New Moon Script Finder Sues Summit

caseyray-150x150Roughly a year ago Casey Ray, a St. Louis area hairdresser, found Anna Kendrick’s watermarked New Moon script in a dumpster outside a hotel where Anna had been staying while she shot Up in the Air With George Clooney and crew.  Additionally she found another unwatermarked script entitled “Memoirs” at the same location. Memoirs was the original title for Remember Me.

When Ray found the scripts, she considered leaking them to a national tabloid but decided against it, said her lawyer, Al Watkins.

“My client didn’t really want to get paid,” he said, but she was interested in hanging onto the scripts as collector’s items.

Watkins helped her return them to Los Angeles-based Summit Entertainment LLC, the studio making the movies. He said the studio invited Ray to premieres for the two films, and will certify the scripts as authentic after the movies are released.

“Summit doesn’t comment on any of the deals it does,” Summit spokesman Paul Pflug said. But he added, “We thank Ms. Ray for doing the right thing.”

MSNBC has a good outline of what happened here.

Then several months later, Casey Ray complained to TMZ that it was going to cost her over $1,200 in travel expenses to attend the New Moon premiere and after party. As part of her deal she was able to attend both events, walk down the read carpet, and get a script signed by the entire cast, but travel expenses were never included.

“Casey Ray tells TMZ she’s grateful Summit Entertainment coughed up two tickets to the film’s L.A. premiere and after party on November 16 — but the cost of traveling expenses is biting her in the behind.

Ray says the round-trip tickets for her and her niece cost $1,200 — plus another bundle to pay for a hotel and whatever other expenses the duo happens to rack up.

We spoke to a rep for Summit who says Ray’s complaint comes as a complete surprise. The rep said Ray had no problems with the reward package — which also includes a walk down the red carpet and a signed copy of the script by the movie’s lead actors — when she agreed on it back in May … and Summit hasn’t heard a peep from Ray since.”

Read the rest on TMZ

EDITED:(Just found more to the story, read below) Al Watkins, Casey Ray’s attorney, denies the TMZ story and sheds more light on his client’s frame of mind:

“”Casey and I told them that we would have loved it if Summit had paid for her flight and hotel, but that was never part of the deal,” Watkins tells Daily RFT. “They just took that one part of our conversation and ran with it.”

Watkins adds that part of the deal with Summit has Ray receiving a copy of the script signed by the actors in the film, which could net thousands of dollars at auction.

“It was a very fair deal,” he says.

But what was Ray — a hairdresser with Salon K in the Delmar Loop — doing in the hotel’s garbage to begin with?

“She was waiting for her boyfriend and just killing time,” explains Watkins. “She’s a Dumpster diver. Look, I’m not going to judge her hobby. She opened the bin and the script was lying there right on top. It’s not like she was inside the Dumpster rummaging through the garbage — though I’m not saying she wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Read the rest on the Riverfront Times. There is also a photogallery of Casey Ray having her photo taken with Melissa Rosenberg, Alex Meraz, and Charlie Bewley at what appears to be the red carpet and the after party.

Now apparently instead of attending the Remember Me premiere personally, Casey Ray tried to auction off her premiere tickets and after party attendance on EBAY.  According to correspondence made public via court papers Summit discovered the auction and advised Casey Ray that the items as per their agreement were non-transferable, however Ray’s attorney thinks they are. It then looked like they tried to reach a compromise settlement, which evidently failed, and now there’s a lawsuit.

St. Louis Today has the details. as does the St. Louis Business Journal.

Unless they settle this out of court it’s unlikely that this will be resolved before the Remember Me Premiere which takes place this Monday in New York.  It’s all going to come down to contract law and the written agreements. What do you think about the only certain thing here which is, in our opinion, what a mess!


  1. GEEZ What is this world turning into?? Summit does something nice for her for returning the scripts and now she is complaining about the travel expenses???? I think any fan would give their left arm to get the package she got and now there’s a lawsuit? Give me a break. Some people amaze me. And not in a good way.

  2. Stitch-n-Snitch says

    Greedy, greedy.

  3. I agree with Kathleen I too would do anything for the chance to be on the red carpet.. and shes being a jerk for wanting money out of all this.. so stupid.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Just pay her travel expenses, but cap it at say $1500 or $2K and thats it. She didnt leak your script, she returned it to you. Dont offer something to someone as a reward when chances are you know she doesnt have the financial ability to utilize it. This seems pretty cut and dry to me, and honestly not worth the fuss.

