Robert Pattinson and Eclipse Bands Hitting the Talkshow Circuit


We’re sure the Eclipse cast will be popping up in more locations once we get closer to June 30th. Jimmy Kimmel has Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner on June 23rd. They tape on June 14th, so we’re sure some details will leak out early.  However there are a couple of other appearances before that:

May 26- The Black Keys (number 7 position on the Eclipse soundtrack with Chop and Change) will be on Jimmy Fallon

May 18-Nikki Reed is on Ellen.

May 19-Robert Pattinson is on Ellen. Also on the same day is self-professed Twilight fan Adam Lambert. This should be interesting!

June 6-Vampire Weekend(number 10 on the Eclipse soundtrack with Jonathan Low) will be on Stephen Colbert. No word if he’ll be bringing his stapler with him.


  1. Nikki Reed will be on Ellen tomorrow!

  2. Do you think they’ll be coming to NYC for the promotions as well? I know Rob is currently filming WFE in Cali.

  3. i saw some of their clips with oprah! is that one done yet?

  4. Who’s the bouncer that will stop Adam Lambert from hopping on Rob? YKWIM!!!!

  5. WannabeMrsCullen says

    haha rob and adam on the same show!