MTV: Interviews The Trio on the Black Carpet

Awesome interviews from MTV


  1. LOL @ Rob cursing in his interview…the reporter was like ROB! We are LIVE! LOLOLOL…His reaction is priceless. HAHAHA

    • I forgot to say that Kristen’s interview was great. She seems much more relaxed than I’ve seen her recently. I’m not critizing her though…I can ONLY imagine what that whole ‘world’ is like.

      I love her and think she’s unique. I really hate how some of the media portray her as being ‘moody’. She’s clearly uncomfortable with the attention and although I understand that it was her choice to be an actress, I sincerely don’t think she thought or even strived to be a ‘big name’ in Hollywood.

      It’s just reassuring to see someone that many people look up to struggle with something that I’m sure most of us ‘normal’ people probably would too! Actresses and Actor are human.

  2. ROB!!! HAHA That was too funny. Great job with all the interviews. “That’s bulls***. Oh S*** we’re live.”!!!!

  3. Rob NEVER fails to crack me up…every time!!

    “That’s bulls***…Oops!”…. 😀

    And kudos to him for wearing such an unusual colour and STILL be able to look so darn GOOD!!!

  4. I’m Ron Burgundy?

  5. switzy4ever14 says:

    hahahaha Rob, you cussed.

  6. rob KILLS me hahaha i was cracking up

  7. I can’t watch the videos because I’m out of the country… ughh. Normally I can watch MTV videos but not these! =( YT versions anyone???

  8. I think Rob’s publicist blond chick looks like a raging you-know-what. I mean I’m sure she has a hard job, but she’s like ‘wrap it up now’ with those hand gestures. She looks so angry all the time..

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