We need your Red Carpet questions for “Remember Me”

In just a few days, Pel will brave the winter storm in NYC to stand on the Red Carpet at the premiere for Rob Pattinson’s new movie “Remember Me.”  those of you who have heard Pel talk about her “New Moon” red carpet experience know that she has the ability to take on a surge of photographers to get her two minute sound bite from the stars!  So hopefully she’ll not only have the chance to talk to Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and Chris Cooper, but that she will also snag the coveted Rob interview as well!

Now, we have stayed pretty up to date with the info for this film, but we admit that we aren’t as knowledgeable for this one as we are for the Twilight films.  So we are asking for your help.  If you have a great question for any of the stars of the film, we want to hear from you!  Just leave your question below and we will sort through them to find the best!  Make sure you indicate who your questions is for.  We want lots of questions for all the cast, so please, help us out so that we can bring you some great footage next week!

Check out the full cast list at the IMDB and be sure to see the film on March 13 as part of the Remember Me Saturday campaign.


  1. hi! i have a question for robert (:
    In twilight you have this super power; you can read minds.
    can you do something in real life that is special and not many people can do?

  2. Rob, You’ve worked on both low budget indie films and major block busters, which do you fine more challenging?

    RM is your first movie you produced. What did you learn from this experience?

    BTW I’ll be one of the masses squished in at the red carpet lol. I may only see the cast for a nanosecond but I’m still going!

  3. everyone knows you from Twilight, but i love the work that you do in other films. would you rather do big-budget blockbusters or do you prefer smaller/independent films that really showcase your acting skills??

  4. for robert: so how does it feel to be compared to a young elvis?

    for pierce: you’ve performed in different kinds of films: comedy, action/adventure, etc.. which is your favorite?

  5. Pamela Wiley says:

    I have a question for Emilie de Ravin, How was it working with Robert and being his love interest? Also, What was it like to kiss him? LoL

  6. Robert, how happy are you with your performance in Remember Me? On a scale of 1 to 10.

  7. Robert, What was the biggest challenge for you in becoming Tyler?

  8. Ask Rob how he deals w/romantic Chemistry from 1 actress to next? Is it more natural w/some vs.another? What if there is NO chemistry and how does he deal with that?

  9. Robert, did you feel much pressure to be able to carry the lead in this film? and if you did, did it make you want to work that much harder to prove yourself?

    Emilie, we know they auditioned a lot of girls for the part of Ally, you being the last, so how did you feel about your audition and whether you would get the part?

    Pierce, you’ve worked with many talented actors, including the ones in this film, how proud are you of these young actor’s performances in this film?

    Chris, you play an over protective father and a New York City police officer in this film, how did both aspects of this character affect you personally?

  10. For Rob, If you could pick your next co star, who would it be and why? Who inspires you?

  11. You have portrayed a wide variety of characters in your movies, is there any character you would absolutely love to portray in the future? Also, is there any director in particular that you would like to make a film with?

  12. Robert, director Allen Coulter said, “If I had seen ‘Twilight,’ I might not have hired him. He is so limited by the kinds of traits he has to express. It’s not that psychologically complex.” How would you compare playing Edward to playing Tyler, or other roles?

    After the tabloid’s portrayals of Kristen Stewart and him being “together” at the BAFTA awards, can the two of them happen to be in the same place again?

    Nikki Reed said that she knew whether “Breaking Dawn” was going to be one or two films; would you care to comment?

  13. TO EMILIE OR ROB: you guys are such good actors, can you see yourself directing someday and what would yo like to direct? 🙂

  14. For Rob

    You have done a lot of more dramatic roles in the last couple of years but do have some history with comedy in the past is it something you would like to do again soon or are you more character driven at the moment?

  15. Lainie Parkinson says:

    Did you all immediately get along with one another as a cast or did it take some time to feel comfortable with one another ?

  16. This is a question for Rob, Emilie & Pierce. All three of you are not Americans. Is it difficult to stay in character since the accent is not yours. Do you speak in your regular accent or do you stay in character throughout the day while shooting. Thanks

  17. Rob – new york city seems to be such force in the movie : what is your favorite place in the city or favorite thing about this city?

    Emilee: w/ Lost ending and a high profile role, do you see yourself expanding more into Movies or searching for other TV roles?

    Pierce – you have always been a heartthrob. Any advice given to Rob or a passing of the torch so to say?

  18. This question is for Robert: Do you think you guys would ever come to Pocatello idaho to do a book signing with Stephanie Meyer? that would be awsome if you did.

  19. Twilibrarian says:

    For Rob: Who are you more like in real life, Edward or Tyler?

    Pierce: Having played James Bond, did you have to employ any special gadgets when playing RPatz’s father?

    Chris: You have played varying roles in your career. Can we talk you into joining in on the “Breaking Dawn” fun?

