Eclipse Premiere Fashion

One of my favorite things about actually being at the premiere for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was seeing all the fashion first hand and seeing how all those amazing dresses really translate into photos.  For example, Kristen’s dress looked so delicate in person and yet it kind of looks heavy in the photos, and not one single photo I’ve seen of Bryce Dallas Howard does her justice.  Let us know who you felt was best dressed in the comments below.  Making my personal best dressed list for the ladies is Tinsel Korey.  This was just stunning in person and she was the only celebrity I felt the impulse to actually say something to while on the carpet.

My best dressed guy at the event was Peter Facinelli, who I think looked even better standing next to his wife, Jennie Garth.  They looked like the true Hollywood couple that they are!

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  1. I think Rob was best dressed overall. He took a risk, stood out from everyone else and looked a-ma-zing!!

  2. Molly G. says:

    I thought everyone looked stunning and there wasn’t one time I thought, “What the heck are they wearing??”! Going back through some of the pics…are Dakota Fanning and Christian Serratos wearing the same shoes??? I can’t quite tell…

  3. Peter Fac has slowly become my favorite, always kind, funny, and seems to always try to make it special for the fans (goes out of his way in fact…
    his interviews are always witty and real. I think he and Jenny are a gorgeous couple. Go Peter

  4. I loved Kristen’s dress and I thought it fit her personality well.

  5. My favorite guy was Jackson Rathbone. He always manages to dress in a classy way, but also inject his own personality to the outfit.

    As for the girls, I loved Kristen Stewart and Bryce Dallas Howard.

  6. i actually LOVED Catalina Sandino Moreno’s whole look, her dress was beautiful and hair/makeup flawless!

  7. Kayla Griffith says:

    I really liked what most of the stars wore, but one of the dresses just cracked me up. Nikki’s dress looked lovely, but all I could think about was Bella’s wedding night and the line:
    “Why are there feathers in my hair?”

  8. I agree Rob was the best dressed guy. LOVE the maroon suit. Definitely something different, and he pulled it off with class!

    For the girls, I actually loved Anna Kendrick’s dress! The color worked for her, and it seemed perfect for summer and for the event. Love her! 🙂

  9. Yeah, they all looked amazing.. i really liked the girls dresses. Particularly Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard; they looked so pretty and girly. 🙂

    @Molly G. “..are Dakota Fanning and Christian Serratos wearing the same shoes???” – I thought that too. And Kstew’s shoes looked similar from the back.

  10. Kristen looked amazing, her dress was stunning and her shoes really complimented the dress. She looked so beautiful. My # 1 pick. Rob on his own was looked ok…but paired with Kristen, their choices in outfits were a perfect match (her nails were even painted red instead of her usual black). Nikki’s dress reminded me of the time Bjork were that swan dress to an award show, Nikki was just missing that infamous swan.

  11. Ok, people didn’t like Nikki’s dress, but I saw her at the after party, and in those lights it looked AWESOME. I loved the deep V in the back.

    • Veronica says:

      Where did you see pictures from the after party??? – I haven’t seen those…

      • If you go to getty images, do a search for “Eclipse after party.” I was at the party and it’s the only time I saw her. They had these blue lights everywhere that complemented her dress beautifully. No matter how many feathers there were. lol

  12. Courtney Cullen/Black says:

    I didn’t really like what the Twi-Girls were wearing except for Kristen… her dress was a beauty… all the guys look great. Every girl seemed to be wearing feathers and lace and more. LOL!!!!!! They still looked good though!

  13. Melissa Rosenberg looked beautiful. I loved of course loved our trios dress. Jodelle Ferland had an amazing gown that will go missing soon enough. mwhahaha. 😉

  14. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor looked very “eclipse-y”. Great color combo. But I really love what Bryce wore.

  15. I totally agree with your choice of Tinsel as best dressed. I thought she looked fabulous! Elizabeth Reaser gets my choice as worst. That dress looked waaayy too young for her. To tight and too short. For the guys, I am sorry Rob fans, I hated that burgundy suit! And as always, Taylor was the best dressed!

  16. they all looked awsome ya bryce is *MUCH* prettier in person

  17. also i didnt like robs suit

  18. Hello! I love Rob’s suit a lot, beautiful Gucci…it was perfect on him. Peter Facinelli was very elegant and Taylor Lautner too (another Gucci if I’m not wrong)…as far as concerns the ladies..mmh I liked Anna, Kristen and Dakota dresses…

  19. Does anyone know anything about the bullet pendants some of the guys in the cast were wearing?

  20. Teemeah says:

    I loved Rob’s suit. It was so unusual to see him dressed so colourful but it really really suited him, burgundy goes well with his skin and his hair. Kristen’s dress to me was a little too much, and I just can’t get why she is so fond of wearing minis all the time… I mean, great legs to show for sure… but it seems to me she doesn’t really have a sense in clothing at all. It’s all just too… -excuse me for the word – slutty in a way… I mean, for her age and all. But it’s just me 🙂

    Taylor was nowhere near as good looking as Rob 😀

  21. Teameah, I agree with u that Rob looks great in his suit (very confident fashion choice) and Kristen always chooses the same style,shape of dress, but I disagree that mini-dresses make anyone look slutty. (especially not Kristen in that particular dress).

  22. I was caught a little off-guard when I first saw Rob’s outfit but it was not long before his winning smile and comfortable manner made him totally stand out (in a GOOD way!) with such an unusual colour…he himself admitted at one point that he wanted to try something different this time and kudos to him for ROCKING Gucci so awesomely!!!

  23. I found most dresses awfull (Twilight and non-Twilight), Nikki R. – Papagena, Ashley G. – Toga-Party, Elis.R. – half-dressed, K.St. – not great, but she had worse.

    Designers care more about their “art” than to enhance the one who wears it. I noticed lately that all the Red Carpet events turn in a Lady Gaga catwalk show. Only for her it’s costumes, everyone else just looks late for a halloween party.

  24. In my opinion, both Taylor and Kellan looked amazing, very elegant in those classic and timeless suits. Ashley looked gorgeous in her dress, simply stunning. And I love that she let her hair down. She looked like a Greek goddess : )

  25. Tinsel Korey looked absolutely fabulous! My favorite of the night, and not enough media coverage of her.

  26. Rob defo looked the best, amazing! but if you want a bit of your own Twilight style you have to check out this fab fang jewellery collection! I bought the necklace but i love the ring too!


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