The Host Goes Paperback With Bonus Chapter

TheHostPBStephenie Meyer updated her website with this announcement:

“Good news: The Host paperback is now available for pre-order. I have just heard from the publishing company that the paperback release will have a Reading Group Guide that includes the following:

* New, never-before-published “bonus chapter”
* An interview with Stephenie
* Discussion topics and questions
* Stephenie’s annotated playlist”

EDITED: We asked about the bonus chapter and this is what we were told, “The bonus chapter is something Stephenie wrote when she was working with the film producers – it was a scene that Stephenie always had in her head, but it couldn’t appear in the book because her narrator was unconscious at the time.  The “omitted” chapter would, chronology-wise, fall in between Chapter 58 and 59 of The Host. “

The official press release from Hachette Publishers reads:

“Startling and addictive…. An epic story of love, family, and loyalty.” –USA Today

Now in paperback!

The #1 New York Times bestseller

by the author of the Twilight Saga


by Stephenie Meyer

Special Reading Group Guide includes

a New, Never-Before-Published “Bonus Chapter”

On April 13, 2010, Back Bay Books will release the paperback edition of Stephenie Meyer’s worldwide bestseller THE HOST. With a 650,000 announced first print run, the paperback edition will feature a special Reading Group Guide that includes a new, never-before-published “bonus chapter,” an interview with Stephenie Meyer, discussion topics and questions, and the author’s annotated playlist.

THE HOST debuted at #1 on The New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list and remained there for more than a year. Meyer’s first adult novel was not only a huge commercial success, with more than 2 million copies sold, it also brought a whole new audience of readers to Stephenie Meyer. Featuring one of the most unusual love triangles in literature, THE HOST, appeals to rabid Twilight Saga fans and readers of classic literary suspense alike.

Movie rights to THE HOST have been optioned by Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, the team that produced the film of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Andrew Niccol of Gattaca and The Truman Show will write the script and direct.

In less than five years, Stephenie Meyer has become an international literary phenomenon. Her Twilight Saga has sold 100 million copies worldwide. If you missed the opportunity to review THE HOST in hardcover, now is the time to bring this unforgettable story to the attention of your readers”

Now what’s even better, is that the Lexicon will be giving away copies of the paperback edition to some of our lucky readers. We’ll give out details as soon as we get the books!


  1. Cool! 🙂

  2. I don’t quite get this. I already got the UK paperback, is this the first time it’s published as paperback in the US?

  3. Ohhh, I wonder if it’s a bonus chapter like the Twilight books, where it’s the first chapter of the next book.

    • Victoria says:

      Nope, it’s a chapter when Mel is unconscious after Wanda is taken out. In Mel’s POV. 🙂 But I do hope there will be more books. 🙂

      -V 😉

  4. Ashleigh says:

    I got a paperback version too. Was missing some pages which was annoying but meh.

    I’d be interesting to know if the new chapter is actually new and if so if it’s worth it

  5. I wonder if this edition will only be available in the US?
    Would suck to miss out on the bonus chapter 🙁

  6. Okay, I bought the hardcover last year. Where can we ‘already bought it’s’ see this bonus chapter? Will we have to read it in the store?

    • In most books stores you can thumb threw a book to determine if you wanted to buy it. I would assume that you could just read the extra chapter, or at least see if it is a preview chapter for another book. In my opinion, a “preview chapter” is not worth buying another copy of a book you already own.

      • frozenfire2001 says:

        I agree with that. I’m already planning on just reading the “bonus chapter” in the book store. I don’t have the money to throw around on a paperback of a book I already have in hardcover =(

  7. Lavinia Cullen says:

    waw:) cool

  8. KSmithGray says:

    I would love to get a give-away-copy of The Host. I purchased the hard back and took it with me on my honeymoon cruise but somehow it got lost somewhere in between Little Rock, Arkansas and Cozumel, Mexico. Bummer too, because I really wanted to read it. I nearly cried when I realized it was missing

  9. Soooooo exciting! I pray every day that Stephenie will release another book…well, you know along with world peace and to end world hunger.

    It will be interesting to read the bonus chapter! I’ll be buying the paperback just for that. Can’t wait until it hits the big screen!

  10. Awww yay! Can’t wait!

  11. UGH! I LOVED THE HOST – as much, if not more than the Twilight Saga. (ducking!) I hope she gets to those possible sequels soon.

  12. The bonus chapter shows what happens when Wanda is taken out of Mel’s body and what they’re all doing while she’s unconscious. So I guess it’s Mel’s point of view without Wanda or Ian’s… or something like that.

    • yeah, that should be interesting to see what happened when Mel had her body back. It probably won’t have much from Ian since he wouldn’t let the tank go, how much could he be involved, but it will be fun to see what Stephenie added. I don’t really want to buy the paperback since I already have the hardcover. I’ll probably just read it at the store.

  13. They just love those new never-before seen/read content with anything that’s got to do with the Twilight universe. They should stop that, it only looks like they want more and more money. I’m definitely not buying an extra copy of the book I already own, it’s silly.

    • I don’t think it’s silly for people who haven’t bought it and don’t want to spend money on the hardcover and it’s just an extra chapter.

      • I don’t think Martina was saying that it’s silly to buy the book. She was just saying that if you already own the book, it would be silly to buy it again for one extra chapter.

        I agree. However being in Australia, the book has only ever been available in paperback, and I found it in a discount store for $10 which was perfect for me.

  14. I actually loved the host and I can’t wait to for this chapter. And I hate to say this don’t throw stuff at me but the last half of the book was intense it blew the Twilight books out of the water well expect for a couple of chapters in the Twilight books that might be tied haha ..
    Anyways don’t give up on the book just keep reading it’s breath taking !

  15. I brought last year, and love this book so much. I guess I’m just going to go to the book store and read the bonus chapter…

  16. Janie S. says:

    Hmm sounds interesting. I’m definately going to have to go to my local book store to check out the bonus chapter. =3

    Btw is The Host still going to be adapted into a movie?

  17. I’m really looking forward to this! I love the book.

  18. has anyone heard anything about the movie? I’ve been trying to find info online but keep coming up empty. When is it supposed to come out?

  19. Do you know when the next part ‘The Soul’ will be out?
    In my country they didn’t publish the additional chapter which is very sad…


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