  20. There are great questions on here but I want to post a suggestion. Kristin’s press tour for the Yellow Handkerchief was stuffed with Twilight questions. I’d LOVE to hear about this movie, since Eclipse will have its own press tour. Please try to ask Remember Me questions only.

    That being said, something you could ask every cast member, “what was it about this character that made you decide to take on the role?”
    Or, “what scene were you most excited to film and to see it translate to the big screen?”

  21. Pierce:you usually play the good guy/hero how was it playing a less likeable character??

    and for Rob: How was it having James Bond as your Dad?? LOL

  22. For Emilie:
    tv shows or movie which do you prefer? And why?
    who on the cast have you learned the most from?

  23. Emilie: what was more fun to play? Claire (especially the crazy Claire for Season 6) from lost or Ally from Remember Me?
    For anyone: was there anything that happened on set that was really funny?

  24. Please don’t ask anything Twilight related. I’m sure Rob will get enough of those questions at the press junket on Saturday. I think everyone should concentrate on Remember Me, it is a great story and it doesn’t deserve to be overshadowed by this huge franchise. But you guys at Lexicon are great, I’m sure you know what to ask!

  25. For Chris: You always stand out in the supporting roles and I always find them the most interesting. Do you feel you can really stretch yourself as an actor in the supporting role without having the pressure of the lead.

  26. This is sort of an off-topic question, but it’s one I’ve never heard anyone ask ANY of the actors of Twilight. I’m dying to know the answer!

    For Rob: How do you feel about amateur fanfiction writers writing stories with YOU, Robert Pattinson, as a main character? Do you take it as a compliment, or do you feel its an invasion of your privacy?

  27. just a random light-hearted question for all of them:

    What’s your biggest pet peeve, like people who chew with their mouth open or people who click their pens all the time?

  28. caitlin pattinson says:

    Rob- Even though you have your very dedicated fans who follow your every move online, are you aware of the handfull of websites that are dedicated for you Kristen and Taylor with a app called RESPECT that only uses information which has been officially released? what do you think of these?

    p.s my family name is Pattinson allways has been:P
    p.p.s i also got a sister called Victoria and my mums called Elizabeth how spooky:P
    p.p.p.s and im british (WELSH)

  29. Wow Caitlin! LOL Very spooky! I think I’d be researching my family history right now to see if I’m somehow distantly related to RPattz!!

  30. For Rob:

    Which is your most favourite and memorable scene from Remember Me? And why?

    Thanks for doing this, Twilight Lexicon!
    And please, try not to ask Twilight questions because I think Rob should be appreciated for his other roles too.

    • Twilight_News says:

      No fear we have no intention of ignoring Rob’s current project. it wouldn’t be fair to Rob or the filmmakers. We also won’t be asking any questions about his personal life.

  31. I agree Safina!!! DO NOT ASK ANY TWILIGHT QUESTIONS AND NOTHING ABOUT ECLIPSE! This is his moment with his new “baby” and it should be all about that. We’ll get enough Twilight interviews as Eclipse draws closer.

  32. from the clips i’ve seen it looks like rob gets to show some humor, and in his interviews, he seems like a goofy, funny guy… does he prefer serious roles – like twilight where he’s playing a character who has a more serious personality – versus a role that covers a range of emotions – like remember me, where it seems like he’s serious, funny, etc?

    and, i haven’t found any info on the remember me soundtrack – but is he going to have music on it, or on any of his upcoming films? i want more of his music!!!!!

  33. To Robert: please gush about jenny lumet!!!!

  34. To Emilie: please share some funny moments when you were filming. thanks!

  35. To Rob – Who has EVER been the easiest actor to act against? And which of all your different character you’ve have been are closest to your private self?

    To Emilie – Before you met Rob did you have any prejudice about how he would be in person and was it in that case true?

  36. Qudsia Pervez says:

    My question is for Robert Pattinson.

    Acting human, acting vulnerable, displaying a variety of emotions, did ‘Remember Me’ help you polish the acting skills you clearly possess?

  37. Qudsia Pervez says:

    My question is for Robert Pattinson.

    Music is obviously your escape. Do you intend to ever come into mainstream? Or would you prefer music to remain something that is truely yours?

  38. For Rob: Many of his other roles have been from books (Twilight, Harry Potter, Bel Ami) or real life (Little Ashes). Is there more freedom working with a character than no one is familiar with before hand? Or does he approach all the characters he plays in the same fashion?

  39. For Robert:
    If you get a chance would you like to make another movie like ”Little Ashes” where it is not the typical boy-girl love story and with a non-English touch? Or would you like to record an album one day? Or do you plane to settle down to a non-celebrity life with wife and children?

  40. This is for Rob. Was it hard going from the amazing, hot, sexy, absolutely amazing vampire from Twilight and New Moon to a more normal person in Remember Me? Also for Rob. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

  41. Rob, now that you have hit many big acting roles, what do you plan to do with your music?
    (I love your music!!!!)

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