Update on “The Host” Movie Adaptation

TheHostPBGiven the recent announcement that a The Host paperback will contain a new chapter that Stephenie Meyer had to provide the film makers, it’s no surprise that the next bit of information about the the progress toward turning the book into a film is about the script.  Deadline Hollywood has new information that  Andrew Niccol, who penned the scripts for Gattaca and The Truman Show, is on draft number three of the script for The Host.  Niccol was chosen because Gattaca is one of Stephenie Meyer’s favorite science fiction films.  The two were introduced by the film’s producers and began working together towards a finished script.  Producer Steve Schwartz said, “There is very good chemistry in this group. Stephenie is a very smart collaborator, and she had an intuitive strong hunch he would be the right guy. Based on the script we’ve seen, we think she was right. We’re thinking this will be shot in early 2011.”  No casting decisions have been made yet, and it’s still uncertain if Niccol will also direct the film.  Read the whole story over at Deadline New York.