Twilight Fans Only Want to See Stars in Twilight Films

edbellabedThis frankly seemed a bit of a leap to us, that Twilight fans only want to see Twilight stars in Twilight related movies.  The LA Times is claiming that “poor box office” returns on The Runaways and Remember Me are indicative of that. However are those box office returns truly poor? They are both independent movies, not mega-franchise or big studio pieces. For that matter, The Runaways isn’t even in wide release yet.

The only Twilight star who is attached to anything like that in the near future is Jackson Rathbone in The Last Airbender, and that doesn’t come out until after Eclipse.  Valentine’s Day, a Gary Marshall big studio piece, with Taylor Lautner is currently the number three picture  of the year. Adventureland was a coming of age indie film (dime a dozen) and Little Ashes (Dali or no Dali  likeness) that bizarre caricature and bad reviews scared a lot of people off.

Don’t get us wrong, we love indie films, but not everyone does. It’s not a unique phenomena related to Twilight. Right now that is what the cast has booked. The better acid test will be Kellan Lutz in War of the Gods and Jackson Rathbone in Airbender.

According to the LA Times

“But there may be a deeper lesson here about Stewart: For all her acting versatility, when she strays from her “Twilight” wheelhouse, the fans don’t roll with her. That was, after all, also the message some experts gleaned from her first post-“Twilight” movie, “Adventureland,” which grossed just $16 million domestically despite getting some marketing play as a Stewart vehicle (and not three months after “Twilight” blew off the box-office doors). It’s a lesson that’s especially pointed with “Runaways” because Stewart, in inhabiting the role of Joan Jett, is in many ways picking up where Bella Swan left off. She’s playing the moody rebel in both, yet fans apparently only want to see her playing a certain kind of moody rebel.”

We think it’s rather insulting to Twilight fans to say that no one wants to see them in anything else. Was the same true of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? In each of those incredibly successful series there were stars that rose to the next level and others who have wallowed in obscurity(self-imposed or otherwise).

To us what it comes down to is we want to see them in a good movie. If it comes down to plunking down money at the theater the whole story has to look like something we want to see, otherwise it’s a Netflix wait.

So what do you think of the LA Times story?


  1. I totally agree with you there. I think for me personally I do want to see these movies and probably would have not cared about to see them as much without the Twilight stars being in them, at least they were brought to my attention more. On the contrary I hardly ever spend the money to go to the theater to watch movies anymore it is just too expensive and I almost always wait to rent them on DVD. However, I did make the exception for New Moon, maybe if the economy changes and I feel like I have more expendable spending money that will change but for now I am pinching pennies :D.

  2. Hello?!? Anna Kendrick anyone? Oscar nomination? I think that’s proof enough. Last Airbender is going to be amazing too

    • Twilight9009 says:

      I was about to say the same thing. Up In The Air made over $80 million and got Academy Award nominations.

  3. I personally LOVED Remember Me and will go see anything that Rob is in. I’m a rabid fan of the MAN, not the CHARACTER (Edward Cullen.)

    I DON’T plan to see The Runaways simply because Joan Jett doesn’t interest me. I didn’t like her music when I was a teen, and don’t feel the need to spend the money watching it just because Kristen Stewart is in it. I am NOT a rabid fan of hers, and will only go see her if she’s in something that interests me.

    Isn’t that what movie going is all about? You’re either following an actor or actresses career, or you’re interested in the content of the film!

    • Donna: We are SO on the same page! 🙂

    • Caroline says:

      I totally agree! I went to see Remember Me when it came out, and I loved it. I really don’t care to see The Runaways, but I liked Kristen Stewart in Panic Room, Speak, and In the Land of Women. I care about the movie, not necessarily the actor. (Though I do love Robert Pattinson).

      • I completely agree with you. I watch a movie because the movie itself looks good not because certain actors or actresses are in it. The Runaways just didn’t appeal to me. I want to see Remember Me but I still haven’t been able to get there.

  4. shannonh08 says:

    I KNOW I am gonna get some slack from this…..but here it goes anyway…..
    Standing back and looking at the entire cast as a whole I believe that Jackson has the best chance of hitting it big as a huge box-office draw. He’s very versatile as an actor…and a very good one at that. From horror to comedy…he pretty much can cross over into any genre. I feel that 2010 and into 2011 is going to be huge for him!

    • I agree with you! I LOVE JACKSON RATHBONE, TOO!