    • I agree with you but on the other hand, how was Summit supposed to know about her financial status. She never said anything before. If she knew she couldn’t afford it, then she should have made it part of the deal instead of making a big fuss about it now. I think she should be grateful for the offer that she DID get from Summit. I wish I had red carpet tickets right now….

      • I’m sorry, but she is really taking advantage of a situation here. If she was financially that strapped, she did NOT have to go!!! And this script she is supposed to get, she CAN auction off to recoup her money. I mean, please!!!!

    • I agree. It’s not like they can’t afford it. Do you have any idea what she saved them by NOT leaking that script? Thousands of dollars. She did something VERY nice for summit, and summit basically slapped her in the face for giving her half of a trip. I am a huge Twilight fan and have driven hundreds of miles and waited hours of my life in lines to get glipses of said celebrities, I know what an opportunity she has, but I live in cali. Look at it from her point of view, some people can’t afford to come to here.

  5. I do not understand…. I guess she wanted more than her 15 minutes of fame…

  6. What kind of person goes dumpster diving in a hotel? You can bet she was trying to dig up dirt on George Clooney and found this script instead. The fact that she first went to the tabloids tells you what kind of person she is, then she whines to TMZ? And now she’s auctioning her stuff on ebay? It’s so obviously all about the money.

  7. Pa-lease – she got rewarded for doing the right thing! I wish I was rewarded everytime I did the right thing damn! This is ridiculous and the US is turning into some crazy lawsuit country this woman is truly pathetic for acting like a complete baby – a true “cry baby” here – geesh!

  8. why are all these Summit properties’ scripts constantly being lost and retrieved? They need to do a better job of securing their property. And with the billion $$ they’ve made off of their Twilight movies I think they could have Bren a bit more generous to this person.

    • Why should summit be more generous to her? She got one heck of a award and is now suing them over something so stupid. She is money hungery and that is all. Also Summit cannot help what the actors do with their scripts, good grief.

    • I hope the judge see this as frivilous and throws out the case, then sticks her a$$ with some court costs or something.

  9. Doing “the right thing” should always include “expect nothing in return” to do the right thing means to have honesty and integrity in your effort it doesn’t not include a clause of what’s in it for me. Kindness comes from the heart not the pocket.

    • I totally agree with you. She’s obviously not a true fan. Whatever happened to doing the right thing just to be a decent person? Why should one expect to get a pat on the back or anything tangible for doing the right thing? She first thought of leaking the scripts…..that right there should have made Summit sit up and realize she would be a thorn in their side. She was out for money from the start and it appears she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I hope she gets nothing out of this lawsuit and learns the lesson of how it pays to be a decent person and not a money-hungry fool.

      • Youre correct. she is not a fan…but her niece is. and i would expect travel expenses to be covered as well as she did. granted she can recoup the money by selling the items, but like she said, she was goping to keep them as collector items. Summit has made a ton of money off this franchise, the least they can do is give the woman her $1500 and be done with it.

        • I can’t believe anyone would actually side with Summit on this. All in all, They are wasting time, just pay the woman. They say that they didn’t know she didn’t have any money, well, what kind of person that HAS money goes dumpster diving? She is obviously middle class or lower and was looking for a “burried treasure” to make money on. Isn’t that why you dumpster dive or go to those reallyt old peoples estate sales? She obviously isn’t rich. Summit productions are. So what is the harm in giving her a few hundred dollars so she can enjoy her “gift” from summit?

  10. I would have happily paid all the expenses required to go to both of those premieres and not complained…..most of us would die for the chance to be at one of those premiere let alone both ….

  11. i have to agree with Twi-star…i wish i got rewarded when i did the right thing…she should just be grateful. it would be awesome to be able to walk down the red carpet and get a SIGNED SCRIPT. really? ungrateful much?

  12. I agree that Summit show secure their property but the woman just wants to see how much she can get out of this situation! Summit gave her more than enough. And going to TMZ…how immature!

  13. I don’t understand! What is she complaining about!?
    I’m from the Netherlands and here you should be glad to get some flowers and even a ‘thank you’.. Here you get NOTHING!

