilty saying that I would rather go see Eclipse again and again this weekend instead of a wedding.

    Please pity me… 🙁

  24. I just registered and voted. Everyone who hasn’t, should, this is our chance to support this franchise.

  25. edwardsmylion says:

    I thought David Slade did a great job with Eclipse. I loved the book and while I wish every single thing could be in the movies I realize it’s impossible to do that in 2 hrs. (I vote for making them 3 hrs.!) I was lucky and got to see Eclipse 2 days before premiere and again on IMAX the next day because I am a Twilight blogger in Grand Rapids, Michigan. How lucky is that – I entered a contest and won at age 54! I love all things Twilight and plan to see this movie at least 4-5 more times in the theater – gotta make sure it makes alot more money!

  26. will see it for the first time on saturday..argh i’m so jealous with u guys..been very busy 🙁

  27. will see it for the first time on saturday..argh i’m so jealous of u guys..been very busy 🙁

  28. Saw it with some very high-energy folks at Midnight. Going back tomorrow and Sunday. Wish I could go after Sunday but I can’t rope anyone else into seeing it with me. Maybe I will go it alone. That’s how serious I am about my Twilight!!

  29. i’m going to see it today for the second time Its my bday today and what a great gift that will be!! I love the movie, so far its my favorite! THe critics can go to hell. We should vote and make the score better. 🙂


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