      But I wonder…would I get anything out of the movie, considering I don’t even know what an airbender is?? LOLOL

      • shannonh08 says:

        It’s based off of a Nickelodeon cartoon. I have seen a few episodes and it is quite good. Don’t think not ever seeing the cartoon will effect the movie.

    • next jonny deep anyone

  5. Linda, Houston, TX says:

    I have seen Remember Me 3 times and it gets better each time. I think since Rob was only allowed less than a week to push this film and that it is a difficult film to watch for most Americans that many people stayed away. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Rob had to pull off and 21 yr old man coming of age, dealing with a devastating loss, a fragile mom, pull off an amazing relationship with a little sister, deal with a seemingly uncaring father he is constatnly at odds with, fall in love, find himself, learn to trust himself, rekindle live in his whole family and suffer a tragic end. WOW! and he pulled it off. Twilight fans should be flocking to this movie. Oh, and it also reminds Americans of an event and the feelings we had about that event in a real and sensitive way. Feelings which I think many of us have forgotten. The whole cast was perfect but Rob did a phenomenal job. Watch this film take off in DVD sales.

    • shannonh08 says:

      Oh I agree……DVD sales will be HUGE.

    • I agree. I’ve seen this movie twice. Once with my daughter, and another with my husband. He has urged everyone he knows to go and see it he liked it so much. But I guarantee the acting performances will be overcriticized and overlooked simply because they are looking for something to find fault with. Both Rob and Kristen(and Taylor also for that matter) are doing the types of roles that interest them, and that’s the way it should be. They said these same things about the actors in Titanic when it was so popular and we all know how that turned out. 🙂
      I agree, DVD sales will be huge and the performances should be acclaimed by critics.

  6. Well..of all the Twilight stars, only Robert Pattinson has captured my FULL attention and devotion and I will watch ANY movie which he appears in.
    Remember Me was awesome and can’t wait for Bel Ami!

    As for the rest, it will depend on whether the movies they are in appeal to me…eg The Last Airbender actually looks quite good and I’m familiar with the cartoon series, thanks to my sons!

    I didn’t have time to watch Up In The Air…but will probably get the DVD eventually.

    • And yes, I HAVE watched How To Be, Little Ashes, The Haunted Airman and The Bad Mother’s Handbook, in addition to HPGOF/OOTP of course. Rob did well enough in them all. 🙂

  7. In a way, they are correct if they are comparing the Twilight numbers to the other projects mentioned. Obviously, Twilight fans are seeing these movies, particularly “Little Ashes”, “Remember Me”, and “The Runaways”. If they didn’t have Rob or Kristen in them they probably would have made no money at all. “Little Ashes” would not have even had a distributor. With the exception of “Remember Me” the movies have no other stars to bring people in.

    Regardless, Rob and Kristen are doing the right thing and going for projects that interest them. At this stage of their career, it should be about honing their craft as they seem to want longevity.

    • The Twilight stars can’t afford to just act in Twilight movies, nor would I want them to. They are being smart about choosing the films they want to do. For example, when they did Twilight in the first place they never thought it would be a big film so they didn’t do it for that reason. Both Rob and Kristen seem to choose roles that appeal to them on a personal level, and I applaud them for that. Critics were hard on Remember Me because it didn’t bring in lots of money…Rob knew it was going to be a small film to begin with and it wasn’t meant to bring in lots of money. He did the film because it appealed to him. And, because it was done on such a low budget, it will still bring in plenty of money.

  8. This is just a bunch of hooey – sure I like the Twilight films, but I want to see those actors in other projects. I love to watch movies in the theater and will go sometimes based on the actors involved, but most often based on the content. All the tepid reviews of these little movies, like you stated, leave out the fact that they are not as widespread and are not showing at smaller venues. I had to travel a ways to get to a theater that played Remember Me (which I really liked) and can’t find anyplace close that is playing The Runaways – both of which may find there way here eventually. Anna Kendrick was great in Up in the Air, but again I had to wait a few weeks before it even played in my home town.

  9. I have seen all of these movies (along with going back and watching other movies that these stars have done in the past). I have found some really good movies such as Remember Me, Speak, Into the Wild and some not so good movies. BUT I have watched them all. I can honestly say that I would not have watched 98% of these movies if one of the stars of Twilight was not in it. I am sure I am not the only one that has gone and done this. If a movie has not done good in the box office, just imagine how bad it would have done if they did not have some of these actors in the movie.