    And 1200 dollars for a flight!? Is she flying 1st class and staying in a penthouse!? I’ve been to de US and I’ve flown from Charlotte NC to Las Vegas for 70 dollars and from Las Vegas to Philadelphia for 60 dollars … Flying in the US is not THAT expensive!

    • Yeah I have to agree with that. I live in Hawaii & probably the flight from here to Cali wouldn’t be that much.

      I also agree that she seems money hungry. If she didn’t have the funds in the beginning, she should have had that fact disclosed to Summit before agreeing to all the terms. She obviously had contact with her attorney before letting Summit know that she found their script in the trash. It’s a moot point to complain about it now. My thinking is she probably mulled it over these past months thinking of the all the money other people make by selling their “celebrity” stories to TMZ & other gossip mags/shows & thought this is her time to make some serious $$. And yes, I also agree that doing the right thing shouldn’t come with a huge thank you. People do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, period.

  14. Geeze!! I would have been happy just to have been able to keep the script!! What’s wrong with this woman!!


  16. They’re both greedy. She wants more than she deserves and Summit could give more than they are. I’ll be honest, that’s an amazing gift, but if I were her, I wouldn’t be able to use it because I could truely not afford airfare and hotel. Of course I wouldn’t ask for it from Summit either, I would just look at the tickets and be sad I couldnt’ go. But it’s almost like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit.

    • I agree with you that it is a useless gift if you can’t afford airfare BUT they did also give her the script and had the cast sign it. With that alone I would have been more than happy even if I didn’t get to meet them.

    • I agree with you completely. On the one hand, maybe she shouldn’t be rewarded for doing “the right thing”. On the other hand, the vast majority of people would have done “the wrong thing” and so, yes, I feel like a company like Summit who is making a bundle out of the Twilight franchise could have been a tad more generous. Maybe THEY don’t have to either, but – in my opinion – that would have been “the right thing” for Summit to do.

  17. Sounds like “extortion” to me. Did she insist on a a “reward” or else she would leak the scripts? If she was simply doing a good deed, the premier tickets will be irrelevant to her.

  18. ha! she obviously didn’t hunt for a cheaper flight… gimme a break. she didn’t have to pay that much. yeah, OBVIOUSLY not a true fan… in a nutshell, i say, LAME.

  19. The only thing I can concentrate on is how cute Charlie Bewley looks in that photo with the “dumpster diver.”

  20. Honestly how did they not see this coming. She was dumpster diving, could that not be obvious to the kind of person she is. People don’t like to judge but in cases like this they should have thought of all the possiblities to get her out of their way.

  21. $1200 in 2 round trips tickets? What was she flying? Private jet? **rollseyes**

  22. Sylvia….I was wondering the same thing. When did she buy the tickets to the premiere, the day before? The NM premiere date was known for quite some time, and unless she was flying first class, $1200 was a rip off just for tickets. I can go from Raleigh, NC to LAX for $250 on short notice. For $1200, she could have gotten two coach tickets, hotel, and a rental car from

  23. I bet next time Anna uses a shredder (hehe), ecspecially knowing what extreme measures twi-hards will go to….

  24. What a selfish, greedy, beotch. She should be happy she got anything! Those scripts are copywrited, they didn’t have to reward her at all!

  25. Wow. Just wow. This woman is a disgusting piece of garbage. WAAAAHHHH. You gave me free tickets to a premiere that millions of people would want to go to, but waaaaahhhh you didn’t pay for everything. What a freaking baby.

  26. I think both are being greedy. However lets keep in mind that I do not think she is that big of a fan (but big enough to know what she found to be worth something). The reward that Summit gave her to me is like getting a gift certificate to a store that is not in your town. It really does not do you much good. I think they should have just let her sell it on ebay. I think that Summit asked for this law suit when they would not let her sell the tickets.

  27. I live in the same area as the “Dumpster Diver”. She has been all over the radios talking about how she needs to auction off the Remember Me tickets because she can’t go. She also has said she could use the extra cash after Summit didn’t pay her expenses. She then tried to say that she wasn’t complaining but she was the one to bring up how expensive everything was. I was in St. Louis that day, why couldn’t I find those damn scripts?

