Adam Lambert Talks Twilight Again

According to Access Hollywood, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert loved Randy’s Twilight analogy of the other day,

“Maybe I’ll be in a movie, let me just put that out there,” he said. “I follow the ‘Twilight’ books and I love them.”

Given that Adam is already getting MTV coverage, can it be long before Larry Carrol is knocking at his door for a Twilight angle?

So, we’re curious, because we’re sure that there are a lot of AI fans and Twilight fans out there. How many of you loved Adam’s satisfaction the other night, and if you did, did you vote for Adam? Did the Twilight reference influence you in any way?


  1. oh i ADORED Adam’s version of satisfaction the other night, he’s one of my favorites. when Rnady pulled out that Twilight reference me and my sister freaked, and then when he said he was a fan we freaked even more. i voted for him because i love his voice and his perfomance was the best of the night, but also with the thought that it couldn’t hurt to have a Twilight fan in the top 12:P

  2. Well it’s ridiculous to day he is Edward-esqe. He’s not. I Didn’t like satisfaction, but the guy can definately sing, he was pretty amazing from the try outs. The twi-reference didn’t phase me other that my initial “What??? that is so wrong.”

  3. i don’t watch AI anymore because i’m convinced the whole competition is rigged.

    good luck to this guy though.

  4. I really hope Adam does not get in a twilight movie. He reminds me of the jonas brothers who I do not like.

  5. alice_emmett_fan says

    I voted for him and not just because of the twilight reference, i thought he did a spectacular job on the song a lot better than most of them except for allison which i voted for to lol.

  6. He’s not that great…so I hope he doesn’t have any Twilight goals.

    Reminds me of a ‘Lost Jonas Brother’.

  7. vampiregirlsince1918 says

    Adam is one of my favorites to. I still have his satisfaction song stuck in my head. lol. I voted for him cause hes my favorite in the group he has an amazing voice and his looks and personality just help out. Then with the whole Twilight referance and him being a fan just is a nice perk. hehe.

  8. dark romance says

    I was going to vote for him before the twilight comment, but his love for twilight made me like him even more! 🙂

  9. I loved Adam Lambert and his rendition of Satisfaction. I was going to vote for him before they said anything about Twilight. Then when he said that he loved Twilight I loved him even more.

  10. amie (vampwolf) says

    if I had a cell phone, I’d vote for Adam. All of his performance and the edward cullen thing had me content to vote in his direction. I really liked what happened.

  11. I absolutely LOVED his performance before they started talking about Twilight, and then he said that he was a fan and I loved him even more.

  12. I don’t realy watch a lot of AI (i just figered out wat that means like 2 mins ago). When I do watch it I still won’t vote untill the finally. But I did like the twilight reference it was nice kinda threw in a movie/book kinda thing in to a song competition.

  13. one of those who want fame and uses twilight.

    • Thinking the same thing. Actually, a very cheap attempt to get a quick plug for himself for any Twilight movie roll! We should all be so lucky as to be able to get a live audition on national TV for any roll in any twilight movie. ASS!

  14. Nooot a big fan of him. He seems like a cool guy but he’s not my favorite and his Twilight reference didn’t influence me one bit. It just shows he has a good taste in books.:-)

  15. Haha. The only reason I voted for the guy was because of the Twilight reference. I did vote for the others that I wanted to get into the top 3, but for him it was only because of what Randy said. 😀

  16. I think he is a little creepy looking, but not ugly at all. He could be a member of the Volturi. Maybe he would make a good Felix…..

  17. He overdid the entire thing, in my humble opinion. And uh, he’s so emo.

  18. IMO, adam is very attractive 😉 so of course i already planned on voting for him. but the twilight convo and a few squeals later (on my behalf), just convinced me more to vote for him. he does do musical theater i think, so he wouldnt be too bad in a movie…i could see him having a small part in future twilight sequels 🙂

  19. He has a very good voice. I could see him in a movie also.

  20. Sarah Marie says

    Aha. He was already my ABSOLUTE favorite and the twilight reference just put the icing on the cake. I voted for him like…a million times. And I would absolutely love him in the Twilight movie, it’s just a matter of who he’d play!

  21. BCullen24 says

    I was definitley not a fan of his singing (too over the top for my taste), but I have to admit, he would be great in a hair band. I don’t understand why every celeb/reality-star has to mention that they want to be in the movie.

