Eclipse Breaks Wednesday Release Record

According to Box Office Mojo Eclipse has set a Wednesday release sales record. Yesterday we covered the sales figures that covered midnight to 3:00am where Eclipse set a 30 million dollar sales record in that midnight release catergory. Now the figures reflect midnight through 11:59pm yesterday, June 30.

“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse drained more of its opening day demand with its midnight opening than The Twilight Saga: New Moon did. Despite setting the midnight record with over $30 million, Eclipse’s full day came in at $68.5 million, falling short of New Moon’s $72.7 million record ($26.3 million of which from its midnight launch).

Playing on approximately 8,000 screens at an opening-record 4,416 locations, Eclipse still had a phenomenal debut, setting two other records. The vampire romance sequel boasted the largest Wednesday gross of all time, surpassing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s $62 million. It also logged the top-grossing summer day ever, surpassing The Dark Knight’s $67.2 million.

Overall, Eclipse posted the second highest-grossing single day of all time, behind only its predecessor.

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  1. well yeah.. 1) its a summer movie 2) it opened on a freakin Wednesday! lame. Im seeing it tonight

  2. I know sucks that it opened on a Wednesday !

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  4. Doesn’t matter. It’s opening on a longer holiday weekend in N.America.. It’s gonna kill by Tuesday.

  5. Oh Oh. Looks like fans displeasure with this movie is showing thru finally. This movie was not good. Fans are trying to convince themselves that is is cause we so badly want to see Edward and Bella love on the big screen. New Moon was horrible. Eclipse was too. The acting is still not good. For those people who say Taylor blew them away, well they were right. He almost blew meout of the theater with his horrible acting. ABS dont make u a great actor and cannot make up for a bad movie.,Frankly i am tired of looking at T/L mug period. I was sick of him in this movie he has no star appeal whatsoever and does not have the acting chops or excitement to be a leading man. WILL SMITH IS A SUPERSTAR and T/L is not. Summit need to make a announcment soon that they are parting ways with MR. We will wait for the final tally on Monday but something tells me that Eclipse will not beat NM and if that be the case then they have no choice but to part ways with MR

    • I have read all 4 books 4 times. The Twilight movie was rough to watch. The New Moon movie was so much better and the Ecliple movie rocked. Anyone saying it wasn’t good is ridiculous. Don’t go see it if you don’t like it!!! I am telling you IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am going to see it again. My theater played all 3 movies Tues/Wed. night. So we were in the theater for 9 hours. It was so awesome and totally worth it!!!!!

    • I was very impressed with Taylor’s performance. His acting has improved so much since New Moon. And it’s not just his abs. How degrading is that?

      His performance was so touching in fact, that I felt sorry for Jacob (the character) for the first time in the series. I didn’t in the books, but Taylor put Jacob’s pain out there on the screen and it was so believable.

      Some people go in wanting to hate a movie before they even see it. They’ve made up their mind they’re tired of this, or they don’t like that, yadda, yadda, yadda. Instead of waiting and seeing.

      I have to go against the grain as well and say that I like Bryce in the role of Victoria. I thought she was very convincing, and she had the high girly voice that SM actually gave her in the book. Rachelle’s was deeper.

      Riley totally rocked the movie. That guy is good. His acting was superb, and he made me feel so sorry for his character. I really wish he hadn’t died.

      And Bree….If I hadn’t read SM’s book beforehand, I don’t think I would have appreciated the tragedy of Bree’s story as much. It made me want to cry and hate the Volturi even more!!

      Overall, better than the other 2. Have to disagree with dissenters…

      • I was extremely disappointed with Eclipse. Melissa Rosenberg completely disassembled the book. I felt the scenes were cut too short and the action scenes were too fast to really see what was going on. The part at school where Bella gets onto the motorcycle with Jacob in front of Edward would have NEVER happened in the book. That scene completely threw off the whole balance of the movie. I felt the scenes between Edward and Bella were too corny. Especially the proposal scene. Taylor carried the whole movie. His acting was actually decent. Kristen has problems looking people in the eyes, or even face, for that matter. Eclipse is my favorite book of the series and I felt they changed too much, cut out important parts, and focused too much on stuff that didn’t matter…. As far as the directing, David Slade did good, except for the first few action scenes of the Cullens and pack chasing Victoria. The movie could have been much better. I blame Melissa Rosenberg 100%.

    • @GEvans- you are definitely in the minority!!!!

      Eclipse was freakin awesome!!

  6. The theater I went to aired all 3 movies back to back starting at 7pm. It was totally worth seeing all three together.For the midnight showing of Eclipse the theater played it on every screen and they were completely sold out. Eclipse was the best out of the three. Watching all 3 in a row you could see the growth in everything including acting and the screenplay. I loved the fact that they tried to duplicate the Cullen’s house from Twilight.

  7. I thought the movie was awesome. I love the acting,I thoguht all the actors did an amazing job and the action was so cool. I think the director did an amzaing job doing the action and I like how he kept it close to the book. I wish he did the ending of the movie like the ending in the book. But everyhting else was really good. This was my favorite. I like how the director made the action kind of dark, I though that was really cool. I’m ver impress with this movie. 🙂

  8. saw this in IMAX. Will probably see it again. thought the digitally re-mastered hair was gonna be problematic but didn’t bother me at all. Loved the pace, Loved the way it started. Xavier Samuel and BDH WERE EXCELLENT. We can debate til the cows come home about how the adaptation was done but at the end of the day I’m enjoying the books, the movies and the cast.

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