People Magazine: Twilight Stars Beautiful Without Makeup

ashley-greene-smiling-eyesRobert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene are all in the legendary People Magazine Most Beautiful issue. Doing something that most actresses wouldn’t ever do, Ashley Greene is featured with NO MAKEUP. She tells PEOPLE, “My favorite feature is probably my eyes. My mom is always saying that you smile with your eyes, and if you look at someone and you’re speaking, you’re really engaging. When I’m acting, they’re kind of a big part of what I do.”

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Photo via Just Jared


  1. Sarah Rife says

    Anyone wanna play a Vampire/Werewolf role playing game??
    If your younger then 18

  2. she is beautiful!!

  3. I commend Ashley for not wearing Make-up. Make-up is for people with something to hide. If you are ashamed of your true self, you have serious issues.

  4. She’s much more than beautiful : )

  5. I am really proud of her, that is amazing. Especially where and when she chose not to wear makeup, it is almost unheard of, unless everyone else in the article is without makeup also (which based on the pictures they gave, does not look to be the case). More power to her.

  6. She’s beautiful inside and out 🙂

  7. she is absolutely beautiful no matter what she wears. Her persona is awesome and she couldn’t look more beautiful

  8. ok, really….she was still air brushed people!!!

    • Was she? How do you know this ? Did I miss something when I was reading the info? 🙂

    • I seriously doubt that. She clearly has dark circles under her eyes and all her fine lines are still there. Ashley is simply one of those blessed with flawless skin.

      It’s not that big a deal. I’ve seen plenty of untouched covers of stars without make up. Apparently it’s the new thing.

  9. I have to say that when I saw last year’s People Magazine of the most beautiful people & that they made the actresses go w/out makeup, it cracked me up. In some way I’m thinking that they all probably wait to get on this list & when they finally make it, they have to go w/out makeup! Anyhoo, Ashley looks absolutely beautiful. I clicked on the link & looked at some of the other pics and boy oh boy, Channing Tatum is a total hottie & looks absolutely yuummmmy!

  10. Noah Brighten says

    They’re still going to look beautiful without makeup, as a professional photographer is taking the pics. Make up isn’t the only tool to enhance beauty… Lighting, pose, so on and so forth.

    Now wake them up at 2 am… and take a photo… you’ll see natural beauty there… :p

    Then again, Ashley Greene hot no matter what time you take pics of her. 🙂

  11. Sorry but the majority of those stars are wearing some makeup, at least mascara and undereye coverup.

  12. Well i like Twilight saga realy much!! its so good i love at as much i love Robert Thomas Pattinson… you know!! wow its so cool!!! love

  13. Oh wow, I’m just captivated just looking at this picture, Nikki Reed also looks pretty without the yellow eyes but man, Ashley Greene definitely is gorgeous. And she is right, her eyes are her best feature.

  14. switzy4ever14 says

    While I understand that the photographer and lighting people (excuse my unproper terms, I am not really into this business…. lol) are very skilled and can change a photo, I am exceptionally proud of Ashley. Her spirit is amazing. In this society, it’s like you have to buy this eyeliner or that mascara to even be considered beautiful. Ashley goes without, and look at how beautiful she is. Ashley, if you’re reading this, you are one heck of a role model, and I admire you infinitely.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  15. Hey Neil,

    Yes, I wear makeup. And yes I’m trying to hide something: the severe under-eye circles I’ve acquired from copious hours spent studying late at night.

    Ladies, let me just say that concealer is a gift from the gods. I wish I had the luxury (and money for spa treatments) to have skin like Ashley Greene’s –sans raccoon eyes. It’s not perfect (because no one’s is) but it looks extremely healthy.

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