Creation Entertainment Lands Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner


This is a first, the trio at a convention that is a true Twilight only fan convention. See this specific Creation Entertainment link for details. We’re going to be there. Will you?

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  1. robin dover says

    dang, 6/11 is my birthday id kill to be able to meet rpattz. just my luck, im all the way on the other side of the country. πŸ™

  2. Unbealivable!!

  3. soooo unfair they never have conventions in NYC

    • Twilight_News says

      Actually the convention will be in Parsippany NJ in August, which is just across the river from NYC. It’s much less expensive, so that’s why it’s in NJ and not NYC proper.

      • are rob, Kristen, and Taylor going to be at the convention in new jersey?? please i need to know like NOW

  4. soooo unfair they never have conventions in NYC!

  5. omg I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I would give my teeth to live closer and be able to attend this, I would take a loan, borrow, mortgage my house! Well, maybe not mortgage the house but dang,to be there! How in the world did they make that happen? You are so lucky to be there. You Cali folks are soooo lucky, I am truly jealous today.

  6. I can’t believe that Rob, Kristen & Taylor will be at this Twilight Convention! It’s just so not fair! I am across the country and would be there if I could! <THUMP…I just fainted

    I hope the VERY LUCKY fans that get to go and meet them will be nice and respectful to them all. ROB ~ Happy Birthday to you!! Wish I could meet you and ask for a picture and a hug.

    a Twi-Mom Fan of yours,
    Tonya Renee

  7. This is really unfair. These three almost never do event like this in NYC. I’m tempted to go. I’m gonna decided within the next half hour. But I checked the fine print. They’re only doing a panel. They’re not signing autographs or taking photos.

  8. sooo NOT FAIR!!! lol

  9. This event is going to be chaotic & crazy! I really hope they will have a well coordinated security team to help manage this.

    I hope the three of them enjoy this as I know those in attendance will have this as one of the greatest moments of there lives.

    • So true, Ali, so true!

      btw, TwiLex, Alicia is the BEST!!

      • ROTFL!!! How did you know this was me? I’m normally H2B but thought I’d use the twitter sign in option.


        No you are the greatest person EVER! Best twister, best FF author & the BEST Twi-Mentor EVER!

  10. SO I tried to buy tickets for the LA convention in June and the site is not allowing me to??? Is anyone else having problems with this????

  11. what i wouldn’t give, just to be there! I could really use a genie right now! πŸ™‚ Aahhh.. I’m not even on the same continent. Argh. :'(

  12. I am sooo excited to be able to attend this! I can’t believe that they have actually gotten Rob Kristen & Taylor to appear!

  13. leanne23 says

    They never come neat me. The closest one is a 3 hr flight or 5.5 hr drive. πŸ™ O well.

  14. oleander says

    Gah! Why can’t it be Toronto??!!

    • silvertonguedevil says

      Very reluctant to purchase tickets and a flight+hotel for something just announced. I check in with Creation Entertainment often because of the tours but the main 3 aren’t doign photo ops nor does it say autograph sessions. $395 is a hefty price for non lead actors. However, if Jackson gets announced I’m definitely buying. It would be worth it just for him alone.

  15. If you can go tothis event I highly recommend it. We went to the Houston event and it was a weekend to remember forever we had a great time and actors were all amazing and very entertaining.

  16. SO UNFAIR!!!! Why can’t they come to the convention this weekend in Canada!?! Or in Seattle!?! These books are based in the PNW, why not come to the PNW

  17. I am SOOO happy. I just got my confirmation email!! I wish it had my seat number on it. But I got it just an hour after it was posted so I hope I got a good seat. YAY!!!!

  18. michealle4Rob says

    YEAH! I just signed up and got my confirmation! I’m in very early so I’m hoping to get an awesome sight. This is SO MUCH better than having to wait overnight at San Diego for Comicon!
    I’m hearing they are going to have the rest of the cast there too including some of my other favorites.
    Congratulations to Creation Entertainment for pulling off the impossible, I can’t wait. FYI, I had a fantastic time at the Creation Twilight Convention in Charlotte, no Rob, Kristen or Taylor but still wonderful.