  22. I already liked Adam before the whole Twilight thing, but this makes me like him even more! I hope he stays around for a while…I wouldn’t mind him winning, but I would love it if Danny Goeke won!

  23. LOL..he doesn’t look ANYTHING like edward…i think he looks like justin chon..sorry if i didn’t spell his name right.

  24. I think that Adam looks more like Justin, in my opinion. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Adam to pieces- his voice is A-MA-ZING. But comparing him to Edward? That was a stretch. I didn’t vote at all on AI, but I would’ve voted for Adam- not because of the comparison Randy made, but because of his GREAT performance.

    But let me note that it is GREAT that Adam likes Twilight! It’s so hard to find a good guy with a taste in reading good books. 😉

  25. err.. he looks like justin chon morphed with joe jonas 😛
    i’m no fan of the JBros, and i’m not big on American Idol either, but thats just my opinion.

  26. I don’t like his voice, but that one night when he said he liked the books and the movie, he was my favorite.

  27. Princess Kim says

    I don’t get why people don’t like it if a famous person says that they want to be in one of the movies. Doesn’t everyone?

  28. Omg. Omg. i was litterally first lyk da dude wid da shing black fringe is pretty cool but wid as u said twilight influence n he lykin da books n den bein called as EDWARD CULEEN. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. iwas knocked off my heals n now am totally, in favour of adam, da idol edward cullen. AWESUM.aaaaaaaa

  29. Wow, I am shocked that people liked that guy. I fast-forwarded through his whole performance (thank god for tivo). I loved that Twilight was mentioned on AI, and that Adam is a fan… but I don’t think he really looks like Edward or that he should be in any movie.

  30. I agree with Rachel, he’s too much like the Jonas brothers, who I also hate.

  31. He seems like a cool guy… nothing like robert pattinson though. and he really needs to keep his tongue in his mouth when hes belting stuff.. i changed the channel when he did that.

  32. Wow. You guys are nuts and mean! The guy is a fan, why are you ripping on him?

    Linda, you fast forwarded through his perf so how do you know he sucked?

    He is very talented and polished and that performance was the only one that drew me into the room so far.

    He has a JB hairstyle but that is where the similarity ends. Justin Chon??? LMFAO!

    Randy mentioned a similarity, that’s all. He is not a voice twin or a face twin.

    He has great eyes and a smoldering Edwardian gaze. He is sexy. Edward is sexy. Get it?

    HOWEVER, he more Elvis-like IMO. That sneer!

    Again I say Elvis Cullen.

  33. He’s no Edward.
    But I actually wouldn’t mind if he was in one of the twilight movies. PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN FIRST!!!
    You guys haven’t seen him act before. But you need to remember that he was the understudy for Fiyero in the Pantages’ Wicked. So he is able to act and sing very well for that. And remember, all of the larger roles are pretty much taken. So he can’t be someone like Edward, no need to worry about that. He won’t be able to be a NM, so maybe he could be like a nomad in BD or something smaller like that. And he could change his hair.

  34. i have loved Adam from the day i saw him audition! He is an amazing singer….and now i love him even more, just because he loves twilight.

  35. i loved adam even before the rob comparison. of course, that was a bonus, but i was already planning on voting for him.


    I voted for him for the full two hours! Well…he and that girl who also made it…but mostly him. He’s got the look, the personality, the stage presence, and not to mention the VOICE! I was blown away by him.

    I would have voted for him had there not been the Twilight reference….when Randy said that (and he responded) all I did was let out a little giggle and then ask to myself…where did he get that from?

    But then again, Randy did liken him to Robert Pattinson, not specifically Edward Cullen…so I guess it kind of makes sense.

  37. AriLovesEdward says

    hes okay, I like Danny Gokey better.