  10. I find the LA Times article an insult! I love the Twilight actors and I would love to see them in anything they come out in besides the Twilight saga so long as the story line is interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing Jackson Rathbone in The Last Airbender and other independent films he is currently working on. I would love to have seen Remember Me, but the theater in my city didn’t put it in its movie lineup. So I missed out on that one.

  11. KSmithGray says:

    I don’t think this little article was even worth mentioning. Twilight has never gotten a break from reviews to critics to media. They have always been blinded (jealous?) of the phenomena that is Twilight. They hate the fangirls and the hype and they let that cloud their better judgement when looking at the movies and release weekend numbers objectively. What they should be concerning themselves with is the performance of the actors, something they have yet to complain about in their solo movies. This story is nothing but neative and bringing it up does nothing but gue credit to the idea that we don’t love our actors. That’s not true.

    In case Hollywood hasn’t noticed, we’re in an economic crisis. And yes, New Moon is ONLY $30.00 and a trip for two to the movies is ONLY $35.00, but when you don’t have $65.00 to blow on stuff, you can’t do both. It makes sense for a Twilight fan to choose to purchase a Twilight movie before seeing an unrelated movie that a Twilight actor is in.

    Robert, Kristen: We are exceedingly proud of your performances and your tolerance of all the shit you have to put up with. Thank you for enduring it for us so we can enjoy our favorite books brought to life.

  12. that’s actually an absurd thing to say….there are many people out there who havent even read the books and are only familiar with the movies because they think that rpatz is hot or kristen stewart is pretty….so why wont such people go and watch them in other movies since they actually watched twilight only to see the actors?

  13. AliceKikiCullen says:

    The only reason I don’t wanna see the runaways or Adventerland is because of the rating. I don’t watch R movies! I love seeing the twilight stars, harry potter stars heck any of my favorite stars in other movies. I want to see Remember me soooo bad but there is no were for me to go see it!!! I think the LA times is just igronant of the brains and values of the Twilight Fan base. Big shocker. The plot matter just as much as the actors thanks.

    • I agree with you–I didn’t see the Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick movies because of their R ratings. I loved Remember Me, but the critics were overly dramatic about it and I think it scared people off. I won’t see Airbender, just because I have no interest in the subject.
      There are too many variables in why people see movies to put the blame on the actors or the fans.

      • I completly agree with these comments. I don’t watch rated R movies, so these movies will not get my money in the theater or on DVD.
        Plus, Runaways is limited release, and as a rate R movie, isnt’ going to get all the teens and young kids it would get if it were PG-13.
        I don’t go to see a movie because my favorite actors are in it. Brendan Fraiser and Harrison Ford are two of my all time favorites, and they were recently in a movie together, but I never went to see it. The subject was unappealing to me, so I skipped it, despite the cast, and the PG-13 rating.

        I, fortunatly, have a husband who’s not embarassed to go with me to things deemed “chick flicks” and he very much enjoyed Remember Me. I wish I could use the phrase “I loved it,” but given the nature of the movie, and extreme traumatic events in it, I don’t think that phrase would be appropriate. It’s not a happy go lucky rom/com. It was touching, heartbreaking, and very worth my $10. Any man who goes to this this movie and doesn’t shed at least one tear at the end is cold and heartless.

    • I agree, I don’t see R-rated movies either. I think that has a pretty big impact on how many people go see a movie, despite the cast or story. Some people still do screen movies based on moral content.

      Also, like a lot of other people have pointed out, do the LA times not realize that the economy is not that great? My husband and I can’t afford to go see a movie every weekend. We normally pick 3 or 4 movies that we are most excited about and choose to go see those movies in the theater. I love the twilight cast, but if I am only going to see 3 or 4 movies in the theater a year it is not going to be based off of a cast member, it will be for the story.

      • i only see one movie a year as paid by my aunt [in a differnt state] around my brithday people dont go to the movies every weekend unless they work there

  14. i think the LA times can kiss my shoes. i have been a fan of kristen stewart since i saw her in “speak”. they didn’t say that when megan fox’s movie after transformers bombed! didn’t blame it on people only wanting to see her in transformers

  15. I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously? Comparing Bella to Joan Jett? Moody rebels? Could they possibly BE more polar opposites?!

