Access Hollywood:New Clip Featuring Julia Jones, Tinsel Korey and the Wolfpack

Great clip with commentary by Taylor Lautner at the end.


  1. Arcadia says:

    Love this clip!

  2. I loved it too ! Wow Leah is fierce.

  3. But look at Bella’s face she looks happy with Jacob and the wolf pack and then when she’s with Edward she look miserable. I really miss Bella being in love with Edward WHAT HAPPENED ? oh well I’ll still watch this movie and hope for the best.

  4. urgh! bella’s hair (wig?) is awful. That is some dreadful centre, flat parting going on there 🙁

  5. I’m sorry I hate to be one of those Twilight complainers I just HAVEN’T been impressed. Maybe I need to stand back and not compare the book to the movie because I just adore the book. But I’m still excited.

  6. haha omg Taylor is so cute! I love his commentary in the end! And this clip is so good i love it! <3

  7. rhiannon says:

    my only complaint so far is why does every friggin clip have to be about jacob?? geez louise are bella and edward EVER alone in this movie??

    • That’s what I would like to know! Can we just have one Jacob-less clip? Or how about one where Bella and Edward look happy? Just anything!

      • rhiannon says:

        exactly!!! i don’t want to see this movie at all if edward is made the villian! and from the looks of what i have seen so far, that is what has happened!! i am shuddering to think what MR will do to breaking dawn!!

      • i agree completely!

    • Oh and P.S.–Is Summit going to release this entire film in clips over the Internet? LOL!

      • Just what I’ve been thinking!
        I’ve actually stopped watching all these clips coming out, I started feeling like I’m seeing the whole movie in 30 second snippets :/
        Going to wait till Eclipse comes out now and resist all the “spoilers”!

      • I guess they are trying to make the fans wanting more but it would be better if when I watch the movie at a theater I’m not thinking ‘I’ve already seen this scene online’. Still excited for Eclipse though!!

  8. i love it so much! the best so far

  9. Arcadia says:

    “It’s a LINEAGE-thing”

    “It’s a WOLF-thing”

    “It’s a JACOB-thing”

  10. Kristen’s wig looks especially aweful here… And I agree with @Kass… What the hell happend?
    So far I’m not impressed with the clips we go to see already… Bella just seems off to me… =/ I hope I will still enjoy the movie..

  11. hmmm…I don’t even know what to think about this clip.

    • Ok, I thought about it..
      I would like to know who hired MR to write the scripts? Because she is completely re-writing EVERYTHING! why would Leah come out of the blue and say that to Bella? that makes no sense to me. Leah is suppose to have a I-dont-care-about-anyone attitude not the why-are-you-hurting-my-poor-wittle-jacob attitude!
      And it possible for her face to show more than one emotion?! I honestly dont think so.

      These clips are making me not want to watch this movie.

      • yeah i know she does confront bella about hurting jacob but not untill breaking dawn i she does this crap on purpose because the fans dont like her writing and they let her know it

      • merrie2 says:

        I am hard of hearing. I had trouble understandng what Leah said to Bella. Can someone tell me the line she said? Just curious and I loved her fierceness. She sure is the perfect Leah – miserable and angry at everyone.

    • Oh i will not be watching. I would not be caught dead watching this movie. I hope SUMMIT loses a butt load of money on this. They have piss fans off so bad with all these clips. Bella shows no emotion at all. She just stands there looking slack jaw and stupid. Summit probably think they are going to make over a 100 million in the opening weekend like NM, but i hope they only make between 20 or 30 million and that will fix them good. That darn MR have screwed this up so bad that we don’t even know what we are watching anymore. Summit need to fire her sorry azz. I hate her!

  12. Ok this does it. I am out on this movie. I will just be content with the book. Thanks a lot MR and SUMMIT!

  13. Loved the clip. Loved seeing the wolf pack w/ Leah.

    Kristen’s wig is ridiculous as is Jackson’s in the clips we’ve seen. Can’t the actor say, my wig is ridiculous do something about it?

    That frustrates me!

    • ahaha lol really though!! jaspers hair looks outrageous in some of the clips we have seen! and kristins hair is pretty rough lookin!

  14. Love it! But then I am a wolf girl 🙂

  15. Like some of the other have said, it does seem odd that they only show clips with Jacob in the middle of Edward and Bella. Hopefully it’s because they’re keeping all those moments a secret until the movie comes out, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. There are some pictures on YouTube about the possibly leg hitch so I’m not losing hope for Edward/Bella love scenes.

  16. I liked this clip, mostly because I love the wolf pack, their dynamic makes me smile. I’m really looking forward to seeing them in the movie. And we got the addition of Leah now, I’m still looking forward to Seth. Sure it’s not the romantic Bella/Edward moment that we all want to see, don’t get me wrong, I love that. But this scene, for what it is, I think is well done. It’s nice to see Bella welcomed back by Emily.

  17. Ha ha. Love it!

  18. Twilight dreamer says:

    I got a reveiw on the lexicon so rest assure Edward fans the ‘leg hitch’ seen is there! so yay! but as funny as this clip is ‘maybe i should call bella and hang up’ lol I would also like to see more Edward bella stuff.. They always look sad to be with each other! we wanted a heated ‘love triangle’ but not a We hate Edward love Jacob thing. So hopfully they are saving the best for the movie! Chapter 20 anyone? Sounds good to me! Cannot wait 4 June 30th and come on MR dont change the script!