  28. This is only half of the story. I have read the other half. It was not about travel expenses. Its about the contract. In the contract which is avaible online along with the lawsuit filed. The contract never had travel expenses in the agreement but thats not the point she is making the point is she tried to sale the tickets on ebay. summit o no you cant its in the contract. i have seen it and no where does it say she can or cant sale or transfer the tickets. Summit was caught in a big black hole then told her that she would no longer recieve the autographed script that were promised her in that same LEGAL Contract. Summit told her a few other things like dont go to the press and bash us and if ask SHE declined to go. Summit I believe is in the wrong in this one. BIG TIME. She isnt even asking for a big payout. its like 25000 which will cover legal fees like attorney and court cost. she will be lucky if she gets any of that or more. this poor woman did the right thing by turning in those scripts to Summit. Summit and her made a LEGAL contract for certain things. and because someone(summit) didnt put in that contract a no resale/transferablity they think they can bully a rightful private citizen by saying they will do this or that. will this or that has breached that contract. i hope Ray all the best in this and law is on her side it seems. As they say IF WRITTEN ITS DONE or AS WRITTEN SO SHOULD IT BE DONE.


    • I agree that there are 2 sides to the story, and I also think that BOTH sides are wrong here. Summit just should of let her sell the tickets-it’s not worth the fight. However, they really didn’t owe her anything but a big thank you. She did the right thing–and that should be enough. The fact that they did give her all this stuff and now she’s using it to try and get more and play the victim is ridiculous. Even big winners of contests don’t usually get the airfare paid for. She’s not doing herself any favors.

      • wandathe fish says

        youpeople is right on all points. a contract was made. i made a comment below on that. contracts like this are not usual. They usually take the estimated value of the script or valuable and equal it out with a contract value. the contract was probably made to cover both summit and ray regarding going to the press and making comments and statements. the script was from twilight its value is most likely high. so it was deal out that way in the contract. A CONTRACT IS A LEGAL WRITTEN AGREEMENT. And it has to be followed through A TO Z.

      • I agree, but I think the big reason they don’t want her to sell the tickets is because some nut job (other than herself)could get ahold of them and thus have access onto the red carpet near the actors, the after-party and such where they would then have the opportunity to do something bad. Its partly for security purposes. Just my opinion.

    • Twilight_News says

      Your opinion is something you are certainly entitled to but it isn’t at all strengthened by creating not one but two sock-puppet accounts to talk back.

      Wanda the fish

      You are all in fact the SAME person! You’ve all posted from the exact same IP address in three different time blocks with essentially the same POV. The likelihood of you being different people is slim to none. Did you all gather around the same computer at work on break time?

  29. Are you frekking kidding me?!?!? She did have to go. Idiot.

  30. Bellaflorita7 says

    I tried to twitter you guys about this a week ago and you guys shooed me off saying it was a closed auction. I was the highest bidder on that auction that Ray had and was willing to pay the $3,500 for the 2 tickets for my friend who is a big fan. Ray then wrote to me to tell me that it was closed, but never said why. I knew immediately that it had to be because of Summit. If the tickets were given to her, she should have been able to do whatever she wanted with them. Why not extend this out to the fans if she was unable to attend. Really upsetting.

  31. i wonder how much money she paid for her fancy dress, hair do, new shoes, jewelry and all that goes into a “red carpet look”. Looks to me like she had plenty of money to get there and look her best. very ungrateful if you ask me. looks like she had a great time in the end. Why does everything end up in a law-suit these days?!

    dont bite the hand that feeds you!

  32. Now she’s just asking to much… greedy, greedy.people like dont realize how lucky they are and wants more then her 15 min of fame. grrrrrrrrr

  33. Well, she’s a class act.

  34. oooohh my god I cant believe this lady she is disgusting how can she live with herself?? uuhh gross

  35. she better not win this lawsuit uuhh!

  36. God!! People are soooo greedy!!!! If that was me I would be so happy about all the WONDERFUL things that summit has done for her and I would pay 1200 dollars in travel!! And I think any true fan would be delighted with that offer and pay the 1200!!!