  16. The Weasel says:

    Uh, I’ve been a fan of Kristen since Panic Room. I’ve seen every single movie she’s been in since then. Maybe not at the cinema lately (certainly not now due to the economy and funding and priorities like a roof over my head and food to eat) but you can be sure that it has nothing to do with Twilight. Though I was overly excited when I found out she got the part, because I’ve been totally in love with her, I think it’s ridiculous to make such assumptions so early. First of all, as mentioned such movies aren’t even wide release. Second of all, the Twilight series isn’t even done at the box office yet so there’s really little time to be filming other huge big budget movies with huge company names attached to them (re: The Yellow Hankerchief was filmed what? 3 years ago? Adventureland was filmed before Twilight as well, I know this because it was filmed in Pittsburgh where I live). I’m not saying this is true for all of the cast because obviously there are others who have filmed movies in the meantime and The Runaways was filmed between but that brings me back to the wide release issue.

    Frankly, I could give a care less about Robert Pattinson. I know I will get hate for this. But no, I probably won’t see any of his movies unless the story catches my attention. I don’t find anything appealing about him. I can say the same for most of the cast except for Ashley Greene, for some reason she has a spark that catches me. Also, some of the other minor characters, I would probably see their movies out of interest for them and if the story caught my eye.

    Though I have no interest, I am sure the Airbender will be a huge success. It’s got it’s fanboys and fangirls not just because of Jackson but because of what it is based off.

    I think judgment is being passed far too early on all of this. Not to mention, I think there is a hint of the whole “crazy fandom is only made up of teen and pre-teen audience” in between the lines of that article but I could just be reading into things and being bitter and cynical since I’m in the older crowd who usually gets ignored.

  17. The author of this article was so pessimistic and negative. I am now officially convinced that there are critics out there, including this author obviously, who just hate anything that has a connection to Twilight and the actors. This is unfortunate because I think Rob and Kristen are both very talented and have the potential to play different kinds of roles. I would like to see Rob work with great actors and directors in heavy dramas. I’m waiting for Bel Ami, it sounds like it’s going to be amazing. KStew should just keep doing her thing – she was playing the “moody rebel” (it sounds so condenscending in the article) person beforehand.

    They need time to build careers as young adult actors. Unfortunatly we live in a world that wants the final judgment now. Whatever, screw the critics. And I liked Little Ashes, I thought it was a good film not “bizarre.”

  18. Being a fan of the Twilight series does not make you want to run out and see every movie the stars are in. Anyone could have been Bella & Edward.
    I did see Remember Me because I thought it would be a good movie (an it was). At this point I don’t think the cast are able to produce box office hits just because they are Twilight stars. I do wish them the best and will watch anything Robert Pattinson is in. I actually bought and watched the movie he was in as a weird/bad guitar player, but it was funny. I really liked the Haunted Airman, have Little Ashes but as yet to watch it..

  19. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    That’s absolutely ridiculous! I saw Valentine’s Day a week after it opened, I saw Remember Me TWICE last week, and I’m looking forward to seeing The Runaways when it opens nationwide. Sorry, but there isn’t a theater showing TR within a 600-mile radius. Give us a break! Geez!
    And when Skateland and The Last Airbender comes out, I’ll be seeing that too. I’m even considering seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street even though I’m not a big horror movie fan. 🙂
    I DO understand what people are talking about concerning Remember Me – opening weekend numbers were very disappointing. But as for The Runaways….it was released in limited theaters, people! You’re getting ahead of yourselves. If The Runaways bombs at the box office in April, THEN I MIGHT agree with you.

    • Brittanylovestwilight says:

      …and I’m not seeing these movies because “Edward Cullen” or “Bella Swan” are in them. I’m seeing them because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are. The actors who have emerged from the Twilight movies are fantastic actors and genuine people. I’m seeing these movies in support of the actors themselves – not the characters they portray in Twilight.

  20. I think Remember Me had a decent opening for a low-budget drama. Without Rob being in it, RM wouldn’t have made 2 million at the box office. So, it’s not true that Rob doesn’t attract people to see his movies. However, it’s a fact that most of the American Twilight fans didn’t show up to support Rob. Before this I really thought Twilight fans are fans of the actors as well, not just the characters they portray, but I guess all the girls that scream their lungs out in premieres and other events only care about Edward Cullen. That’s really disappointing and a shame. Remember Me is a great movie and Rob is brilliant in it.

  21. People are just trying to come up with another way to make the Twilight fans mad. They know we get riled up when someone says something about us. I know that I saw Remember Me the weekend it opened. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. The Runaways doesn’t look like a movie I really want to see. I might rent it when it comes out on DVD, but I probably won’t go see it in theaters unless someone else wants to go see it.
    Part of the reason I want to see these movies is because the Twilight star, whichever it may be, is in it. But, I also actually like the preview. I don’t go see a movie if I think it looks boring because seriously, what’s the point. If it looks boring in the two/three minute trailer, it’s most likely going to be bored for its two hour length.

