Stephenie Meyer Addresses Breaking Dawn Rumors


This was just posted on Stephenie Meyer’s personal website:

Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I’ve said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I’m all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I’ve spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We’re all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip get fabricated to stir things up, but there’s no basis to this particular story.


Yesterday, prior to this LA Times article appearing, E!’s The Awful Truth column ran a story that was then widely quote that Stephenie Meyer was essentially the only stumbling block to a movie not being announced. The E! story concluded with a statement directly addressing Stephenie Meyer: “… Steph, just some more food for thought: If you put the kibosh on an extra Twilight film, Twi-hards are going to have your rich little booty for din-din! Trust us, you’ll be skinned alive, diced, fried and then flambΓ©ed alive.

These are fans you do not want to disappoint.”


  1. Thanks so much! Am hoping for 2!!!!

  2. Two would be perfect. I hate when they chop stuff out of books to make in to a movie and say there was no time for it.

    Can you imagine Gone With the Wind being a 2 hour movie???

    I also would LOVE to see Stephenie as a vampire. Perhaps as a ‘witness’ at the end???


    • twimom1962 says:

      Rosa, I think that idea is inspired! Wish I knew how to get that on to Mrs.Meyer. Personally that that would be truely cool!!!

  3. I’m also hoping for two films!! Is it strange to say that I just can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, but at the same time I don’t want it to be over? Breaking Dawn is my favorite book, I thought it was pure perfection. So, needless to say, I ( like a million other people) am really looking forward to watching this movie or these movies!! πŸ™‚

    • alwaysedward says:

      I loved Breaking Dawn as well – never could understand why some fans don’t like it. In fact, all the books at different times have been my favorite – depending on my mood, depending what movie was out. For example, New Moon was my least favorite until they were filming and I read it a couple of times again and loved it.

      • Haha…ya; I’m always hard-put to name my favourite book, ‘cos all 5 (Midnight Sun MUST be included!) have their own essential and beautiful parts which speak to me.

      • I have to agree. New Moon was on the bottom of my list of favorites,however I thought it was better than the first novel in terms of tone. After I read it a few more times,I really began to appreciate the second novel more. Now that the film has come out,I can see why NM was so necessary as a part of the plot. BD is my second favorite book after Twilight and hopefully the film makers will do the fourth novel justice. Some scenes can be compressed or deleted. As long as the theme of Bella becoming a vampire to save her family is kept,it should be a faithful adaptation.

    • I thought BD was ‘pure perfection’ too. What’s not to like?? Wish fulfillment doen’s get any better than this and Steph Meyer captured it all wonderfully! πŸ™‚

  4. I am disappointed that E! was disrespectful to Stephenie. I would never have ill feelings toward her for any reason. Movie or no movie, we will always have the books and the world of Twilight at our fingertips. Thanks Stephenie!!! You could never disappoint us!!! We love you!!!

  5. Right on Cristy!

  6. I think they could do the book into one movie. Bella was pregnant in the book for like 100 pages. They probably wont really go into the whole Jake and Leah thing that much and I don’t know where they would cut it in half so that the first half would even be satisfying. I don’t know, I guess it depends on what they did with Eclipse.

    • michelle matus says:

      A while back TL had a discussion about where ppl thought BD should stop the first film and start the second….but ive been thinking about it and i think they should stop the first just after jacob leaves the room cuz he doesnt feel connected to bella anymore and continue to show Edward working on Bella and then ending with her heart beat slowing…..the second part i think should start in Renesmee’s POV hearing and seeing Jacob charging down the stairs, stops, looks at her and then the connection. from there it should continue on to bella’s transformation and what not. What do you think about my idea???

  7. Thanks to this website, I knew it was a bad rumor when I saw it on E! Stephenie has always said that she envisioned two movies for BD, so why would she all the sudden change her mind. They can fool the newbies, but not those of us who follow the Lexicon!

  8. I really wouldn’t care if it was one movie as long as it had everything. I say do a 4 hour movie and be done with it. I sat though all 3 1/2 hours of the LOTR I can handle a 4 hour movie. I just don’t want to have to wait for the last. πŸ˜‰ If they do split the book up I think it should end with getting the baby out. The shot should be though Bella’s p.o.v. looking at a blurred face of Renesmee and her saying her name and then blackout, and Credits. Great Cliff hanger. Then start the last one with her in the subconscious and the burning of the change. That would be perfect for me.

    • I totally agree. If they can fit it into one movie great but if they do split it up that would be a great breaking point. Gotta love the cliff hanger.

      As for gossip people who spend their lives making things up to get publicity, it drives me absolutely crazy. I don’t really understand why so many people believe everything gossip channels/magazines/blogs say about Twilight. It’s so obvious they say things just to get people worked up.