  19. What the heck did they have to promise them to attend?!

    Well, whoever goes, take lots of pics and send us a report.

  20. I just bought my tix and booked a room! So stoked!! I’ve never been to one of these conventions before so I’m looking forward to meeting you wonderful fans and lexicon ladies too!

  21. Anonymous says

    I personally think it’s a ripoff. Every time I’ve done one of these conventions, someone has cancelled, and it has been someone BIG and I was crushed! And it’s non-refundable. And they aren’t selling single day passes in order to rip you off. All you get to do is see them from afar; no photos or autographs (which are the best part). Comic con was $25 for the same thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM, and would love to see them, but it’s not worth living in a box over.

    • tobydeanstyler says

      Comparing this event to San Diego comicon, give me a break. San Diego is a giant unbearable smelly sweatbox that oversells tickets and makes the experience a rotten one for the attendees. I used to go, but no longer. The organizers sold out the experience long ago to get into bed with the Hollywood studios. The celebrities go there for free because they are forced to.
      At The Official Twilight Convention (I was at the one in Houston and LA) everyone gets a seat without waiting overnight and it is all three days of Twilight fun. Everyone with an autograph ticket gets an autograph, etc. It is a great deal and I’ve been to the Hyatt Century City and it is absolutely gorgeous and will be wonderful for the attendees.

    • omg.. comic con and the conventions don’t even compare. everything is orderly and i get a nice seat instead of being smashed by a bunch of girls and standing in line for hours.

  22. Jennifer says

    Why cant i have a unlimited amount of money! im so jealous i wanna go. i think i might actually die! gah!!!! money always messes things up!

  23. They landed them at this particular event, because they are going to be in LA already (or in the vicinity) doing press for Eclipse! Think, people! The premiere for Eclipse will be close to that date! Even though you won’t be able to m&g them – if you can go to one of these cons, it’s a lot of fun and a memorable event!

  24. Awesomeness says

    OMG they never do anything in DC
    Not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. this sucks because its in the west coast πŸ™ I wish I could meet them and my sister would love to meet boo boo I wish they would come to the DMV area, your guys were awesome at the arlington show btw .

  26. I am attending.

    If you are debating about it, just go ahead and do it. The Century City Plaza ballroom is massive. It is so big that the room is tiered. I’m guessing the weekend packages are for seat in what I’ll refer to as “the bowl,” which is the lowest part in front of the stage. It is a dark room and even with a well lit stage, I had trouble getting decent pictures with a good camera in “the bowl.” The room is very wide and if you are on the far side, on the top tier, you’ll end up looking at the screen, not the stage. You’ll be able to see the stage but it won’t be straight on and there will be some distance betweeen you and it.

    This hotel also knows how to handle security so don’t do anything crazy. There’s some statistic like every U.S. president, I believe going back to Johnson, has stayed there.

    Have fun! See you in LA!

    • lettucegrower2kids says

      Was just in the Hyatt Century City ballroom for a charity event and it is a great looking ballroom perfect for the convention theatre. Very high class!
      I was also at 2 recent Official Twilight Conventions run by Creation Entertainment and they make sure to pull the lights up at the end of each session so folks can get their pictures.
      A good photographer with a decent camera can get good shots no matter what but using flash during theatrical lighting won’t work no matter what.
      I sit back and enjoy the events I go to and forget about trying to get photos (I find I don’t worry and don’t have to look at my invariably bad photo work!)
      Enjoy the convention.

  27. I’m going πŸ™‚ I still can’t really believe I spent so much on a ticket…but couldn’t help it! LOVE Rob πŸ™‚

  28. i just went to the l.a. convention in march. no way could i get my husband to authorize spending another couple of grand. ;(

  29. im very excited that Rob, taylor, and kristen are going however i think its silly to be paying $350 and not to even get an autograph from any of them, im not being ungreatful again thanking god every min that they are even going but come on they can take some time to sign some autographs right, PLease haha, but Im going alone sadly who wants to be my friend for the weekend lol im going all 3 days

  30. Awesomeness says

    i still think that they should do something in the nation’s capital though
    not changing my mind about that

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