  22. higgin704 says:

    I loved Remember Me and Adventureland, and I would like to see The Runaways DESPITE not caring for KStew. So no, I don’t feel I am reluctant to watch them in other roles at all.

  23. Twilight, is a career Defining franchise. Stewart and Patterson will be forever known as Edward and Della. Just like in Star Trek, where the stars were never able to shed their “Star Trek” persona, Twilight is their epi-center of their careers.

    Here’s hoping Stephanie Meyer realizes that, and starts working on more books.. and maybe even a Twilight TV series.

  24. Elizabella says:

    I think that the media in general needs to stick to a decision on who they think the twihards (gosh I hate that name) are. Are they screaming tweens or older? If they are tweens then some of the movies the Twilight actors are in are not appropriate. For instance, my god-daughter is 6 and she’s watched twilight but would I take her to see Remember Me? Definitely not. The themes in it are far too mature. Same with the Runaways. I know some moms that won’t even see an R Rated movie so that takes out a segment of the twilight audience.

    I also agree that the twilight fans have had the new moon dvd, remember me, and the runaways all come out within about 3 weeks. That can take a signigicant cash outlay to take care of all three and I agree, most people would choose the dvd.

    What Twilight has done for me is exposed me to other films. I would not have seen Adventureland if not for Kristen. I would definitely not go see the Runaways if not for Kristen and Dakota. I sat through the Haunted Airman for Rob (which I would not do again since I’m scared of spiders). I will see Skateland for Ashle and the Last Airbender for Jackson.

    I must just say that there isn’t a person around I feel that wouldn’t benefit from seeing Remember Me. It shouldn’t matter who is in it, anybody over the age of 15 or so should go see it

    • Please give The Runaways movie a chance before you count them out it does’ent open wide until 4/9, last weekend was all about new moon DVD, friday partys buying it and saturday nite watching it. So this weekend will be better I’m sure because thers a lot of good word of mouth talk going around about how great the movie is. Like a lot of fans I won’t be able to see it until it opens wide, the closest its playing now is three hundred miles away.

  25. I also find this article pretty insulting. Yes, movie prices are high, but probably most of the movies that I do choose to see are movies that have the Twilight actors in it. After seeing Remember Me, and I might get some flack for this, but I think that Rob is too talented to play Edward Cullen. He just showed such depth and emotion in this role and I absolutely loved it. Even though it was bizarre, I really liked him in Little Ashes too. Salvador Dali wasn’t the greatest man though. I rented The Haunted Airman, and of course I loved him as Cedric Diggory.

    I’m also a fan of Kristen! I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile and I enjoyed her in Into the Wild, the Messengers, Panic Room and Adventureland. I really wanna see the Runaways, but because I am jobless, I can’t afford to go see it since it’s not at my five dollar movie theater.

    For me, it’s exciting to see these actors in different films. I want to see what else they can do besides Twilight, especially for the actors who were virtually unknown prior to this, like Ashley or Jackson. I’m very excited for their movies, and I do plan on seeing The Nightmare on Elm Street even if Kellan does have a small part in it.

    If I’ve learned anything about this Twilight movie thing, it is that critics will bad mouth anything having to do with the project, even if it means bashing the fans in the process. I’ve learned not to pay much attention to the reviews or articles like this for that reason. I think it’s rather sad actually.

    • Ally, I’m with you in that Rob is too talented to play Edward Cullen. The difference in the QUALITY of the two scripts is enormous! Remember Me is an excellent written script and the character, Tyler Hawkins, has so much depth of emotion. The Twilight scripts have been less than inspiring to me. And Edward Cullen’s character (even though we all love him) is so controlled that it’s not a very good representation of just how good an actor Robert Pattinson is.

      And Kristen Stewart looks the same to me in every role she plays. (I’ll probably get some flak for THAT! LOL)

  26. Rosmelie says:

    My thought on this:

    Um, do they not remember Rob playing a certain Cedric Diggory in a major blockbuster hit called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Just wondering.

    I have been an avid Kristen fan since she did Panic Room because in that, I knew she was going to grow and become something more…so I stuck with watching her. For The Runaways, not only had I been given word that it was an amazing film from someone that went to Sundance, but like you put it…it’s not even widely released. I drove over 2 hours to see it.

    Rob’s movie Remember Me…I’d read the script (courtesy a friend in the business) well before the promos came out, and I fell in love with the story first. When I saw the actual movie, it made it even that much more special then just the script alone. I cried during it.