    • YEAH JEREMY!!loved lotrings and could sit for that.Lotrings was made by a fan for the fans.We got it all languages,backstory,lamentations, and worlds.Sorry twifriends n.moon to me was not written well…The dialogue eh..we lost our quotes and was replaced by things they would never say.They made the movie more for a younger audience id say tweens and dumbed down the charaters..If you werent a fan of rings youd be loss.N.M. was come one come all written for masses.The actors were great but i could not sit through a 4 hr movie that was not written close to text or true to the characters….

    • @Jeremy…that would be the PERFECT way to end the 1st movie (which there will hopefully be 2!!!!!!!!) awesome idea!!!

    • yeah that would be awesome.

  9. Ditto Cristy! How unprofessional to make such a claim without checking the facts. It’s not hard to find Stephenie’s real opinion. Just digging up news I guess, but silly to think that fans would turn on Stephenie, and not on E! for posting false info about her.

  10. I was glad to read Stephenie Meyer’s comment on the subject especially after all those recent rumors…Well she’s totally right. It doesn’t matter if BD will split in two films or not, the important thing is to go on with the project. I do hope they will do a good film.

  11. I am hoping for 2 part movie. I really hope they include Jacob’s book. I think it is vital seeing things from his point of view.. I think they should end the first part of BD movie when they find out the Volturi is coming and Bella tells Jacob they have all been sentenced to die… Then part 2 can finish off with them preparing for the “big fight”….But regardless if it is one film or two, I hope they don’t leave out any key parts…

  12. stephenie looks different in that picture..she looks like she had been on a diet..she looks gr8 though..can’t wait for eclipse and then I could think about breakin dawn.:)

  13. I like jeremys idea 2 movies would be perfect if u left off at her giving birth and pick up during the change πŸ™‚ but either bd is my fab just do it already!!

  14. Yay Alice says:

    Yes to movies would be best

  15. Ugh I hate these rumor-spreading machines. And they are being totally disrespectful, and frankly ignorant.

  16. vampbball says:

    My jaw just dropped. Do they at E! not know us fans at all? For better or worse, whatever Stephenie does is probably fine by us. She gave us Twilight!

  17. Breaking Dawn is my favorite in the saga; however, like many of expressed, each book is so different and I love ’em all in their own unique way. πŸ˜‰

    With that said, I really want to see Breaking Dawn as two movies. I would love to see the end of Part 1 as Bella opening her RED vampire eyes – then cut to black, roll end credits! =)

  18. allthekingshorses says:

    I read E! because, frankly, it amuses me. The fans over there are outrageous, aggressive and consumed by their mad desire to see Rob and Kristen publicly devour each other. (Most of them, anyway). Posts include common phrases as “robstenrobstenrobsten” and include links that effectively diminish any sense of privacy they might desire.
    It matters not if the movie is 1 part or 2. What matters is a competent production right down to the screenplay.

  19. Well, it would appear that someone at Summit doesn’t like Stephenie…

    I think two movies would probably be best. New Moon is great, but it sure gallops along quickly — not a lot of moments to let things sink in, although there were a lot of lulls (and lulz) in Twilight.

    • I agree about the fast pace. I saw NM opening night at midnight. I was soooooooo excited, and missed so much. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. So I saw it the second time, and it was like I hadn’t seen it the first time. I didn’t even remember some scenes. So I went athird time, and was finally able to appreciate the care Chris Weitz had given to this beautiful, moving love story. So, I guess this 59 year oldhs librarian will have to stay up past her bedtime….AGAIN…to see it the 4th time!

  20. I can’t believe what that article said the fans would do to Stephenie… they clearly don’t know much on the topic at all, because we are way too loyal to disrespect her if she did decide to not let BD be made. Which, of course, isn’t even true.

  21. Melissa Rosenberg better get started on the first screen play, up to Renesmee’s birth. The film the final movie from the birth on.

    Can you imagine the casting nightmare for Renesmee, since she grows from a newborn to a toddler in such a short time? Let’s see now, we need a set of twins for the newborn, and a set of twins for her at one day old, and a set of twins for when Bella is changing, and a set of twins for when Bella first meets her, and a set of twins for the set of twins, and a set of twins on stand by just in case the first set of twins gets sick, and then a set of twins for Rob and Kristen to practice holding (kind of like a farm team0 then a set of twins for Jacob, and heck, Rosalie should get her own set of twins because Jacob got his set, and then more standby twins because it will take so long to get them all cast that by the time they start filming, the ones they’ve hired will have changed!!! OMG! I feel a migraine coming on……. wink wink

  22. I think they should make 1 movie just make it a long

  23. I believe NM should have been longer as they missed way to vital parts out, therefore, BD needs to be 2 movies to get the essence of the story. I was dissapointed with NM for this reason. I am really looking forward to Eclipes and BD – I hope they don’t dissapoint!

