Fearnet’s 8 things to love about the new trailer!

Fearnet has a list of eight things they loved about the new Eclipse trailer.  They include a look at David Slade’s darker side of the saga, the creepiness of the newborn army, the brief hint at the tent scene, and so much more!  To read the whole story, visit their website.  Be sure to let us know what your favorite moment of the trailer was!

Also, Twi-fans has 180 screencaps of the trailer for your viewing pleasure!


  1. The new trailer literally made my heart skip a beat, then pick up racing! I LOVE the cinematography, LOVE the gloomy tone D. Slade sets, & LOVE the few glimpses of the newborn fight we get. June 30th seriously cannot come fast enough!

  2. Joan Bryant says

    I can’t decide which part was my favorite it was all epic! I loved the glimpses of the fight scene and more stuff with the newborns that was not in the book, but will add to the film like Riley being attacked. The biggest OMG moment for me probably was when Edward knocked the tree Victoria was in down.

  3. I liked the first trailer better. But this one was good. Liked the start and end the best. The wolves look amazing

  4. What not to love? It looks AMAZING! I loved the newborn army scenes & the fight scenes. As well as the brief momen we got of the engagement ring! Can’t wait until June 30th!