LA TIMES Cheat Sheet and 100 Years Questions

The Los Angeles Times came up with a Twilight Cheat sheet so that people could keep all the characters straight, not that any Lexicon readers will need one! What was also cute, is that if you roll over a character’s name you get their mini bio, the actor who is playing that character’s favorite scene, and what that actor thinks their character will be doing in 100 years.

We liked Jackson Rathbone’s response:

Jackson Rathbone

Character: Jasper Hale is the adopted son of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive brother of Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie, and husband of Alice.

Back story: In “Twilight,” Jasper is pretty low key — until he helps Emmett rip James, a vampire on the hunt for Bella, into pieces. In “New Moon,” Jasper’s rookie status as a vegetarian vampire is demonstrated after Bella gets a paper cut while opening a birthday present; he’s overcome by his thirst for her blood and tries to attack Bella, leading to Edward’s to separate the clan from bella. His years as a fighter before he met the Cullens are put to use in training the family for battle. He also votes in favor of transforming Bella into a vampire.

Favorite “Eclipse” scene: “I paid [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg to write in a scene where Alice kisses Jasper. I see my bribed pay off,” Rathbone says.

Where is Jasper 100 years from now? “Jasper would be right behind Alice; wherever she is, he’ll be there.”

Check it out on the LA Times.

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  1. That is so cute of Jackson to want Jasper to kiss Alice.

  2. So sweet! The best answer indeed.

  3. I love Jackson. He is such a good person with a big heart. Team Jasper.

  4. why does Rob have to say something stupid. Why didnt they ask Kstew where do she think Bella will be in 100 years.

  5. Erm don’t quite understand why Bryce says in response to “Where is Victoria 100 years from now?”
    “It depends what happens with Edward and Bella. I think she’s so devastated by the loss of James that she would not stop until the Cullens were finished.”
    Errrr… makes no sense!

    • Why are there responses to where Victoria and Riley will be 100 years from now? I surely hope the movie hasn’t changed those plot points from the book.

  6. TwilightinBigD says:

    Forget this cheat sheet crap. The Lex is falling behind in their job. Another Fansite has huge bucket loads of stills from Eclipse. You can look at them and pretty much guess which scene they are from the book. There is even one where Bella is wearing the huge rock of a ring in the meadow

  7. I love that there is going to be a kissing scene between Alice and Jasper!! That is going to be cute. I can’t believe that Rob thinks Edward will be dead. What is that? And As for Bryce, well, yeah…

  8. cierra hatch says:

    i love the fact we get to see that side of jasper and alice.. im overjoyed to the fact that he paid her to write in a scene

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    Rob, you crazy head. Also, why would they ask bryce and xavier that? Um, I’m pretty sure they’re dead.

  10. lookbehind says:

    jackson rathbone is quickly becoming my favorite twilight cast member.
    he gets more and more attractive to me everytime he opens his mouth.

  11. I love his answers about wanting a scene in which he kisses Alice and I LOVED the loyalty in his answer about being right behind Alice in 100 years.

    Jackson is awesome!

  12. Jean Brown says:

    jI too was over at another Fansite and i could not believe my eyes. It was my first time at that site and something caught my eye. It looked like a card or a piece of paper and it goes to #67 and it had the #’s and words by the #’s. THE KISS was one,TORTURE was one, He’ll BE ALLRIGHT was another and the last was The Magick Hour. It was like looking at scenes from the book. How did they get that info. To much stuff have been release about this movie. What kind of security does Summit have.

  13. Hey, I think the reason they don’t have Bella 100 years from now and that they DO have Victoria and Riley is for people who haven’t read the books. They don’t want to ruin anything for them.

  14. Perfect answer jackson! but i don’t think Jasper and Alice are kind of ppl to show off their affection to one another in fornt of others. maybe stare into each others eyes not kissing. oh well either way, I’m a fan of Them and Their story! 😀

  15. Sometimes I wish Rob would just not speak. He says the most bizarre things. Obviously, he doesn’t seem as much into his character as some of the other actors. ” Edward would most likely die.” How about spend the rest of his existence with Bella! Read the books dear, before you answer. At least look at the last chapter to see where your character ends up.

  16. Twilight dreamer says:

    Ok…what up with asking Bryce and Xavier the 100years from now question? Pretty sure they died. And rob…wow.

  17. it was so cute he paid the screenwriter to kiss ashley greene in the movie. xD


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