MTV Grabs the Twilight Cast on the Movie Awards Red Carpet

There are a ton of interviews here. Look for more from Nikki Reed, Liz Reaser, Kiowa Gordon, Peter Facinelli, Chaske Spencer, Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick and another Xavier Samuel after the cut.

Check out the rest of the interviews by Christian Siriano of project Runway fame.


  1. alexandra says:

    the interviewer is kind of weird but cute.

  2. Grr stupid mtv wont let me watch the vids 🙁
    I cant help living in England LOL

    • Same here! >:(
      But tune into the awards tonight at 10pm, or Tuesday at 9pm on MTV shows, sky channel 160

  3. does anyone else besides me think rob kristen and taylor snuck into the awards due to them not being on the red carpet? haha


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