Hockey League Upset With Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz, according to Chief Operating Officer Josh Morin of the Rivermen Hockey team, has let down local fans. “We are extremely disappointed that we have to let down our fans, and fans of the Twilight movie series, in Central Illinois. We had a signed agreement with Kellan in October and again for January 23rd and both times he decided not to honor the contract. We exhausted every possibility to find a replacement (from Twilight) but were unable to do so…”

Chaske Spencer substituted for Kellan back at the October date.

Events like this always are with the stipulation that an actor might have to pull out due to work conflicts. Kellan had to cancel an appearance at an event in his hometown in North Dakota. In a follow up interview he stated, “I wanted to do the tractor-pulling contest so bad. I loved tractors. My grandpa used to let me drive combines and one of those tractors to cut the lawn, and I thought I was so big. It’s a bummer. It’s always tough, but I was focused on doing the work (shooting for “Eclipse.”) They get fearful if you fly out. My personal appearance guy and I were hoping for the best, and it’s tough when you’re not able to make it.”


  1. We are all disapponted when there are changes but true fans know that things happen. We saw Ashley Greene in November and she was sick. So many people in line were saying things like she better show up she gets paid enough and that is just so disrepectful!

  2. Verna Sanders says:

    It is very disappointing for all the twilight fans here in central Illinois that Kellan cannot be here at the hockey game. I know a lot of people who planned to attend just for the fact he was suppose to be here and just wanted a chance to meet him.

  3. I was supposed to see him in North Dakota at the Tractor Fest… Was completely bummed when I found out he wouldn’t be there!

  4. Kellan Lutz is irreplaceable … it’s an excellent actor, and quite admiravel.Amo all of you …

  5. it’s too bad, they make it seem like a personal snub from Kellan himself. There is not alot that he is ‘allowed’ to do on his own, I’m sure. I wish the PR people for the Hockey League would write their disappointment alittle more professionally.

  6. Well it is kind of like a blow to Illinois in general. We all understood when he had to cancel the first ever Twilight convention (run by someone other than Creation) because of filming Warrior. They’d let Ashley come but not Kellan and we were all mindful and respectful of that. But then he started canceling on a lot of Official Twilight Convention dates and it started to kind of get to some of us that were attending particular events he was scheduled for. Finally some of us were lucky enough to see him on the Hot Topic tour (which, yes, I was lucky enough to sleep outside of an HT to get a wristband so I could see him and Ashley) and that was great. But canceling not just once, but twice on a hockey team when they did a LOT to contract him to doing it…it’s a blow. For those of us too that had to drive back to the arena after they did get him contracted for the replacement date to exchange our tickets, it feels a little worse because in this economy, that’s money we could have saved on gas not hauling out there to do an exchange. Just my personal opinion. I love Kellan, but I’ve been on the short end of the stick for meeting him 5 times now.

  7. Kellan is flake, he cancels most of his schedule appearances, especially with twitour. I have tried to see him twice with the hockey games and have gone to two conventions where he has dropped out on, luckily I got to meet him at the hot topic tour, which in fact I did yell at him for dropping all of his events. And as for Ashley she has done that same. I met her back in February ’09 and then again at the hot topic tour where she snubbed a lot of the fans off. I love them but they need to remember that their Twilight fans made them who they are now.

  8. I, for one, am very upset over this. But, things do happen. They were very nice to get Chaske at the last second in October. I know there were over 5,000 fans at the October game and I would hazard a guess that at least 2/3 of them were only there to see Kellan. Thankfully, we were given free tickets to the Jan. 23 game. I am very grateful that they are doing this again and giving us another game for free. Even though it won’t be Twilight night, I know the Rivermen will give us an excellent game and I look forward to seeing everyone who does still come there! Go Rivermen! 😀

  9. What is everyone bitching about? He was just hear in Illinois in late November for 3 straight days and so was Ashley. They were both here for the Friday opening of “New Moon” and then also stayed that Saturday and Sunday. Ashley was very sick with the flu and yet she still made her appearance.
    If they didn’t make it to these other appearances, it must’ve been press or work schedule conflicts. The two of them have been very gracious to the state of Illinois and come here more than any other state!!!


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