Kristen Stewart to star in “An American Girl”

Clevver TV has a video on Kristen Stewart playing a marine serving in Iraq in the film “An American Girl.”


  1. I can’t wait to see Kristen in this. I think she’ll do a great job and definitely pull this role off.

  2. Nicola Gray says

    You go go girl Kristen.

  3. i really can’t see her pullin this off… i think she couldn’t make it look real…

  4. And here goes Kristin’s hair again! I wonder if she would pull a G.I. Jane and go bald?

  5. Linda, Houston, TX says

    She’ll be great and probably have to bulk up. Rob will bulk up for BD so, Rob and Kristen bulked up? I definitely want to see that.

  6. I think she could totally pull this off. It’s time she got more credit! In my opinion, she’s the best in the twilight movies. Her acting skills are amazing.

  7. Oh, my…I’m not sure how I feel about this. As an Army vet who dated a Marine I usually don’t like movies about the military b/c they usually get it all wrong. Of course, this was before 9/11 and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). The only recent “war film” I have seen is “Jarhead” and I got it from the horse’s mouth that it was spot-on. So, we’ll see. I’m not worried about Kristen’s acting chops – I’m worried about yet another movie about the military that Hollywood gets wrong…

  8. Jennifer Alice says

    I wonder if she will shave her head.

  9. I hope it’s not another anti-war movie. There’ve been lots of those and none have been successful.

  10. she is far too dainty to pass for a marine. I mean the way she carries herself. She isnt very commanding… This has worried me for breaking dawn too. The whole bloodlust mother instinct thing seems out of her acting scope.

  11. If I heard of this before I seen [The Runsway] I would have had a problem with it, but after that performance,which I think was great, I don’t think anything can stop her not even those who hate her, because they are jealous of her success or rob or whatever.

  12. In my opinion, Kristen can accomplish anything. She’s a wonderful actress and I think this is a role that will fit her very well. After all, don’t most who go into the military start out as kids and mature as well as grow up while serving?
    Kristen doesn’t seem to be a real feminine type of woman…though she does seem to be able to pull off the fragile female roles. In most of the award show pictures, I’ve found myself amazed to see her in a dress…not sure why…
    I have to agree with the other post that if the military stuff is anywhere close to accurate, then this film will do well.

  13. I’m really excited about this because it will be a challenge for Kristen. If she can pull this off I take my hat off to you. Semper Fi!!

  14. I’m excited to see this movie. This is exactly the type of movie Kristen could pull off magnificently. And like someone said above, yeah most people that join the marines are children and when they are in the marines they mature and grow. My friends little brother is in the Marines and she tells me how much he has matured. As for buffness, that is easily done, however i’m not too sure if that will be a qualification. The movie is about a marine who gets injured and grows from the experience.

  15. OK, not sure if it’s just my computer or what but there was no clip of Kristen playing the part of a Marine. IDK, maybe I have to go to the clever TV website? Second, my money is on Kristen. I think she could totally pull this off. She is an awesome actress who really nails the characters she plays. Second, James Woods (director) is a veteran actor & if he thinks that Kristen is the girl for the role, I’d trust the guy’s opinion. But whatever the current opinions, we’ll all have to wait & see what happens when the film comes out.

  16. Of course she can pull it off. If you have any doubt – go watch The Cake Eaters. From Panic Room to a Rock Star. This girl can do anything. And I know I’ll go see anything she’s in.

  17. I think anyone who hasnt seen the Cake Eaters should definitely see it. It is by far Kristen’s most challengig role to date and she nailed it. I dont have any concerns with her being beleivable in this role, my only issue is that it sounds like another low budget movie that wont make a killing at the box office. I wish that Kristen would be given more opportunities in major movies to really strut her stuff.

  18. I think she can pull it off.I mean,she’s proven to be a great character actress so far.And it sounds like a movie worth seeing to me.

  19. I love Kristen, she’s a great actress, but I don’t think that she is right for this part physicaly. In the military? She’s a string bean! She’s beautiful, but she’s NOT a soldier! Sorry Kristen, but you’d have to bulk up for me to believe you in this part, and that would ruin the body type of Bella.

  20. i heard this might film in buffalo ny.
    i live in buffalo ny =]

  21. After seeing her in The Cake Eaters,she convinced me that she can take on any role. I haven’t gotten the chance to see The Runaways yet,because my hometown is obviously to chicken to show it. However I can’t wait to see Kristen in this new film and I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it off,as she has in her previous roles.

  22. she’ll be great like in every film!!!!!! i love her and i think that she is the best actress of her generation!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. okay, guys…really? ‘i wonder id she’ll shave her head’? my mom is the military and she DOES NOT shave her head. are you guys crazy?
    and no offense to kristen, but im really not sure if she can pull this one off.

  24. Kristen Stewart is a very clever actress and a very beautiful girl why can’t the public leave her alone? If she goes out with Robert Patterson then let her be! Leave Kristen Stewart alone please!

  25. Jennifer Alice says

    oh robert,kiss me like you miss me!i love u!look at boobie girl.big boobs,big breasts and wealth like u

  26. Jennifer Alice says

    oh robert,kiss me like you miss me!i love u!look at boobie girl.big boobs,big breasts and wealth like u!!i love u kiss me plz, Robert Pattinson!its not like you really luv Katie Leung or Kristen Stewart!

  27. I hope she does shave her head, then it would make her portrayl of a female marine ridiculous, because not only is it against marine corps regulation for females to shave their head but according to the order, female marine’s hair must be at least 1 inch in length. O wait the hair is the least important, kristen if you want to play a marine go to bootcamp.