New Moon Script Finder Drops Summit Lawsuit

caseyray-150x150Earlier this week we reported the story of Casey Ray, the woman who went dumpster diving outside a hotel where Anna Kendrick was staying during her filming of Up In the Air and found a New Moon and Memoirs (AKA Remember Me ) script.  You can read the long convoluted tale here. Essentially Casey Ray was suing Summit because she wanted to auction off part of her reward for returning the scripts on Ebay; however, Summit’s interpretation of their contract that the reward was for her personally…and thus the lawsuit on a difference of opinion on interpreting the contract.

So flash forward to today and the St. Louis Business Journal which initially broke the story and ran scans of the legal documents is now reporting that the suit has been dropped.

“Ms. Casey Ray and Summit Entertainment are pleased to announce that the case Ms. Ray brought against Summit has been dismissed,” Summit said in a statement Wednesday. “The two parties have agreed to a resolution that is mutually satisfactory and Ms. Ray confirms that she is pleased with this outcome and how Summit handled itself in this matter.

Summit did not elaborate on the deal struck, and Ray’s attorney, Albert Watkins, referred questions to Summit.”

So, we are now left to wonder what the “mutually satisfactory” deal was.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the deal was and if Casey Ray will walk the Remember Me red carpet, see the movie at the premiere, get to go to the after party, and get a signed script by the entire cast because that’s what the deal initially was?


  1. Dude that lawsuit was the stupidest one ever. Wonder what the deal was although I think she shouldnt be allowed to get anything after all.

  2. I agree. Read the fine print before you sign anything. So, Summit gave you alot & all you have to do is haul your butt to the premiers. All just for digging in the trash. Lucky you. Be happy that Summit did that much for you(remember you were just dumpster diving). Most of us would be thrilled with that. Guess your not that big of a fan.

  3. If this chick does go to the Remember Me premiere and walks down the red carpet I would LOVE to see tomatoes thrown at her, by all the pissed of fans…lo! That is mean but why should she get anything for her deplorable beahavior?

  4. So Summit communicates and resolves issues only when they are sued? Pretty sad. Rachelle didn’t sue and she got the shaft.

    I was hoping the lesson from this whole thing would be that you’re rewarded for taking the high road. That was certainly the original story, when the scripts were returned.

    Instead, Summit gave her a reward she couldn’t use, threatened legal action against her when she tried to still maintain some type of reward, then only worked with her when she did NOT take the high road and stooped to their level.

    So now the lesson is… don’t take the high road. Selling the scripts or suing the company is apparently the best course of action. Such a disappointing ending to what was originally a nice story.

    • There isn’t a lesson. Everyone involved is petty and hateful.

    • SugaryGiggles says:

      I’m sure she agreed to and signed a binding contract when she was given the reward(s). Prizes are non-transferable, that’s a given for no matter what you win (or are given, in this case).

      She was in the wrong by trying to sell her reward in the first place.

  5. An honorable person would have just returned
    the scripts.

    • christabell says:

      Yes, a decent, honest person would have returned the scripts and not expected ANYTHING in return. And from what I’ve read, she initially wanted to leak the scripts to some trash mags (which would result in her getting money for them), so the comment about her taking the high road, in my opinion, doesn’t apply. Taking the high road and doing the right thing should not require getting things in return. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with society these days.

    • An honorable person doesn’t look through other people’s trash.

  6. Its shocking how hard it is to find a decent person nowdays. When MONEY is involved people get devilish.

    • I agree. And with society so caught up in celebrities & making money off them makes it that much harder. You can make thousands just by getting the right picture! It’s just a trip what people will do for $. Personally, if I were her, I’d feel so blessed just to have laid my eyes & touched the darn scripts! To make the decision to given it back to Summit for nothing in return is a no-brainer. Nowadays, people want something for anything they do, even when it’s the right thing to do.

  7. WTH is she doing dumpster diving anyways?! For cryin’ out loud! It’s people like her that give fan bases bad names!

  8. From what I understand, Summit had given her premiere tickets, along with entrance to the after-party. She agreed to these conditions. Yet she wants them to pay for her plane, food, and hotel, which were NOT part of the deal? Hmmm.. that seems a little greedy to me.

    As for this settlement between Summit and this lady, my guess is that they offered her money. Isn’t she suing Summit for money to being with? Money money money…..Is what most people want

  9. My best bet She had to give back to tickets and script for RM. But she gets the NM autographed script. Both SHE AND SUMMIT are greedy lil devils. This is the lawsuit mania generation. Sue for this. Sue for that. Sue for everything. Such a shame.

  10. No, Lucy, she didn’t ask Summit to pay for anything. She never wanted them to pay for plane, food and whatever else you just said. She went to the premiere and paid for everything on her own and never asked for reimbursement beyond the tickets themselves.

    If you follow the link they provided in the story above, you’ll find out the truth is she only wanted the tickets. It’s just she couldn’t afford to use tickets for both premieres, so she thought she’d sell the unused ones to help pay for the expensive trip she took. Whether that was right or wrong in your opinion, that’s when big corporate Summit got all nasty. And she got nasty back. And our happy ending for a good deed turned into something shameful on all parts.

    • moonbeams right! She won, got to finish selling the Remember me tickets, and still gets the script back! Good for her for standing up to them trying to bully her!

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