More from Collider: Remember Me Clips and Interview

Collider has just what you’re aching for if you can’t wait for more “Remember Me” info. They have 8 clips from the film, 24 still images, and 20 mins of behind the scenes footage. To read the full article and see all the fotage, visit Collider’s site here. They also have this great interview of Rob from the press junket for the film.


  1. Maelina says:

    I just love Rob’s interviews. Remember Me looks really good, can’t wait! Hope you guys have fun at the premiere!

  2. OK OFF TOPIC: they are not letting Muse onto the soundtrack of Eclipse!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!! why is Slade being a jerk? Or is it Scummit? Somebody gotta tell them whats the deal!! Omg im gonna throw up! Between Rachelle not being in Eclipse now this?! Ugh! :_( very disheartened, i certainly dont have high hopes now for BD! *sigh*

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