Nylon Magazine:Kristen Stewart’s Make-Up Artist

Nylon matthesw

The woman behind Kristen Stewart’s look in not only the Runaways, but also in New Moon and Eclipse chatted with Nylon about her technique.

“Bella Swan’s lips. Joan Jett’s eyes. Kristen Stewart’s cheeks.

You can thank Robin Mathews for all three. The expert makeup artist has painted the faces of everyone from Dakota Fanning to Anna Faris, but, after working on the second and third installments of the Twilight franchise, her latest project just might be her most wild yet. As the makeup department head of The Runaways, she figured out a way to perfect the smoky eye. The good news? She tells NYLON how to get it, sans professional help.

What’s harder: making someone look like a rock star or a vampire?
That’s a good question. Probably The Runaways was a bit harder, because it was recreating real people, icons. It was hard to live up to—although Bella is pretty much a teen icon, too.”

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  1. I just read the interview & it was a good one, especially the part where she explains how Kristen just morphs into different characters so easily. But, there was nothing about how to “perfect
    the smoky eye” which is why I really wanted to read the article.

  2. Yeah, I was hoping for some product and technique info. She didn’t give anything up. She won’t even tell us what lipstick she used on Kristen? That was a tad lame I think.

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