  38. I’ve liked Adam since Hollywood week. He’s my second favorite after Danny Gokey. To be honest, I missed the Twilight reference and had to rewind it on my DVR to see it again. I was going to vote for Adam anyway so the comment only made me happier with him =]

  39. tabcullen says

    omgosh i didnt even know he liked the twilight series and hes is still my FAVORITE. i loved him sooo much and now i love him a gazillion times more

  40. tabcullen says

    PS Is that your real name Aislinn? If so how do you pronounce it?
    thats the main characters name Wicked Lovely and i still dont know

  41. SparklesorSpaceheater says

    I usually don’t watch it, but my mom does, to criticize people(I swear, she could be a critic if she wanted to…) but I heard randy say the word ‘Twilight’ and I ran in there, and watched part of him singing, and loved it. My mom says he’s going to win, but I hope not…since the whole show is rigged and the REAL winner is always second place, and the one that gets the prize isn’t famous at all a few years later

  42. ok let me just say that I am a HUGE fan of DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!! Who was the runner-up from AI’s last season. I do watch AI a lot, but this year kinda sucks…anywho, Adam is very weird but has an AWESOME voice. But heck no is he an edward or anything that relates to twilight. He just has the voice, not the looks. And yes I did vote for him!

  43. I loved Adam before Randy said anything about Twilight, but I loved him even more after. : )
    I would totally be ok with him in a twilight movie. He could totally be some kind of punk vampire. Maybe Garrett from Breaking Dawn…

  44. Yeah, it TOTALLY influenced me! Adam’s my new favorite. I think there was a place in my heart for that Nick/Norman Gentle guy (He’s friggin hilarious) But then Randy said that, and I was totally changed in my opinions of the contestants. Well, his satisfaction was also FRIGGIN AMAZING!! Did you HEAR him? OMG! It was, like, 10 leagues above the rest of the contestants!! Adam Lambert is now backed by the Twilighters of America. Now he’s destined for greatness and a spot in the finals. All thanks to Randy and his Randy-esque comments…

  45. And yes, of course, I liked him before that.

    But I totally just realized that despite his eyes not being golden or crimson, he has very distinct bright mysterious vampire-esque eyes. I don’t know how I got that from the very human blue of his eyes, but yeah, very mysteriously vampire-ish.

    SEXY… 😀

  46. I LOVE Adam Lambert! I was amazed by his performance, it was dazzling! Also, when Kara referred to him as a ROBERT PATTINSON, she meant that he had that same affect on women. Its the handsome, dark, pretty eyes, sexy hair, bad guy but not look. He’s a fan of Twilight and a Broadway actor! He has a more Elvis look I think. But people who didn’t watch or pay attention have no right to judge IMHO because those same people don’t fully understand it because they didn’t see it.

    ONCE AGAIN – he has that heart throb, dazzling look. he is a bit edgy, beautiful, has striking eyes and sexy/stupid hair…. just like Rob NOT Edward. Kara originally said it, Randy and Ryan addded Twilight wordings for the public who live in a cave. LOL!

    American Idol isn’t rigged when America gets to vote, but anything before that definately is. American Idol does what it does for ratings. I know first hand! 😉 Also, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson were winners and they do quite well.

  47. He sounds nothing like the Jonas Brothers- are you judging entirely on looks or what?
    Adam can actually sing.

    AI has had some freaking awesome winners-look at Kelly Clarkson. But it all goes down to personal preference, of course.
    Well, unless you liked Sanjaya. :p That’s just sad.

  48. MisticMagic says

    Uh, he is cute yes. But there are allot of better singers out there. And because this whole mention of Twilight the votes will be unfair because little girls will just be voting due to that comment. He is a good singer when he hit the high notes but I agree with Simon there were allot of weak points. When something does something really nicely it sort of covers the wrong. He needs to work on his moderate voice. And he looks like he try a little tohard to look the way he does like a metrosexual punk. Don’t get me wrong he is a goood singer and a babe none the less but he is no way related to Twilight…1 there not gothic, he doesnt have the eyes or looks and I’m pretty sure Edward,Jasper or Emmette didn’t break out into songanytime,and if they did it sure wasn’t satisfaction. This quote came out of no where and based on his comment it sounds like his hopes arebusting through the roof with this competition and Twilight, maybe a little cocky..I hope he does well but is not in Twilight.

    I’m not into labels and I support gays, But I swear he is gay if you listen to how he talks and stuff sometimes and walks and everything. If not this is one of the only straight guys I heard of reading Twilight. Good luck but I don’t see how him his looks and the song satisfaction relates to Twilight iin any sense. Goodluck though.

  49. I thought he had a great voice and he rocked the night away!!!! and then randy pulled out that twilight reference and i freaked!!! (yes i did vote for him)The twilight related comment did probably influence my vote because come on how cool would it be to have a twilighter on American Idol!!!


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