    Taylor – Valentine’s Day…um, hello Hollywood? Apparently they’re not sizing up the factor that Taylor is in that movie? And think, he was in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Cheaper By The Dozen 2…so really do they think he’s a no one or something?

    Many people went to see Prom Night because Kellan was in it, and the thing is, you hardly see him at all but I think maybe twice in the film. But people went because of him.

    Some of us went to see Up in the Air, not because of George Clooney, but because of Anna Kendrick. I still remember seeing her as Fritzy in CAMP and that was when I first knew that I was going to love her roles, whatever she took on.

    If I have learned anything over time, it’s that critics are usually old guys who, don’t really know much about teen movies to begin with. Or teen stars for that matter. Films like Twilight, and New Moon, will never have a high standard set from critics and will always receive a bad review. So what exactly stops them from giving other films that the stars from these films are in, a bad review? It’s more or less up to us as fans, either because of the fact that we’ve been persuaded by Twilight to see the stars branch out…or we’ve been following them since their beginnings, to hold strong and keep seeing them in other films.

  27. That article isn’t really taking everything into consideration. Not only are these indie films, but The Runaways is rated R. PG-13 movies just do better. They’re more accessible to younger kids.

  28. Twilight is a much bigger phenonomenon than any of the actors who are in these movies. The article is pointing out that the lead actors couldn’t build on the momentum to other movies because of their association with the blockbuster franchise. So the article seems to support the current trend in Hollywood that even big name actors don’t have the
    power to command the big salaries they used to based on brand name alone.

    But it’s too early to make the call on whether or not the actors could bring in box office success after Twilight. Even big named, highly paid actors have box office flops throughout their careers.

    Among the 3 leads, Taylor seems to be the most promising and bankable after Twilight. He made that annoying, immature Jacob Black character in the book actually likeable and endearing on screen, which is a testament to his talented acting ability. The article even notes that he’s signed on for two big-budget action films, which should appeal to a segment of the audience that was not as prevalent in the Twilight films–teenage boys and adult men.

    • i also found jacob annoying in the books when i read the books liked him about 3/10 but in the movie hes about a 6

  29. I totally disagree with comparison. I am going to see Remember Me and The Runaways and not because of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. I have been waiting to see The Runaways but I believe it is only showing in selected theaters. I know where I live Remember Me is just now available.

  30. NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!! The Runaways isn’t playing where I live and Remember Me hasn’t even come to my theater yet! URGH! I’ve been a fan of Kristen since before the Twilight films (In the Land of Women,The Messengers, Zathura, SPEAK(my first Kristen Stewart movie), Panic room.)so that is a wrong statement. There are some movies that Twilight stars are in that I don’t really care for only because of the plot, and there are other movies Twilight stars are in that I am interested in seeing!

    So tough cookies Mr. LA Times!

  31. I’m still shocked that Remember Me isn’t making much. Forgetting the actors and actresses the film it self is amazing. The story is phenomenal and the only reason I can see is that during economical down turn more people tend to see fantasy and comedy movies.

    I want to see The Runaways but I think it’s like showing in three theaters in America!! I mean I’d have seen it this weekend if it didn’t take over 6 hrs to get to a theater that was showing it.

    Also Pierce Bronson was in it so do the Bond fans not want to see him in anything non Bond related?

  32. I am a Twilight fan (31 yrs old). I have seen Remember Me twice and saw The Runaways over the weekend (and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it again). However, most Twilight fans are teenagers and cannot see The Runaways because it’s rated R. Also, many teens might not have any desire to see a movie about a 1970’s all-girl band. In addition, both of these movies are independent films – not mass-produced, mass-marketed movies. The Runaways isn’t even in wide-release until April. The bigger test will come when/if they do a major Hollywood picture. Perhaps Jackson Rathbone in The Last Airbender will be a better movie to judge this theory by, but then again, he is not one of the “big three” of the Twilight series. I’m not saying they don’t have a point here, it’s just not an across-the-board thing (I am the perfect example) and there are many extenuating circumstances.

  33. Um, ooh I wonder why TWILIGHT FANS like to watch TWILIGHT related films. The Runaways isn’t aimed at Twi-Hards, and as Kristen has said many times before, she chooses films on whether she likes them, not to please her fans.
    Personally, I think Little Ashes is an amazing film, but it’s not supposed to appeal to everyone in “Team Edward”.

