Access Hollywood: Remember Me Taxi Clip

These clips are multiplying like rabbits, every time you turn around there’s another one.


  1. I can’t wait for this movie, loving the clips. I am counting the days. I’ll “Remember Him”

  2. Loving all the clips that are popping up! God what would I do without the internet … can’t wait til it comes out, even though i’m gonna be abroad!!! =(

  3. Squeee!!! Cute cute cute.

  4. Awwww. haha She denied Rob Pattinson. Strong. Strong woman. Stupid but strong.

  5. OMG I’m loving these clips! One every day!! Unlike Twilight and New Moon, I don’t care HOW many they put out!! I can’t wait for this movie!!!

    Rob is sooo sweet. His character appears to be so vulnerable and damaged somehow. I can’t wait to see the whole story play out.

  6. I CANNOT WAIT for this movie

  7. mschicklet says:

    Or multiplying like tribbles!!! 🙂

    Anyone? Anyone? Star Trek reference? No? Ok, nevermind.

  8. yeah. he is really weird. Like. just awkward. a hottie…but awkward…

  9. haha that’s a cute clip

  10. Nice and romantic clip..I can’t wait for this film…

  11. TwilightRocks!!! says:

    So weird.. I havent seen any other Rob Pattinson films… only the Twilight ones and so its strange to see him looking so much like himself! When he is playing Edward I forget its Rob. Looking forward to seeing the movie…

  12. For someone so handsome he always to seem dorky in love scenes. Maybe it the characters he plays. Edward isn’t dorky but still awkward same as his character in Remember Me. I think Rob is just so humble in real life that he ends up looking the same in his characters.

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