  37. She may be greedy, but Summit should be falling all over themselves in gratitude. Can you image if that script had been leaked? It could have seriously damaged sales, although we all know that leaked material still keeps us fans wanting more (Midnight Sun!) LOL I just think that Summit is handling this badly. What damage is $2100 going to do to them? And who cares which two people will be at the premiere? I am sorry, but even as a MAJOR fan, I would have had a hard time not selling that script to the highest bidder. I mean I have kids to take care of in a tanked economy. Summit is lucky. And as for her not mentioning it earlier? Maybe it didn’t occur to her until later. Maybe she was in a better place financially at the time. I think it should stranger that Summit didn’t offer that in the first place. I know I could not afford to go. I really hate to see huge money making companies sweat the small stuff. She may be greedy, but seriously Summit, how much would the ticket cost you?

    • Exactly. People think she is greedy but SUMMIT is making more money and they are the greediest people of all.HOLLYWOOD. Grrrrrrrrrrr

      • Yes, but one could argue that SUMMIT has earned their money. They may be greedy, but they are producing a product that people want to buy.

        This chick found something that didn’t belong to her by diving in a dumpster and wants to suck her 15 minutes of fame out of it. She’s acting like trailer trash and is an embarrassment to her town.

      • Twilight_News says

        Sock puppet

        Wanda the fish

        You are all in fact the SAME person! You’ve all posted from the exact same IP address in three different time blocks with essentially the same POV. The likelihood of you being different people is slim to none. Did you all gather around the same computer at work on break time?

    • Agreed!

  38. i wonder how the script got there anyway? i mean, if the world is trying to go green, why was the script in the trash dumpster? just wondering…… OH! and why would a girl go dumpster diving right before meeting her man? ew.

  39. wandathe fish says

    MOST OF YOU arent getting the big picture. Yes Summit was very generous but THEY ENTER INTO A CONTRACT. Whatever is written is LEGAL(kudos for that). Summit set themselves up for this one. They should have made sure that the contract had everything in it. IT DIDN’T. There is no RESALE/TRANSFERABLE CLAUSE included that I saw. Therefore its a loophole for this lawsuit. Look it up its online.

    • Who cares?

      This girl is clearly a greedy profiteer. She found something that wasn’t hers and did the right thing. How many times do people do the right thing every day and never profit from it? A lot more often than they get free premiere tickets.

      The fact that she continues to try to profit from her dumpster diving escapade shows that really, she’s desperate to get on the news in any way possible.

      • She maybe after money. yes. maybe. depends. BUT LIKE wandathe fish STATED…THEY ENTER INTO A CONTRACT. its a legal issue for a reason. contracts must have follow through or there are consequences. Remember Rachelle. Then who knows with that. no does except Poor Rachelle and Sneaky Summit.

        • Fine they should pay her the money and then I hope the city/state that she lives in RIDICULES her for the rest of her life. I hope that every time she goes to the grocery store, people whisper and point that she’s the greedy cheat who scammed Summit. That would be both the legal outcome and what she deserves for scamming people who never owed her a thing in the first place.

          Sad what this world has come to. She’s clearly greedy.

    • Twilight_News says

      And yet another sock puppet

      Wanda the fish

      You are all in fact the SAME person! You’ve all posted from the exact same IP address in three different time blocks with essentially the same POV. The likelihood of you being different people is slim to none. Did you all gather around the same computer at work on break time?

  40. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. $25,000 for court costs? There should never have been any court costs. She found something that didn’t belong to her. She did the right thing.

    It was generous of Summitt to offer her the tickets to the premiere. Of course she had no right to sell them.

    She sounds like a greedy profiteer.

    • You clearly dont know much lawyers can demand/COST for this kind of case. Yes traffic court is what…depends like 25-5000 dollars maybe. It seems like Summit breached the contract. Summit is shady as it gets. Summit should have just let it go and not enter into a contract with this person. What you think she could hold script “hostage” its Summit Property. If she had tried to hold it “hostage” Summit would and could come after her for that civilly and criminally. Both Summit and Ray enter a contract for a reason. And now Summit is going back on what was agreed to. I dont think she will and should get more than the tickets and autograph scripts which is what was agreed to in the contract. The legal fees were paid by Summit at the time of the contract this is common. So she will more than likely and should recieve the fees and cost again. I dont know if its 25000 for sure but that does sound about right. And another thing she could get sued by the potential buyer depending stuff like agreements between them. who knows. This will be a mess.