  34. The “Moody rebel” thing really bugs me. But its true, Kristen always plays the moody rebel. Frankly because she puts way too much of herself in her acting. Which is why I really don’t like her as bella. Bella is not a Moody Rebel, moody ok, everyone is moody, but rebel no way.
    To be perfectly honest, I don’t care about the stars in the movie, I mean yeah, Rob is hot, so is kellan, but I just wanna see my favorite books get made properly. Its not fair to put the sales of these other movies on us. The stars don’t really have much to do with the success of the movies. Its the books that sent most of us to the theater, not Kristen or taylor or rob.


  36. Twilight made me more interested in the actors. They’re actors they need to be different people, it’s their job. I just saw Remember Me, even though I bawled my eyes out, I loved it. I liked Adventureland as well. The Runaways does interest me. I don’t know if I’ll go to see it in theaters, but I want to see it eventually.

  37. I think it’s kind of a credit to us that, tho we love them, we’re not being lead around by our noses. You know? People are interested in different things, I love many actors who have done movies that I’m simply not interested in, no big, I’ll catch the next one. As was stated, some people are just not into indi films. Then there’s the fact that there are MANY wonderful actors/tresses in this series and, I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t afford to go to EVERY movie that catches my eye, I don’t have the time and I don’t have the money.

  38. Cullenfanforever says:

    On the contrary im a fan of edward cullen and will buy anything with him on it but not so much a fan of robert. Im obssesed with twiligh

  39. MariposaAlice says:

    That is pretty insulting to both the Twilight actors and Twilight fans. I didn’t see Adventureland because I didn’t think it looked like a good movie, same for Remember Me. I want to see Valentine’s Day, but I’m waiting for the DVD release because I don’t think it’s worth the 10 dollars. I DO want to see The Runaways, but that’s not in wide release yet. I do want to see The Last Airbender (because I was a fan of the series), and I do want to see War of the gods (because I like mythology). I saw many of Kristen Stewart’s movies before Twilight came out because she was in it…as well as Prom Night, because Kellan was in it. I just think that’s a pretty ridiculous article, because as you said, do people go see Shia Lebouf and Megan Fox movies because of Transformers? I don’t think so.


    • dandelion says:

      i agree ~ the point is, most of us are in love with the story, in love with Edward and Bella, not RobPat or Kristen ~ they just don’t get it ~

  41. They are comparing apples to oranges in this article. The rolls have NOTHING to do with one another, and people are going to see movies not only because of the actors in them, but because of the storyline. I haven’t seen a number of Robs films, not because I won’t support him or I don’t think he is capable of playing very well in those movies, but because the plots don’t interest me.

    And another point: The Runaways hasn’t even come out where I live yet. They can’t state how well a movie does until the national release date.

  42. It’s rare that I would go to see a film based solely on who is in it, even if an actor of tremendous talent were starring. Of course, when that is the case, they tend to elevate the film to a level it would not otherwise have achieved anyway. Personally I don’t care about the actors in the Twilight movies, at least not enough to go to see a film just because they are in it. I have no desire to see Remember Me or The Runaways. I agree with most people here that it’s the story and the crafting of the film itself that are most important, and of course, great direction. I’d be more likely to see a film based on the director than on the actors in it. And yeah, I think it’s weird to think that Twilight fans only want to see the actors in Twilight roles. I would say the opposite actually…that some, not all, but some, Twilight fans would go to see a movie just because Pattinson or Stewart were in it, no matter what the movie was, good, bad or indifferent.

  43. Twilibrarian says:

    Time for the 59 year old’s opinion. The LA Times article is full of baloney. First off, many of the movies made by the Twilight cast have an “other than PG-13” rating and therefore, the younger Twifans can’t attend.

    As a devoted follower of the books, movies, cast, etc., I love seeing how these young people are taking on other projects and being successful. They are venturing out into some uncharted “indie” waters, as well as doing quality work for Summit.

    My problem with the LA Times, as well as other Twi-bashing critics is that they just don’t get it. When a good majority of the critic are men, is it any wonder they just don’t get romance? Romance is nor preceeded by car chases, explosions, or raw sex with a hooker on a kitchen counter! (Eery man’s fantasy?)

    There is not one actor out there who has not made bombs or brilliance. Do you think everything Tom Hanks has done is top rate? Think “The Lady Killers,” yet he’s won 2 Oscars. Sandra Bullock has made some “dogs” as has Meryl, Helen, Maggie Smith, etc.

    So, LA Times, lay off the Twilight cast. You just sound petty and ill-informed. We are sick of listening to your drivel and poor journalism.

