Kellan Lutz Explains Hockey Contraversy and Upcoming Roles

Last week we reported how the owner the the Peoria Hockey Team, The Rivermen, was upset with Kellan Lutz for canceling his appearance at two different events. Just Jared caught up with Kellan’s reps who clarified the situation. According to Just Jared:

“Kellan was committed to an October 23rd event, a source reveals, but his contract had a 30-day out (giving him up to 30 days prior to the event to cancel/reschedule). Production for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse kept getting pushed back and conflicted with that event, so Kellan’s agents rescheduled for a date in January (also with a 30-day out clause).

As for the second cancellation, Kellan was cast in a new film and the dates for that production conflicted with the rescheduled date in January. Seems like Kellan’s agent was well within the 30-day out!

“Kellan was and is more than happy to come to Peoria,” the source reveals. “But the owner of the Riverman Hockey Team is the person who is saying no. Kellan even signed 100 autographs to send to the hockey team in time for the Jan. 23rd game.”

It’s been a busy month for Kellan. He name is being widely circulated as being on the short list for the title characters in the upcoming Captain America and Conan movies.


E!’s Marc Malken caught up with Kellan, and Kellan confirms that he is up for Conan:

“It’s something that I’ve been actively going after because I’d die to put the weight back on,” he told us at last night’s Division-E party at Lisa Kline in L.A. “I’m tired of playing young; I want to be the big guy that I was.”

Just how close is he to winning the role?

“I’ve been auditioning,” Kellan, 24, said. “They’re finalizing so they’re trying to figure out what happens next. I’ve been waiting for a while, doing screen tests. There are just so many cooks in the kitchen. If it happens, it happens…Regardless, it’s not gonna be the new Arnold Schwarzenegger type of movie, no one’s going to try and play that role. I think they’re going younger, a different type of story. I’m just excited, because the script is great.”

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  1. Busy guy!
    You would think that the team would be a bit more understanding. Yes, it would be disappointing for them but they have to remember that he needs to walk though as many open doors in his career as he can NOW before they start to close.

    Best of luck to Kellan!!

  2. well, it’s not just that team.

    kellan also canceled out on eyecon, which was suppose to take place in jan in florida & he was the headliner.

    seems to me that if he wants to keep getting roles, he shouldn’t commit to anything like events and conventions. i’m sure many fans already made plans for these two trips and as a result wasted a lot of $ for it now to be cancelled

  3. I just wanted to correct the spelling of “Contraversy.” It’s not “Contraversy.” It’s CONTROVERSY. There’s no A between R and V.

    For the illiterate moron who posted this.


    And also, this is what you get for reading “Twilight” so many times, it has screwed up your grammar and vocabulary. Bad writing = brain damage.

  4. Just for the record, JustJared never cited talking to Kellan’s reps or people, he only cited a “JustJared source.” As his is a celebrity gossip blog, that can mean anything, so to say that he caught up with Kellan’s reps is inaccurage and misleading. And regarding this issue, I’m afraid it DOES make a BIG difference where the information came from.

  5. I understand the frustration from the team, but at the same time, it sounds like Kellen was 1) not in breach of contract and 2)made an effort to compensate for his not being there (the autographs).
    Things like this just happen, and in no way does this mean that he’s “gone Hollywood” and forgotten the little people.
    He’s just busy with work.
    Kellen and Conan? I dunno. I guess there’s just the whole Arnie thing to rise up to. I can’t see it.
    Kellen and The Cap! OH YEAH!! Just look at the all-american good looks on that guy. His physique, his acting ability and good-naturedness, screams that he’s Captain America! I hope that the movie is set in WWII. And hope that he really goes for the part, and gets it.

  6. It still would have been awesome to see him at a Rivermen game. They are really so much fun. I guess that’s the price you pay if you’re so me hot-shot movie star…

  7. Oh my gosh whoever posted that is the real ‘moron’ I mean seriously if you don’t like twilight then don’t go on a site dedicated to it. Yeah there is such things at typos. I mean gees calm down, you need a life. We do what we want you shouldn’t spend your time downing peoples moods. U suck!!!! Twilight has great writing for your information. I bet you write like CRAP!!! Geez seriously it was a typo. People do that last time a checked! No ones perfect, freak!!!

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