  24. Julia Hill - Sweden says:

    I think that the quality of the film would be much higher and its story more accurate to the book if its going to be 2 films instead of 1. Don’t stress it. Make the absolute best out of it!

  25. E was not disrespectful to Stephenie – they were just reporting an incident that is supposedly happening. They just want her to do what they want much like all of you….and now me – MAKE ONE MOVIE! But please, for the love of Edward, make it a good one. It is my favorite book of the series (I know, I know – don’t shoot me) but the ending was a little anti-climactic. And this is coming from someone who loved the book. One movie is fine and put the good and juicy parts in it!!!!!

  26. ok in all honesty, i think they need to make two movies and the movie has to be rated N-17, like seriously the book isnt for little kids… and if they want to….they have to be mature about it.. and know what sex is and all that. they shouldnt have MAJOR nudity but damn they have to be bare at some point if they dont. they KILLED,MURDERD the move just then…..that is all im saying….

    • won’t happen – Stephanie wouldn’t agree to that – she won’t see anything over pg13 I believe.

    • In my humble opinion, the sex you speak of is “marital sex.” If you interpret the book correctly, it is gentle and loving. In spite of feathers and broken headboards, Edward does everything he possibly can do to protect and be gentle with Bella. He talks to his father and brothers beforehand to ensure he does not harm her. She is a virgin on her wedding night, and her husband treats her with the utmost passion, respect, and tenderness.

      This is a love story not a porn flick. To keep the PG-13 rating, and therefore the generational appeal, the Isle Esme chapter should have implied sex, with muted colors, shadows, atmosphere, romance and beautiful dialog to convey the passionate consummation of Bella and Edward’s love for each other.

      There is enough raw and raunchy sex out there. That is not the world of Twilight. If you are going to these movies to see naked bodies thrashing about, you are going for the wrong reason.

  27. I remember Steph saying that in an interview I saw on Amazon. I had no doubt that story was untrue. She’s said all along that in her opinion it was too much for one movie.

  28. Totally agree with you Barbara and besides I’m 15 and half the ppl on my grade have read the series and did so when they where younger πŸ™‚ also if it was rated r my mom wouldn’t let me see it πŸ™ and another thing I don’t think steph would let them go and do all out sex and nude scences she knows who reads her books and who will want to see the movies my 8 year old cousin insists on seeing the movies and his friends gave done so also just to give you an idea of who will be watching I say get the point across without making it like porn or showing too much and hopefully they get the ball rolling soon <33

  29. I have to agree with everyone….two movies…please. And they can make both movies three hours long for all I care. I sat through Titanic twice….I also liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and it was 2 hours and 45 minutes long….so come on Summit…give us what we want:) Please!!!!!

  30. I go with 2 movies as well. What TS fan wouldn’t want an extra movie?? Not to mention, BD may as well be two books anyway, with the Jacob section and the Bella sections-It would be ridiculous to try to squeeze all of that lovely drama into one movie-we would miss out on so much! As much as I liked the 1st movie, I was a little disappointed with what wasn’t in the film, and I would hate to see that happen again, because such a FAB job was done with NM-the fans now are expecting almost perfection. I think Stephenie will give us fans what we want-she knows what’s up!

  31. Oh, and I totally agree with Barbara-beautifully said-good job!

  32. Personally I hope they take a couple liberties with BD, as the plot doesn’t have the climatic good vs evil clash…at all.

    On a side note….


    • DarkStarrx, I’m excited about The Host movie too. What an awesome book! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

  33. I wish Stephenie Meyer was able to blog about other stuff beside quenching silly rumors. The only time her blog gets updated nowadays is when she has to tell the world she’s still alive, and such & such rumor is not true. What a horrible public life she’s now forced to live now. I miss the old days

  34. I really think they could put more detail in if it were two movies, but I would want the release dates close like with New Moon and Eclipse. I feel like they could end with the end of Jacobs point of view. The cliffhanger (for anyone who hasn’t read the book) being: Can Edward get enough venom into Bella and save her, and the whole imprint thing between Jacob and Renesme. You know Jake walks down stairs fully intent on hurting the baby and then he just stops standing there staring at her. The end. I do wonder though because so many of the conversations are between Jake and Edward and Jake and the pack in their minds, how they will approach that. I would be disappointed if the wolves talk. It would seem sortof cartoonish. The movies just keep getting better though in my opinion so I’m sure it will be great no matter what.

  35. lily lane says:

    Breaking dawn should be in two movies, and i want it to,but i dont want to wait months for the second movie to came out :/

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