  19. Do you guys remember when the first two Eclipse trailors came out, someone spliced them together to make one BIG trailor?

    I think that someone should do that to all these clips, and then we can say that we saw the movie already. I mean they over-killed us on sneek-peeks of the Eclipse movie. We pretty much know what’s going on now. Add in a tent scene and there you go.

  20. and there you go. LOL

  21. Aren’t some people here overreacting a little? There’s probably, at most, ten minutes of clips released out of a two hour+ film. Besides that, I thought the clip was pretty funny.

  22. Cullenfanforever says:

    I totally agree, MR needs to be fired and summit needs to remember that we the fans make or brake the movie. They should please the fans not the investors!!!! AKA volvo just to mention one

  23. thefactis says:

    summit might as well release the whole darn movie now via the internet if they’re keeping this up. I thought they’ll learn from New Moon. Shame.
    p.s. can someone start a petition to fire MR greatly appreciated and fast so we can stop her grubby hands taking over Breaking Dawn

  24. Twhitaker says:

    i swear MR is trying to make fans hate Edward in the movies. First of all taylor is so much hotter than pattinson (i am still an edward fan tho) but they make rob look ugly in most of the scenes when they overdo the golden eyes. In every scene i have seen with bella and edward, edward seems like a jealous lunatic while bella acts like she doesn’t love him at all. I don’t get why MR is taking this turn, we all love edward and instead of making the fight for bella a one of love, she is making it so all of the edward fans are questioning. Its ridiculous. MR has made it perfectly clear what team she is on by writing the entire freaking scipt with jacob and bella’s relationship highlighted while edward just fades into the backround. That is not fair, we all know how the book went. They both fought for bella, Edward loves here and doesn’t drive jacob away out of jealousy, he takes the high road. MR has completely changed the story line and it is pissing the fans off. I think they need a new unbaised screenwriter for breaking dawn because the next thing she’ll do is write jacob interrupting edward and bella’s wedding at ‘any objections’. I just want summit to stop messing with the story line and leave it the way it is supposed to be. We all know that Edward and Bella end up together, now we just want to see their romance grow throughout the movies not cease to exist.

    • rhiannon says:

      THANK YOU!! you hit the nail on the head. i am on team edward! i maye have learned to tolerate jake in new moon but i still wanna see edward and bella’s relationship the way it is SUPPOSED to be. “stronger than steel, destined for all time nothing can come between them” love

  25. Kimberly says:

    The problem is guys, is that Summit knows that no matter how mad the fans get, you guys are STILL going to pay by the millions to see this movie and they are STILL going to make bank, no matter how bad the script is… 99% of the fans are fanatics who really don’t care anymore, or they will gripe and say they care, but are the first in line to buy tickets to this poorly written movie. Noone will be teaching Summit or MR a lesson, noone has the self control to stay home at midnight June 29th, and that is a sad fact.

  26. I just want to know where Stephanie is during all of this. She wrote these stories, she knows the theme. It still bugs me that Edward didn’t say I love you to Bella in Twilight. Did she give up any oversight on the script. MR has taken the central themes of each book and put them in the background. Ugh. Kimberly is right. No matter how much we complain, etc. is anyone really not going to see the movie?

  27. I’m not going to watch any more clips now because they’re really beginning to irritate d hell out of me.I am REALLY looking forward to this movie n more of Edward/Bella scenes. MR seems to be stressing waayyy more on the love triange than necessary! Can’t we have alteast one Edward-Bella clip where they really LOOK like they’re irrevocably n truly in love wid each other? Eclipse has d most intimate romantic scenes after all…I just hope all of it is there in d movie but they’re just keeping it a surprise.

  28. I waited for so long checking every little article on “Eclipse” and getting nothing, nothing, nothing and now I can barely keep up! I’m forcing myself to stop watching clips. I REALLY hope that Bella does justice to Edward in this movie. I thought that Kristen Stuart did a really good job in New Moon being extremely hesitant about Jacob, and even laying it out straight for him at the end of the movie. I only hope that continues in Eclipse. We haven’t seen enough to totally judge… but EDWARD is her soul mate. She may think he’s slightly overbearing in the begining, but it doesn’t cloud her love for him. I hope they show that.

  29. Taylor hotter than Rob. Dont think so. Tl is a overbuff midget I cant believe you people are that weak over some guys abs. He is a bore. At least Rob is not a midget

  30. Twhitaker says:

    hahaha taylor is a hot midget tho, i still think rob is hot just his hair bothers me sometimes when it mixes with all the white makeup they put on him. it looks orange and not bronze

  31. Twilight dreamer says:

    Exactly! thank you lexicon ppl! the movies and the books are centered around edward and bella’s love! but UNFORTUNATLY breaking dawn is rumored to start filming this fall, and to start filming you need scripts. MR is prob almost done by now! they would take to long finding another writer and bd would be put on hold. (Sigh) Can we please hope Eclipse is a ‘love triangle’ and not a hate fest?? btw stop making Edward look like a monster and jacob the good guy!

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