      • Yeah, but she had NOTHING to complain about in the first place. Hiring a lawyer was stupid and unnecessary. You only need a lawyer if YOU ARE OUT SOMETHING. She was out NOTHING. She found a script that didn’t belong to her in a dumpster. Summit generously gave her some premiere tickets as a thanks for doing the right thing. When she found out they didn’t want her to sell them (whether it was in the contract or not), she should have taken them off ebay, no questions asked.

        Basically, she’s a greedy profiteer and should be ashamed of herself. We need more people in the world who have a conscience, and she clearly isn’t one of them.

  41. I wonder if the Remember Me script was even the shooting script. Titled Memoirs and not watermarked makes me think it may have been Fetter’s original script which everyone and their sister has a copy of.

  42. She should have asked for travel expenses up front. She already walked the red carpet and attended the event. It seems to me it’s too late to collect travel expenses now.

  43. All I can say is, WOW. What a greedy, selfish, ungrateful, fame-whore biotch.

  44. Okay. I’m seeing several comments saying, ‘Summit is greedy’ and such, but have any of you taken into account what making films amounts to? Especially movies with famous actors like those in the Twilight Saga movies?
    Because let’s face it, they’ve all become famous from the movies and that would inevitably mean getting a bigger pay check (Great for them, obviously).

    So Summit has to pay all the actors, the director, the screenplay writer, all the other crew members, and they have to pay for the equipment, etc. And that’s only for one movie; imagine what it’ll cost them to make many movies- and some at the same time. And imagine that one of the movies they made/produced and spent thousands (or maybe millions) of dollars on is a total flop? They’re still going to have to pay for everything, an if not, for the majority of it.

    Do you really think they’ll always be able to afford being extremely generous?
    I think not. And this woman was hoping to keep the scripts as “collector’s items”, now why on earth can she not just keep the premier tickets to ‘Remember Me’ as “collector’s items” as well? She could have done the same to the ‘New Moon’ premier tickets if she couldn’t afford to go; but she did go and she doesn’t have to be reimbursed by Summit for not ‘letting’ her sell the ‘Remember Me’ tickets, because that’s basically what is happening here.


  45. Ok so how many people actually read the contract between Ray and Summit? It specifically states that they are not responsible for her traveling it’s in section 7 at the bottom of the paragraph. If you read the contract carefully you will also see that Summit was/is in the right for her not to sell the tickets, what is in the contract is now for someone else to go to the premiere its for Ray and one guest, and it states that. That is what is in the contract period, for someone to say well she could sell them and someone else go well no b/c the contract specifically states that the tickets are for Ray and one guest and also for her to get her picture taken with a star, not someone else, even though they didn’t specifically put in that the tickets are non transferable, it is stated as such in how it is written that the tickets are meant for her and one guest only. Also if she did succeed in selling the tickets, Summit is not under contract or in any way required to allow those people to attend as that was not what was in the contract. So if she had sold the tickets, and the people showed up, they could have been told that they weren’t allowed to come in as they were not on the list for one and two they were not part of the contract. They didn’t say that other people would get the benefit of going to the premiere or getting their picture taken or getting the script. Only Ray and one guest are guaranteed to receive those things if the contract is not broken which she broke it by trying to sell the tickets and allow someone else to go in her place. There is also a spot that she could have put someone else’s name in in case she died for them to get the tickets, that is the only way that someone else would have been able to get the tickets.

    • Oh and another thing, her lawyer is stupid stupid stupid. It specifically states that the only way she can transfer the tickets is if she’s dead and can will them to someone in her will. Her lawyer is stating in their email to Summit that they have it that she can give the stuff to someone else, yet he leaves out the part where they specifically said when she is dead. It’s all right there in section 8 of their contract. She has no case, none. She is grasping at straws and is greedy. Even if Summit shoulda woulda coulda done something else and has money that’s not the principle of the whole thing. She wants money and lots of it and she thought she was going to get lots of it by returning the script. When she didn’t, she decided to go another route. Also her going to the tabloids first, she probably didn’t hear the amount she wanted from them so figured she would try Summit instead, however once she made that leap and went to them, there was no turning back for her as they knew she had the script and if she then turned around did sell it to the tabloids they could go after her for it so she was stuck.

  46. I live in St. Louis and people like this make me ashamed of it. Have some class, people!


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