  44. Loved Adventureland! I thought Kristen really pulled it off the by showing the pain her character felt. She was also fantastic in Speak playing a rape victim very convincingly and in The Cake Eaters She never left her character. I would LOVE to see The Runaways but it did not open nationwide. What’s with that? Both her and Dakota look amazing in that movie. I would also like to see Welcome To The Rileys, hopefully it will get the distribution. It’s not only teens that like these actors. Also for the Twilight actors to be successful, they need to be asked to be in films with big name actors with good directors and a good story line. The industry just needs to give them a chance. They really aren’t there yet to open and carry a movie on their own.

  45. CullenChik says:

    If I had time, I would definitely leave a long, opinionated account concerning my feelings about this LA Times article. However, since I do not have the time, I will sum-up my opinion in a few words.

    This. Is. A. Load. Of. Crap.

  46. If you think about it had those films soared they would just blame it on a Twilight related fluke not they’re amazing acting skills. I wish they would just leave them alone, but NOOOO the haters are secretly obsessed with Twilight and the actors and can only justify why they’re watching it for articles. So do us all a favor and come out of the Twilight closet. We bite. I promise. 😉

  47. I saw Remember Me AND The Runaways! Both were great! I’m a huge TWILIGHT fan.. and a huge Rob and Kristen and Taylor fan. I’d probably see any movie that had them in it.. if kristen or dakota were not in The Runaways i would not have seen it but because I like them both I saw it and loved it, they both did great. You guys should check it out! Anyways I know I’ll continue to see the stars in their other movies.. I also saw Valentine’s Day – Taylor was also great. Anyways- the movies may not have been blockbusters like Twilight but they were great movies (not saying Twilight isn’t) , thats what matters isn’t it?

  48. Other than Kristen (loved her in Panic Room and The Messengers), I knew none of these actors prior to Twilight but am now keeping an eye on their projects to see if I might be interested. I liked Adventureland, but it won’t appeal to everyone. How To Be and the Haunted Airman both seemed to have interesting stories, so I tried them. I liked them, but would not recommend them to everyone. They did give Rob a chance to increase his acting skills, however (my mom remembers Airman as “Rob in that asylum movie”).

    I went to Remember Me because I knew Rob could act and it looked like a story I might like. I was blown away, however, by how great it was (I’ve seen it 6 times and cried every time) – especially the relationship between Rob’s and Ruby’s characters. And I’m keeping an eye on Ruby, too, since I’ve seen her in this and Nurse Jackie (which I started watching because Peter made it sound so interesting and it is). I’ve been recommending Remember Me to anyone who will listen and will get the DVD the day it hits the shelves. Rob IS a better actor than Twilight gives him a chance to be.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Airbender, which I was interested in more for Shyamalan and the story than Jackson; Jackson is the icing on the cake. But I probably won’t see The Runaways because it isn’t a story I’m interested in – I wasn’t interested in Joan Jett when I was young – and I won’t see Elm Street b/c the original just scared me too much. So, while I love these actors that Twilight introduced me to, it still comes down to the story to get me into the theater.

  49. dandelion says:

    to be honest, twilight and new moon have been so successful only because most of the fans want to see the book come into real life ~ don’t underestimate how crazy we fans are falling for the twilight series ~ you know what, i could bet with my last pay check that if SM rewrites the whole thing in Edward’s perspective, these books will be selling more than the previous ones ~ just ask a fan how many times she has re-read the series and still thinks that she can’t get enough?

    among the three, i think Taylor Lautner did the best ~ i can’t help thinking that even Summit picked someone else to play Edward and Bella, the results would be the same ~

    • i agree shell finish midnightsun [which like the best so far] i think she just weighting for the ‘tub to cool’ before its out

      rob is great but couldve got better

      kirshen is crap

      taylor is a good in a way that makes like jocob [even in a tiny ,small way]

  50. The article makes me mad. We are continually being poked at because we like Twilight. I want to see the Runaways and Remember me but I cannot go to the theater every time a movie is released. I rented Adventurland, The Cake Eaters, and Little Ashes. I am going to wait to rent Remember Me and The runaways. Little Ashes was disturbing in a couple of parts but it wasn’t a bad movie and it showed that Robert Pattinson is a diverse actor. It is wrong that they wrote this article. When people write articles like this it makes everyone think we are crazy, completely obsessed (in a bad way), or that we like nothing other than Twilight. I am sure there are fans out there that are those things but for the most part we are fans just like any other.

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